Who’s the one we like? Looks like they’ve got some kinda weird Alaska and Hawaii flag. Are they Hawaska? /s


That’s 'cos Australia is a US state wannabe whereas Canada can think for itself


Australia has to be careful because they have to play a game between the US and China


Yeah, I understand. I’m a NZr, we have the same issue but with less resources


It USED to be Britain, until they spit in our face by building a pair of diesel carriers, like cowards.


Weren’t these subs supposed to be made for the French but we fucked them over and sent the bid to Australia? Still kinda bummed about that, especially if the French deploy in Ukraine. They’re great allies.


A little mixed up, there. The French were meant to have the contract to build nuclear powered subs for Australia, but the UK fucked the French by taking the contract, with some US help.

The creation of the partnership spelled the end of a French–Australian submarine deal. On 17 September 2021, France recalled its ambassadors from Australia and the US; French foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Drian called the partnership a “stab in the back”[10] following Australia’s cancellation of the deal worth €56 billion (A$90 billion) without notice,[11][12][13] ending recent efforts to develop a deeper strategic partnership between France and Australia.



Missed opportunity to use the acronym “AUS, U SUK”


The nerve! Did we send a strongly worded letter with pictures of teabags held hostage above a body of water until they get their shit together?


they are after all britan, what do you expect


Rare Earth Minerals Friends 4 Life


Also strategic positioning in Pacific / south asia

RIP_Cheems, avatar

Now remember kids, Canada is responsible for half the Geneva convention. Do not trust Canada.


Canada is responsible for half the Geneva convention.

I know two things about Canadians. They’re the nicest people I’ve ever met. Don’t go to war against them.

ikidd, avatar

Don’t be our outlet for repressed violence.


I think you’re talking about the Geneva Checklist there bud.


Canada and Poland best collaboration. Wish there was an American soldier that could make funny skids about their checklist


Geneva Bucket List!


Damnit… now i remember something i miss from reddit. Srgrafo comics were always a delight.


And for the meme crafters out there he has his own font (yucky r*ddit link)


If i am not mistaken he also had a lot of his memes stripped of text to make templates for others to use. All around cool dude, i just wish he’d finish making game artwork and start making more memes.


Doesn’t he draw lolicon now?


Uhh, I know he drew anime girls.


Pretty much. He got contracted out to do artwork for a visual novel. Full of lolis dressed very highly suggestive clothes or lack there of.


The sad thing is you’d see that “Chloe practice” stuff get worse over time, but it’d hit the front page anyways.


You can still go on Reddit, you know.


Shut up with your dirty lies! Reddit is as dead as Digg.



How standardized is the accounting anyway? Does the US Army Corps of engineers count as military spending? Because in most countries that budget would be categorized as civil infrastructure work and not be affiliated with the military in any way.


From what I hear it sure as hell ain’t spent on active duty dorms!


A big chunk of the US military’s budget is on very expensive US healthcare. Something like 7% of the military’s annual budget is health expenses, and that doesn’t even include the Department of Veterans Affairs, which provides health care to veterans.

Ludrol, avatar


Kolanaki, avatar

Canada and Australia are just our friends, but England is like our parent. Well, I guess they’re also Australia’s parent, too which makes us siblings.

Hey, Australia: wanna wrestle?


Nah, I see England/UK as our ex, and it was a messy breakup.


You dated your mom?


IDK if you could call it dating. I moved out of the house, but she followed me so I had to get a restraining order. She didn’t like that, and it came to blows. We finalized things with a formal separation, but she kept getting involved in my business so I had to sue her, and then she seems to have finally gotten the message.

We’re on good terms now though, but it took some time for the wounds to heal.


Are Germany and Italy and Japan former intervention therapy clients then?

And France is an aunt?

Nationalism’s weird.


Morocco is that weird friend who you fought against in middle school and youve been chill ever since.


Russia is that uncle that used to be cool, started a cult, went kinda normal after his cult fell apart, but is now neck deep in a plot to destroy you and trying to get the cult going again.


Best off the cuff metaphor ever


… went kinda normal broke after his cult fell apart…


World’s largest arms dealer strongly encourages customers to spend more money on arms, particularly the kind only the US is capable of producing.

SomeAmateur, (edited )

They could but that would mean getting a company to make a factory, get the resources and work force, and then make a quality product worth stockpiling. It’s cheaper to just buy ammo through the US…unless something non credible motivated them of course

Beaver, avatar

We almost made it to 2%. Why is it so hard for the liberal government to tax the rich more to get there and properly support our soldiers and Ukraine.

