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Software developer, father, son, dog owner, lover, human being, backpacker, gamer, reader and writer. Not necessarily in that order.

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Hello, I'm a photographer and tech nerd

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Music producer // photographer // coding sometimes // part of the team @ Kelp.Digital



Professional photographer based in Grand Rapids MI.

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تتوفر ألعاب وتطبيقات APK المنتقاة في APKRabi. اتبع مستودع APK أحدث إصدار APKRabi لتنزيل واستخدام المحتوى الحالي.


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Photographer and producer of adult content
42, He/Him, Brisbane, QLD Australia

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Kudos Mash

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Ripley’s dad. Web and mobile developer. I live and work in West Virginia with my wife, my son and my dog. Building @mastowatch.

I’m @developerjustin on Mastodon.

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Employee at the Black Mesa research facility in New Mexico. Recently we've dealt with 2 aliens trying to steal snacks out of the pantry outside the laboratory.

Hope your day is going well.

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Ya found me! 💕

  • Plants don't have nerve endings, nervous systems or brains to process fear/pain. There is no comparison between 🐔's & 🥔' s.

  • Eating 🥩 because you enjoy it is the moral equivalent of watching 🐶 fighting because you enjoy it.

  • Feeding a cow for years, then killing it for only a handful of meals is wildly inefficient. ♻️

  • Studies link meat to heart disease, strokes, diabetes and pancreatic cancer.🫀

  • Beans are cheap af. 💵

(vegan btw)

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Designer :)

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1959- Madrid
Hoy, como todos los días saldré a pajarear. Espero poder hacer una buena foto para mañana y si no lo consigo os pondré alguna de las mejores que tenga en mi álbum.
Todas las imágenes y los audios bajo

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Great American humorist. C# developer. Open source enthusiast.


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Norwegian proto with a taste for shitposting
Deeply sorry for my photoshop creations

🌐‎‎ ‎
📷‎‎   samsung s21 ultra
🐾‎ ‎ ‎ 🤖

Due to kbin's issues, I've left this instance and settled at blå See you there!

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Atheist, Inquisitive and a reticent being

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A monkey wearing glasses is still a monkey.

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I love nature, photography, and art in general avatar


#Queer #Southern #Hillbilly #Artist
#Photographer #Storyteller #Editor #DJ

"It was the freshest move I've ever seen—like he was floating on air." — #UtahSaints

"Nice and decent people...feel it." — #GrooveArmada

"This ain't no drill!" — #HoneyDijon avatar


Photographer • Science, Movie, Music and Vintage Computer & Games Conoisseur
🏠 Mülheim/Ruhr, Germany


#naturephotography #stilllifephotography #abstractphotography
#LauraCochranPhotography Like the photos? Even better ones, including award-winning ones, are available at: She/Her (please and thank you) avatar

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I make silly animations & pictures. Everything I post is made by me, unless clearly stated otherwise.

Interested in all thing visual (#Animation #Photography #sillyScribbles) and many things relating to #Politics, #HumanRights & the world around us.

Have been known to meticulously edit photos to create something fantastical, but quite often just scribble on things.

Leans to the left. Quite a lot. Full of woke nonsense, & quite happy about it. She/her.

This is my main social media account. avatar


Scientist, safecracker, etc. McDevitt Professor of Computer Science and Law at Georgetown. Formerly UPenn, Bell Labs. So-called expert on election security and stuff. on the Twitter. Slow photographer. Radio nerd. Blogs occasionally at . I probably won't see your DM; use something else. He/Him. Uses this wrong. avatar


Trying to exercise my mind with a camera, usually a Fuji X-T5 with a manual focus lens. Posted pics are my own, except for the boosts of course. Ottawa, Canada, he/him, GenX.

I boost prolifically, but there's original content in there too, summarized here:

More pics here:

My pictures are licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 ( avatar


Hi, I'm Deborah. When I'm not creating art, I love spending time with my family & being in nature.

All images available as wall art for home or office as well as on fabulous products!

I am always grateful for collectors, boosts, favs and comments!

Copyright notice does not appear on images purchased. All images are shown in low resolution. Click the link to see the image as it would print. avatar


Smurfing online since the before time (the long, long time ago...) All photos - except an occasional smurf - are my own. Most pictures taken near #Hilversum #Gooi #Eemland

Descriptive terms: #Fotografia #Fotografie #Photography #Photographie
#DontChooseExtinction | #EatTheRich | #HackThePlanet | #Cyberplace | #Smurf

Frequently used terms: #FotoMontag #TextureTuesday #WavyWednesday #ThrowbackThursday #FensterFreitag #SilentSunday #52WochenFotoChallenge #PhotoMay2024 avatar


Ecolo de gauche (électron libre plutôt FI) 🔺
Photographe animalier amateur
Site perso :
Sur Twitter : avatar


All pictures are my own and are shot with a assortment of old digicams (phone sometimes) and are edited on my phone. #fedi22 #photography #music #art #linux #digicam #coffee avatar


Hi, I'm Derick.

