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I've been a really happy user for many years - have loved it, paid $100/year and invested a lot of time to get my , , and collections set up the way I want them.

But encroaches... 1/3

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Most recently, I've noticed that if I search for a movie that Plex have available in their shitty "watch this from our servers but with ads" tier, then that's the only search result I see for it, regardless of whether I have the same movie available to watch for free, without ads, from some other source.

Fuckers. It's over. I'm out. , here we come...

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@tartley that's terrible.

tartley, (edited )
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@zrail It really is. Like, not the end of the world, but absolutely demonstrates that there are people working at who are not remotely acting in the best interests of users. And even if I could be convinced that problem had been fixed, they have demonstrated the principle that it - or something like it - could happen again, at any time.

Commercial software is just an untrustable hazard and should be avoided whenever possible.

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They're continually updating Plexamp, and that's unrivaled in what it does. As far as Jellyfin, Plex still has the best client support by many miles

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@bhcompy I'm glad that you're happy with it. I am not.

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