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@nixCraft We should force every developer to provide their Apps also as .exe Files. Of course, they should not have to change the code, just give us an .exe: So many Windows users will get confused when their programs dont run because "linux.boot was not found" when opening nautilus.exe 🤣

P.s.: I know its not called linux.boot

nazokiyoubinbou, avatar

@nixCraft No. And yes. Hard to put into 500 characters well, but while it is absolutely true they have no legal obligations or anything, it doesn't make it ok to be rude or hateful towards users either. This goes both ways of course, but all too often a simple request for just providing a simple fix or etc is basically answered back in what amounts to "too bad. Learn to code." That is rude and insulting and not ok -- at a human morality level, regardless of if it is FOSS or commercial.

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@nixCraft Agree. Rich Hickey (creator of Clojure language) made some good points about open source.

Wizard3rdClass, avatar

@nixCraft 100%

BoscoZebra, avatar

@nixCraft maybe? I get the message, I think, but it’s phrased like an asshole would say it. …. Pass?

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@nixCraft Depends on the context, there are a lot of Linux tools out there that expect you to build from source because they assume Linux user = programmer, even tools aimed at designers are sometimes presented that way on their websites.

As a non-programmer it's rather bothersome, I have to ignore those tools and go somewhere else (sometimes non-foss alternatives), all because the dev couldn't forsee a non-programmer user.

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All well and good except probably 80% of users aren't developers and have no idea what to do with any code.

If it doesn't work out of the box, trash it and move on to something else.

Users shouldn't be debuggers.

nixCraft, avatar

@WiseMagic Valid point, but expecting FLOSS devs to always fix everything for free isn't realistic. Just like most of us need plumbers or mechanics, sometimes you need to pay for software expertise. The problem with truly free code is it can lead folks to undervalue the time and skill behind it. You know FLOSS Devs gotta eat too, right? Just something to think about.

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