I work on PHP as part of the PHP Foundation.
I am the author of

I like #walking, #languages, #photography, #astronomy, and #space, and will post about these topics alongside #PHP.



neurodivergent (ADHD)/pan/nb.
tries to be chill, but ends up being goblin.
prefers headspace or wildspace but not peoplespace. gnarled and rolling around in the dirt with their dog. may shed leaves, twigs, spiders, and extreme silliness. keeps snakes, spiders, and lizards as companions.

photos are mine unless otherwise mentioned/boosted from someone else.


Text and photography from Oliver Grimm formerly known as Raubtier den Atem and Oli Grimm Photo avatar


San Franciscan. Gay. Happy. Married. Snarky.

Retired IT manager.
Mouthy, unprofessional photographer.

Disclaimer: Mr. Horowitz regularly enjoys his martini hour between 5 and 9 pm. Posts originating during this period may contain flagrant errors and injudicious comments ranging from the amusing to the quite frankly libelous. Neither Mastodon, nor sadly Mr. Horowitz himself, will accept any liability for any consequences, real or imagined, from any of Mr. Horowitz's posts.


Photography & Poetry 📸🤍📃🖋️🖤
Nature lover 🌳🌼 🌞🌈
Gardening 🌱🌻🦋
Baking & Cooking 🍲🥐🍰
Family ❤️
🌍 Croatia 🇭🇷

ALL PHOTOS ARE MINE except the boosts.
. avatar


photos taken by me old account: avatar


daily photography
of small town pennsylvania
📷 ricoh gr iiix
📷 iphone 13
plus a magazine of artful reposts
from this bipolar weed freak
who is ever in love with @flux avatar


Mal gucken. Ansonsten: eher links (politisch wie auch händisch), postet nur eigene Fotos, wochentags versteckt hinterm Pult, verrückt nach Hunden, unspektakuläre mittelalte Frau /(Groß)Mutter. Here we go: When I'm not hiding behind the classroom desk during the week, you can find me snapping pics and posting them for the world to see. I'm a middle-aged, unspectacular woman with a leftist political slant (and hand writing) and a love for all things canine. avatar


Gadfly. Flying through life as a gadget geek and theatre artist...commenting along the way. Every day I learn something new is a good day. Boosts offered without endorsement. Comments on the other hand…

#theatre #arts #culture #apple #tech #chicago #chicagosports #comedy #politics #chicagopolitics #politics #socialmedia #music #mobiletech #OldPeopleofMastodon #photography #history #diabetes avatar


I'm based in Devon UK, and I try to post a new photo every day.

"Intelligent people are more likely to swear, a study has found" - and small bloody wonder considering the state of things...

Find me also here:

All photos by me, unless I credit otherwise - except for RTs, of course.
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike licensed.

Please "boost" my postings if you like them.

I tend not to follow accounts with no posts or bio. avatar


"Die gefährlichste aller Weltanschauungen ist die der Leute, welche die Welt nie angeschaut haben." - Alexander von Humboldt


Retired from IT, thank God! Into photography, writing, fountain pens and choral singing. Fighting and losing the eternal battle against typos. Ugly old married dude who is not looking to get laid. At the age where I get all the aches and pains, but none of the senior's discounts. I boost a lot. Avatar is a black and white photograph of an at best nondescript older guy. #Photography #Writing #BlackAndWhite #Toronto avatar


Amateur photographer. Alt text are to be read with a smile. Feel free to comment on anything. Je parle français. avatar


From the shipyards to uni. Then I bought a bike.

#photography #cycling #art #music #poetry #politics avatar


An internationally and nationally published photographer from the Ozarks who travels to show the world the beauty of the Lords work in nature and man-kind like cityscapes and architecture.

My Website:


die meisten hier veröffentlichten fotos sind unbearbeitete jpg out of camera - nur die mit sony kameras gemachten nicht, da sehen die farben immer so seltsam aus ;) most of the photos published here are unprocessed jpg out of camera - except for the ones taken with sony cameras, the colors always look kind of strange ;) avatar


Admin & Owner of the Positive and Wholesome

Landscape Photographer & General Tech head

If you wish to support feel free to donate over on our Ko-Fi Page: avatar


I do landscape photography professionally, and I teach photography workshops.

