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Ahoy me matey!


“Hmm, we just finished killing off a revenue stream, better raise rates on the other.”

Yes, I’m still mad about the DVD service ending. Legitimately hurt my interest in movies.

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I had it many years ago and it was great. I was actually thinking about signing up again for DVDs by mail.

I wonder how viable it is for someone to start a business doing this?

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It probably depends on how much you trust the people handling them - scratches don't just happen, nor apparently can you trust people to report them, nor return the same DVD as what you sent them, etc. In an ideal world.... well anyway, we don't live in that.


I wonder how viable it is for someone to start a business doing this?

Not viable at all.

Most people don’t even have optic drives.


Just get a VPN and then you can download anything for free.


I really wish my wife would let me cancel this.


Build her a Plex server and install Radarr and Sonarr. It's quite special. You can even configure it to automatically download movies and shows when she favourites them on Plex.


Don’t fall for the plex meme. It’s a meme perpetuated by techbros who like to waste their time setting things up when there are other options already there. They do this because they want to feel superior to others by having some esoteric knowledge that actually isn’t relevant.

and install Radarr and Sonarr.

My god. It’s sad people like you actually give “advice” like this. It just shows me how disconnected techbros are from normal people. I feel bad for anyone who gets sent down a plex/radarr/sonarr rabbit hole when other options work better.

Just use a free streaming site.

You can stream pretty much anything for free here:

Make sure you have uBlock Origin installed.

If you get stuck, try googling “free streaming sites reddit” and go from there.

Use your brain, not your wallet.

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A big part of why I use Jellyfin to self host is because I want local, offline access to media. I can host it on my PC, which only took like 30 minutes for me to set up, and use the app to Chromecast it to my tv. That'd be a lot harder if I was streaming off shady streaming sites.


That’s completely fine if you know why you are using it.

I also love having locally-saved media in case networks go down or streaming sites disappear.

Still, for people coming from Netflix, it doesn’t make sense to recommend them self-hosting unless they specifically want to self-host. For most people, they don’t see the value of self-hosting and directing them to such solutions just causes them to think it’s either self-hosting or paid streaming.


Streaming is easier if you want to watch on your laptop, but my wife likes watching on TV, using a remote to navigate. Streaming won't solve that need. Quality is also MILES better, and my wife can easily tell the difference.


Quality is definitely better if you can download it yourself.

It’s also great to have the convenience of a remote. However, it’s possible to set up remote controls with laptops or other computers. I don’t go through the trouble of doing it though. I just use a wireless keyboard/mouse combo.


I have tried the laptop/PC-remote combo and it's bad. Plex has an HTPC build which is okay, but restrictive. She also uses YouTube and other apps, and we find the Nvidia Shield has the best UI and performance. Computer OSs also have a bad habit of stealing focus, updating, and overlaying notifications. These require a lot of effort to disable, and in Windows, it's impossible to get it all working like a dedicated streaming box.

I take your point above, though. Plex is trickier than streaming. So if the use case is laptop or maybe tablet, those streaming sites are great.


Yes, I think the worst part about using a laptop is having to plug it in and unplug it when you’re finished. You’ll also need a keyboard/mouse combo.

I like the design of paid streaming services and smart TV UI. Usually it’s really accommodating to remote users. The problem is that it limits what you can do with it, which a computer can overcome.


If you can read instructions, it's not that hard to set these things up. It's just a matter of what you value more. You can spend less than a day setting up the needed *arr software and Plex/Emby/Jellyfin/whatever and have things as you want it, or you can periodically spend time looking for new streaming sites when the one you settled in on finally gets shut down, and meanwhile, you're at the mercy of the site for what's uploaded and in what quality.

If you have it locally hosted, you also don't lose your ability to watch any of the movies you wanted to every time the internet goes out, unlike streaming sites.


If you can read instructions, it’s not that hard to set these things up.

Lol. Like I said. Posts like these just show me how disconnected techbros are from normal people.

It’s just a matter of what you value more.

Yes, and people coming from paid streaming services value convenience over complexity. They would rather have a free streaming site than learn to self-host.

You don’t have to “learn how to use a streaming site” like you would need to learn how to set up a fucking technology stack, lol. I don’t even know what the other two things are, and I’m a techbro. I guess I can spend more time learning and configuring instead of just entering a URL and making sure I have uBlock Origin installed.

Don’t I also need to download content for it anyways? Sheeh. This is getting pretty complicated for the average netflix user!

Sigh. Don’t let technology control you. Know what you’re doing, and why you’re doing it.


I’m in the same boat. She’s convinced that using twice it every 6 months is worth it. I don’t even know what we pay for it these days, $14.99? Not worth making a big deal about at this point. We did cancel Hulu (better than Netflix,
imo) and paramount some months ago, so I’ll take that and deal.


honestly surprised they’re still in business. like, I pay for a streaming service but only because I pay for free shipping and amazon includes videos, music, and a bunch of other services, most of which I dont use.

netfilx needs to diversify or fade into obscurity.


Anyone else think the thumbnail was designed to look like a MAGA hat at quick glance?


Does anyone else feel like Blockbuster might be getting a comeback story?


Geez, we’d be looking at north of $20/mo. for the modern quality level/resolution.

