True great leaders such as Putin do not do the genocides. This is why voting is not good. As we know, Biden does the genocides and we will not be voting because of this. Also I am interfluid attendant of college who is working for community of color.


Yeah. Save the “democracy” which puts the whole force of the law on you when you protest for Palestine or against Cop City.


That’s hilarious. You’re looking at the situation ion Gaza and daring to compare what’s going on in the USA with that?


I have no idea what you’re accusing me of doing, so I’m gonna say: No, I’m not.


We should do something about that. Biden has to win to do something about that. Vote for the most progressive candidates that can win.


He should do something about that.


He won’t unless we demand it. Come on, we know that. He’s not the hero in this story. He won’t lead us to a better future. But if he loses, there will be no future.


If he loses, which it seems like he’s desperately trying to do, we will continue fighting.


Uh oh, looks like someone is sharing communist unpatriotic terrorist undemocratic speech. Undemocratic speech is any time you:

  • Oppose fascism
  • Skip an ad
  • Don’t buy something
  • Take the bill of rights seriously at face value
  • Encourage someone else to do any of the above.

Please lie down on your stomach with your arms at your sides and someone will be along to pepper spray you and charge you with domestic terrorism shortly.


Go home, Russian propaganda.


Remember kids, any criticism I don’t like is propaganda.

I’m critical because we could be doing better, not just for ourselves, but the whole world. Instead, our leadership is threatening to attack the ICC if they hold Nettanyahu accountable for genocide.


No, it’s because you and your ilk only ever criticize Biden/Democrats, as though the roiling dumpster fire that is the Republican Party is beyond reproach. Don’t they control the House, and by extension the purse strings? Haven’t they held up funding for Ukraine more than once? They should be doing the same for funding for Israel, right?


Because Democrats are the only ones who will get us out of this mess, and they are failing epically.

Republicans are snakes, so why would we expect them not to slither? Im just demanding Dems act like snake wranglers for once.


My ilk? I’m actually a little curious what you think my ilk is.

I expect the republicans to be fascist pieces of shit. I’d see them swept out on their asses tomorrow if given the choice. I have higher expectations for the democrats, which is why I give them shit.


And when Biden goes around congress to fund the genocide, what then? We all know republicans are borderline fascists- there’s honestly no point in calling a spade a spade since republicans will never listen to reason anyway (and many of them are in a death cult). But democrats claim to be better than republicans, so obviously when they do shitty things, they get held to higher standards. When Ronald fucking Reagan is tougher on Israel than Biden, there’s an issue here. Hell, even Obama vetoed UN resolutions more than republicans. Reagan, in contrast, allowed 21 UN resolutions against Israel to pass. It should be clear as day that comparing Biden to Reagan screams “get higher standards”, but it seems like a huge swath of democratic voters are either too comfortable in their life to care about blood being on their hands (mixed with post 9/11 anti-arab racism) or they feel like they have a gun to their head in the form of another trump presidency.

You can’t reason with republicans about this because they literally need the genocide to happen to bring about the end times (and also a mix of white-supremacy/christofascist fueled anti-arab racism). It’s Biden who isn’t distancing himself enough from what we collectively thought was a bar only republicans and literal fascists would fall to.


Must be why Republicans are forwarding legislation that would force Biden to continue sending arms to Israel, and Biden has said he would veto such a thing.


He can say whatever he wants, but just today he’s sent $1 Billion more in funding for tanks and mortars for Israel. Actions speak louder than words.


And now you’re spouting off like the Trumpers who scream that they are being silenced.

conditional_soup, (edited )

But I’m not claiming to be silenced. I’m lampooning how the US has been to live in basically for all of living memory. We talk a lot of shit about freedom, but we’re pretty embarrassing when it comes to walking the walk. We’ll shrug helplessly as private equity owned hospitals put everyone in two trillion dollars of debt, but God forbid some people protest police overreach, or we’re going to police overreach the shit out of them.


I’ve been watching self righteous self proclaimed radicals since I was in middle school. I’ll happily trade a million Abbie Hoffmans for one Thurgood Marshall.


I’ll happily trade a million Abbie Hoffmans for one Thurgood Marshall.

Who tf is this reference intended for?


Hope it’s cozy in the retirement home


the tl, dr is that, lacking a factual basis to attack someone’s position, you attack their personality.

It would be easy for me to turn this around and ask if you are saying that Bernie Sanders should shut up because he’s too old?

But I like dealing with facts, like Thurgood did.


Are you autistic, or just old?


I’m sorry there’s no one here by that name.