TheMightyCanuck, avatar

Because our country is like 3 monopolies in a trench coat…


And none of them are military industrial complex. Shame.

ikidd, avatar


TheMightyCanuck, avatar

Money laundering/tax scheme in disguise…

Our MIC died with avro


Do you really want a Motomaster tank?


I just spent two and a half weeks in Alberta and I don’t know how many times people just randomly brought up Canada wasting money in Ukraine, and when asked about it they had nothing to say past ‘we should spend money on people that need it!’.

Fuck I hate that province.

TheMightyCanuck, avatar

fuck I hate that province


-Sincerely An Albertan

Beaver, avatar

I guess the Ukraine population is going to be turned against conservatism even if they may agree to it. Family is more important to them than the culture war nonsense.


I live in AB and the only person I’ve heard w/ that take was a Russian expat


It was a sentiment brought up randomly by about 5 of my younger brothers friends, who all grew up in the Sylvan Lake area.


Your younger brother has some dumb friends.

You should intervene and make sure he’s not listening to Ben Shapiro.


I take it you’ve never been to rural Alberta?




To be fair, given what happens when Canadians get violent it’s probably better for the rest of the world if we don’t spend more on our military. They’re dangerous enough already.

And I say this as someone who’s married to one of them.


Since you added “liberal”, do you think the Conservatives are going to increase taxes to the rich?


Bruh, you know NDP voters exist, right?


I do, I’m in NDP and Green country.

But in my experience they are much less likely to take any opportunity to jab with “liberal” or “Trudeau” every time it fits in a sentence. Unlike Poilievre who uses it like the high schooler they all act like.


We have plans to triple our budget in the next 5 or so years to… 1.7% we have really dropped the ball. Our forces are a joke. I’m still not sure the f-35s we bought can even operate in our artic, where we need them the most.

Zagorath, avatar

Our government breaking expensive contracts we didn’t need to sign up to a different more expensive deal we really don’t need, while failing to properly fund our domestic needs is so shit.


Sir, this is NCD.

Zagorath, avatar

I have no idea what that means. The post was about military spending by Australia and Canada, I was pointing out the ridiculous overspending on military in Australia and the related international embarrassment of reneging on a signed deal in order to further increase that spending. It seemed relevant.

atocci avatar

Non Credible Defense is a military satire/shitposting sub. It's relevant, it's just the opposite of the usual shitposty takes here.

Zagorath, avatar

The original post was about how people who are pro military spending are not the best people. It’s a pretty damn good military satire if you ask me. I just took that satire and built on it by discussing the matter more seriously.


It means your original post was too well thought out. Too credible, if you will.


Wait, so are people in this community just roleplaying being pro-military, and it’s actually all meant to make fun of that thought process? Because honestly it’s very much not clear.


Basically what atocci said. We love military spending here. We simp for the MIC. This is not a forum for political debate.

Zagorath, avatar

We love military spending here

This is not a forum for political debate

Which is it? A post about the moral value of political spending—whether it was negative towards military spending like this one, or if it were a hypothetical one in favour of spending more on the military—is inherently making a political statement, regardless of which way it was meant. You can hardly say there’s no room for political discussion in a post about one of the biggest things politics spends money on.


No more debate. You’ve sidetracked this thread enough as it is

Read the comments at this link. This is how you post here. Anything else and it’s honestly easier for me to just ban you rather than debating lol





You can’t “overspend” on military. What even is this nonsense?

Zagorath, avatar

Australia is buying its way out of a massive deal for French-designed diesel submarines in order to buy its way into a US-UK deal for nuclear subs, despite the fact that for decades it’s been well-established that our primary concern is our local area. We don’t need or want the power projection capabilities that require nuclear subs like America has.


Ok I warned you. Goodbye


Yo wtf? No you didn’t warn me, you banned me for a comment made before the warning came in.

And wtf gives anyway. Can’t handle your shitty murderous ideology being faced with some very milquetoast polite pushback from someone who was agreeing with the message in the image that you’ve allowed to keep up anyway (if not with the title of that post). Geez, why not just head back to Reddit if that’s the style of moderation you think is appropriate?


Don’t cry lol

atocci avatar

Right, but a well thought out take like that here is like going to r/NoSleep and commenting how someone's scary story couldn't have actually happened because skinwalkers aren't real.

An NCD take would be of course Australia wants to project power like America, you can never have too much defense budget and anything else is a waste of money


Why spend 1% at defense when you can spend 2% at offense?

Hegar avatar

Why spend 2% at offense when you can spend 3% at nothing of any use?




Make this man the president

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