Many FBI agents are struggling to make ends meet. Housing costs are to blame

Many FBI agents based in cities with a high cost of living are struggling to make ends meet, forcing them to make hours-long commutes or double up in apartments, according to bureau and Justice Department officials.

Natalie Bara, president of the FBI Agents Association, said she’s heard from two or three agents sharing an apartment near New York City, and others who commute four hours each day, back and forth to their field offices. Some circumstances are even more extreme, she added.

“They’re having to juggle being able to afford rent and/or utilities versus being able to actually buy groceries, so it’s getting to a level where it’s becoming very, very difficult to not only recruit agents into these high cost of living areas, but also retain them in those areas,” said Bara, who is a second-generation FBI agent.


thats gonna be a national security issue at some point, financials are important in vulnerable sector checks. just pay your guys a decent wage, thats what work is for unless the whole social contract thing is breaking down.


I think that ship has sailed long ago.


Man, I’m glad that’s only a problem for FBI agents and not the rest of the people. Imagine if all of us needed housing and that other thing I used to like… what was its name again? Food?


Government pay is garbage. If you’re lucky enough to find a job that gets you to GS-13 you might crack $100 grand. And in most cities, that isn’t enough anymore.


Good thing this doesn’t make them more prone to taking bribes…

LustyArgonianMana, avatar

Right? This article is like an advertisement to foreign governments and criminal orgs


Great, pay the feds even more. Might as well, nothing matters anymore.


We don’t have to be like Reddit and just drop comments like these. Why shouldn’t feds get paid more? Is there some reason why a clerk at your local federal building shouldn’t make a wage that affords them with the same standard of living they had 5 years ago?

Deceptichum, avatar

Because fuck cops?

A clerk serves a useful positive role for society. They should get paid a living wage. Cops should not exist.


Depends on what they’re actually doing. The FBI doesn’t exactly have a spotless history. This is well known.


Good. Maybe they should quit and find different (not police) work


Housing is a problem now that feds can’t afford it?



snooggums, avatar

Oh no, they are in the same financial situation as everyone else!

Won’t someone think of the poor authoritatians?

Patches, (edited )

Financial Problems are one of the biggest indicator for trouble when dealing with Security Clearances.

Very easy decision for someone to ‘share’ documents they shouldn’t if it means making rent, or paying their doctor, or not going hungry.

That’s why any job with a clearance should make stacks. But here we are…


This CERTAINLY couldn’t have any national security consequences, nope.


Because they do so much

Justas, avatar

Yep, nobody can bribe a person who’s struggling financially.


Maybe they just need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and lay off the Mocca Frappe Latte’s?


Cops are supposed to be the line between the haves and the have-nots, sociologically speaking. They exist to enforce the rules of the haves upon the have-nots to keep the two separate.

If the line falls into have-not territory, the rich get eaten.

If I pay you handsomely to punch strangers in the face, you have a price. But at a certain price you’d opt to punch me in the face instead.


I worry that if captiallism continues too far the elites will control police forces by giving them just enough to feel wealthy and forcing them to oppress those with less by threatening their livelihood if they don’t.

snooggums, avatar

Right now they are given the power to abuse everyone else in lieu of pay, so we are basically at that same point but with other incentives.


Maybe they’ll do something about rent when the pigs need it?

Ah, who am I kidding? They’ll get a raise and the rest of us can drown.

Deceptichum, avatar

Ah some good news.

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