I also enjoy:
Freelance writing, urban sketching, haiku, hand-drawn maps, public speaking, kayak, canoe, bike, bikepack, backpack, xc ski & adventure. Slacker. Pro-wild rice.

Grand Marais, Minnesota, USA avatar


Hello, my name is Kaye. I live in Sydney, Australia, and as a mum of 2 grown up children, my main interest now in life is my love for photography and art that I would like to share with the world. avatar


Living with chronic illness, wheelchair user, and Dartmoor photographer. Hedgehog whisperer. Devon. avatar


Geriatrician fleeing from Country Victoria Australia
All posted photos are mine except the boosted ones
My website link tree as follows: avatar


Hobby photographer, mostly plants and some animals that I happen to come across. Photos my own except for boosts.


Writer. Photographer. Craft beer lover and reviewer. Cycling enthusiast. Proudly Canadian, based in Ottawa though I've been known to wander.

Chaotic Neutral.

All photos that I post are mine unless otherwise indicated and may not be used without permission. avatar


I only post photos on this account.
UK based. I rarely do sunsets preferring moody skies.

Amateur Landscape Photographer based in the UK.

Amateur photographer since December 2022

All photos my own unless a boost. 1 image = 1 shutter press (no blending) avatar


Web geek and environmentalist with a camera at the bottom left corner of Canada. He/him.

These posts are coming from a member-owned cooperative:

My posts are searchable and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License, see avatar


photographer in new york city. all photos mine. all rights reserved. avatar


🇮🇹 Just a guy with a camera 📷 Canon EOS M50 Mark II


Hi, I'm a photographer and Digital Artist from the Netherlands and love to share my work here. I love to travel and most of my work has been shot outside the Netherlands.

#photography #ArtMatters #AYearForArt avatar


I can hold a camera. Sometimes even in the right direction! 📷 OM System OM-1 📷 OM System TG-7 avatar


Through the art of awareness, I am shining a bright light on the path of beingness. ♥ You cannot think an experience. But you can thank for it.

My own content is ©.

#KokopelliBeeFree #KBFWalk #KBFPhotography #KBFMakingOf #KBFWotY #UrbanNature #PlattSnackStünd'

#vss365 #vssnature #rise365 #brknshards #MastoPrompt #MicroPrompt #7DayTale #FotoVorschlag #Photography #3GoodThings #WriteInScots #Scotstober #PlattdüütschFreedag avatar


Agence France Brette. Amateur d'humour absurde et d'images étranges depuis le XXème siècle.


Professional musician and photographer based in Devon , UK . Photos available on . Music on Apple and Spotify as Gary James . Taught guitar for 25 years . Now retired from teaching to concentrate on #photography . Interested in #education , #music , #guitar, #photography , #art , #literature #languages , #travel , #people , #psychology, #philosophy and much more . Always follow the light and try to be kind . ❤️👋 #GTTO avatar


I mostly post drawings & photography by me (he/him). Regular sharing is part of how my creative projects go. About which, see pinned posts.

I boost creative work on here, mostly photography, art & poetry. Plus content I want to see circulating here. Stuff about Detroit, rust belt cities, other cities, landscapes, dinosaurs, neurodiversity, COVID news & safety. I'm interested in abolitionist politics & Marxism. And movies.

Happy to interact on here but I'm often slow about it


shot in 3x2 on a canon eos r100 📷 and in 16x9 on an iphone 13 📱 by this 45 year old bipolar weed freak 🤡 who lives in small town pennsylvania 🏡 and is quietly in love with 🧨


Photographer based in Oxfordshire, with a slight obsession for trees. #photography mainly in #monochrome / #bnw avatar


Born and raised in Graz, Austria. Lived in southwestern Germany (aka “The Länd”) for most of my adult life. Reside and work in Tokyo since 2018. Data Architect in my day job. Photographer (analog and iPhone), coffee/café lover, photo book collector and 日本語の学生 in my spare time. Other interests and hobbies include traveling, classic movies, board games, fountain pens and notebooks. I also read a lot - mostly biographies, technical books, comics/graphic novels and philosophy.


Blue Navy Vet in Western Washington. I am here to share photos and videos of my Deerest Friends and other critters, and that highlight the natural beauty that is Western Washington. #Deer #WashingtonState #PNW
I have 5 sons, 11 grandsons, 2 granddaughters and 1 great granddaughter. avatar

stefano "Barista", Founder and System Administrator, Unix enthusiast ( #FreeBSD, #OpenBSD, #NetBSD, #DragonflyBSD, and #Linux ), with a keen eye for everything happening in this world and the fascinating beings that populate it. I enjoy #music, #photography, and, of course, #technology.
I'll be sharing posts about my interests. I'll also boost the posts from


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