A post I made is kind of broken

I made this post, but the image had an error, there was an error when I tried to edit it, there was an error when I tried to delete it.

I used the "I made a mistake" option without not being sure what that did, so now I can't comment on it.

I reported it hoping it gets deleted.

The few times I've tried to post on !thelyricsgame have had errors. There's a bug going on here, but I'm not sure how to I should report it on codeberg.

@rimu@piefed.social avatar

It's hard to tell but I think what went wrong here happened to me a few days ago. There are a number of issues with the 'create post' form due to the weird way I built it. I'll probably be rebuilding the form from scratch today.

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Ok, luckily someone deleted it remotely, but it can still be seen locally

I guess I can't make posts there from this account for the time being 😅

@rimu@piefed.social avatar

I'll take a look 👍

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