At those rates, I’ll just buy a 4K Blu-ray every month. At least that way I know I’m getting good content (and better A/V quality to boot).


Go nuts on bluray around black Friday. Be willing to wait to own things til later. Gain interest in movies that flopped. Before you know it you’ll own insane amounts of high quality movies for cheap.


This feels like just the next step in removing adfree plans. Keep raising prices until subscribers significantly drop. Cancel adfree plan because “no one uses it”. Netflix is the scape goat and all other services follow suit.

Boom. Back to shitty cable.


We were definitely riding the cusp of cancellation for a while now, they raise the prices again and we’re for sure out. Most of the content frankly sucks and what I wanted to watch on there is always locked away on some other equally shitty service. These fucking morons really don’t understand how hard they’re going to resurrect the pirating glory days with endless greed.


Honestly the quality is much worse now and it’s noticeable. The worst thing is when it’s really obviously because they’ve been calculating the best way to minimise costs on their best shows. Both top boy and sex education had their final seasons this year and both were rife with issues and numerous key actors just AWOL. Clearly Netflix has 3 season contracts and is playing hardball on the 4th season so people are just missing and everyone else just has to cover the slack leading to messy finales. I once thought nothing was worse than abrupt cancellations. Turns out dogsh*t endings are worse.


Why does anybody watch series from any producer anymore? They’re literally all a shit show and never get completed.

That’s another reason I like my video games, especially standalone games.


You can stream pretty much anything for free here:

Make sure you have uBlock Origin installed.

If you get stuck, try googling “free streaming sites reddit” and go from there.

Use your brain, not your wallet.


Ayyyy, another one to add to my collection! Thanks fam! Here’s one for ya:

And ublock Origin is a must for this one as well!


It’s been four months since I shitcanned Netflix. Have not missed it one bit. I already wasn’t watching it because it had become little more than shitty true crime documentaries.


We dumped it back in April I think? It was whenever they started actually enforcing their password policy in Canada and we saw the writing on the wall. Our experience has been just like yours. We do not miss it, at all.


Kind of a shame cuz they’ll occasionally release something like Beef, but it’s not worth the 1 or 2 shows a year for me.

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I'm so glad I can just pirate everything I want


Yeah, buying media you can get for free is just like watching ads when there are adblockers.

It’s for the tech-illiterate and those with more money than sense.


Piracy is an accessibility and quality control problem, not a cost one. I pirate pretty much everything but still purchase physical releases so I can support content creators. Of course most Netflix originals never get physical releases so f*ck em.


Piracy is an accessibility and quality control problem, not a cost one.

That depends on who you ask, lol.

You’re just parroting Gabe Newell as though what he said is gospel.

He’s a great man with a lot of good things to say, but this simply isn’t true.

If you’re paying for something you can get for free while the business selling it to you is making egregious profit, you may be a sucker.

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In my case is a cost one for sure, I just cant afford to pay for every single streaming platform, I pay for spotify no problem, all my music is in there.

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Let me summarize the comment section so you dont have to go through it

piracy good netflix bad

Youre welcome


I see three comments other than yours and only one sort of mentions piracy. Maybe that will change, shrug

synceDD, (edited ) avatar

One of those three was Yar Har Fiddle Dee Dee! But it’s ok, nuance isnt for everyone and only 1/3 of comments being like that isnt a representative sample apparently

dingus, avatar

only one sort of mentions piracy

I think they covered that. You’re just a fuckin dunce.

synceDD, avatar

sort of

It is clear as day but it’s ok nuance isnt for everyone, just like good manners apparently. Cheers 🍻

dingus, avatar

I mean literally anyone not knowledgeable about piracy wouldn’t be immediately clued in to that meaning from a quote from a fucking kids TV show song.

So “sort of” literally covers it. You’re literally claiming no nuance where nuance was already handled.

Go fuck yourself.

synceDD, avatar

Your insults only show your upbringing and insult your parents instead, cheers 🍻

dingus, avatar

Lmao, what a weak ass troll response. Git gud, fucking idiot.

synceDD, avatar

Calling me a weak troll while still replying to me? Lacking both manners and intelligence, I weep for your parents, lad.

dingus, avatar

What can I say, I got time to waste on dumbfucks like you who think they’re clever.

synceDD, avatar

I see, good luck with unemployment, I suggest learning manners first. I have to take my leave for now, cheers 🍻

dingus, avatar

Lmao, you know nothing about me beyond your interactions with me on the internet. The fact you’re taking your leave now means you’ve failed as a troll because I’m self assured enough in myself to not be thrown off by your lame attempts at upsetting me. Your profile literally brags about how you waste people’s time and you’re a troll.

So which one of us is pathetic for having too much time to waste on the internet? I’d wager it’s the person who literally dedicates their free time to trying to upset others and waste their time, instead of, you know, having real conversations with people.

Jesus Christ do you have any idea how much of a fucking loser you come off as because of this? At least I’m okay with having free time to waste instead of trying to pretend I’m better than others when they have free time to waste, too.

Fucking pussy. Run away then. It’s kind of funny how bad you are at this. I guess it’s true anyone who has to call themselves a King is no true King.


Very fun read guys

dingus, avatar

Yer welcome, Costanza.


Actually have you considered that … Netflix bad? 🤔🤔🤔

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