Does an ac-130 count as an aircraft or rapidly deployable artillery?




Oh no, Pumbaa, what have you become?!

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“Please be a bone, please be a bone”

“An A-10 is inbound”



A spray of depleted uranium with 12m CEP guided by the mk1 eyeball is obviously a better CAS weapon than a SDB with 1m CEP guided by a sniper pod

  • a depressingly large amount of AF leadership for a depressingly long time

Oh no they knew. They specifically avoided upgrading the hog so they could say it was a worse platform. Forgetting of course that we aren’t idiots and could see the reason it wasn’t as good anymore was because the AF made sure it wasn’t as good anymore.

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"No real world use found for destroying friendly infantry columns"

Explain the continued existence of the Br*tish

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