MamboGator, avatar

Is there a way to set up a reminder to check this post in an hour and see the shitshow that the comments turn into?


These kinds of meme threads are always interesting

MamboGator, avatar

Stealing this gif for later. Thank you for your sacrifice.


o7 Let’s see if we reach the More Comments Than Upvotes threshold


It’s there now.

snooggums, avatar

Is 58.minutes close enough? I just got here and the number of comments in an hour is a good sign that it is a shitshow.

On to the fun!

SayJess, avatar

They just keep getting better! You really love to see it.

MamboGator, avatar

Looks like I already blocked most of the people who commented. The real shitshow was the friends we blocked along the way.


Surprise! It was the same handful of self-aggrandizing, self-righteous, idealistic short-sighted imbeciles that were driving all of that discussion the entire time.


Reminds me of the mass blocker and mass tagger wars

Someone on twitter created a tool that auto blocks anyone who followed at least 2 of five specific users, and found that it basically entirely shut down the gamer gaters and began spreading the tool to other users.

You can imagine that the gamergaters were less than pleased to see their harassment campaign being obstructed, and even less happy to find out how simply they could all be categorized and dismissed.

TSG_Asmodeus, avatar

People totally underestimate how infuriated trolls get when they’re ignored. They want any attention, even negative. Just block them and move on, it works wonders.


The bot didn’t mention you so here’s my manual reminder.

Semi_Hemi_Demigod, avatar

Counterpoint: Single issue voters got Roe overturned


All depends on what your goal is.

franklin, (edited ) avatar

Write your congressman if they are one of the members that forced the weapon shipments to restart.

In this case Joe Biden did not want to restart shipments but was forced by a Congressional resolution.

Here is a Reuters article covering the resolution, here is the house press release, here is the Congressional voting record.


Thanks for sharing this. I was absolutely shitting on Biden for this move, so I’m spreading this wherever I spread that.

Mea culpa for sure.


This was a house vote, not a veto-overriding vote from both the house and senate. It did not force biden to do anything

franklin, avatar

Incorrect, he was holding back shipments purposefully, this forces shipments to begin again and while he could veto it given the overwhelming support it would have bought a couple days at best and if you read both of those articles it’s very clear that that would have been the outcome.

Strawberry, (edited )

The act is not expected to become law, but its passage underscored the deep U.S. election-year divide over Israel policy

“It is not a serious effort at legislation, which is why some of the most pro-Israel members of the House Democratic caucus will be voting no,” House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries told a news conference before the vote.

This was just a house vote, you know it would need to pass the senate too before a veto and it didn’t even win with a veto-overriding majority in the house… Really not sure where you’re getting the idea that this actually forces Biden’s hand in any way

franklin, avatar

It’s alright, we’re all learning.

franklin, avatar

Engage with politics at the Congressional and local level. The biggest reason Biden refuses to change his stance because Congress and a majority of his constituency still supports it.

So please continue to protest and engage your congressman and local officials. We can change this but we need action.


So like if you’re a student you should engage with the University admin to let your stance known, potentially asking them to stop investing endowment money with weapons manufacturers and Israeli surveillance startups?


Zionists and warmongers sure don’t want you doing that.

franklin, (edited ) avatar

Write your congressman if they are one of the members that forced the weapon shipments to restart.

In this case Joe Biden did not want to restart shipments but was forced by a Congressional resolution.

Here is a Reuters article covering the resolution, here is the house press release, here is the Congressional voting record.


You SHOULD vote for Joe, but fucking hell this is HIS fault. Voters are a swirling mass of people. It might as well be fluid dynamics. Bad policies and apathy WILL affect support. It’s going to. You can’t stop it. You can’t shame it back again either. You can’t win back tent guy’s vote by blaming him for Joe Biden’s failures.

franklin, (edited ) avatar

The most recent weapon shipment is actually on Congress, Joe Biden didn’t want to send it and was forced by a congressional resolution led by Republicans because they know people won’t look into it and the president will take the fall out.

I left some resources to back up these claims in a previous comment .


That sounds like a classic Republican thing to do and I don’t doubt it. But it’s a small detail. Biden’s soft touch has allowed Netenyahu to commit war crimes without a second thought throughout this whole thing.


Biden can stop the genocide but not only chooses not to at the risk of losing the election, but enables Israel to commit more violence and war crimes.

Godric, (edited )

What do you think Joe Biden should do to “stop the genocide”, and why do you think he has not taken those steps already?


Maybe not send another BILLION dollars…? I know that’s an insane thing to even consider but that’s what I would recommend.

Are you braindead?

franklin, (edited ) avatar

I think it’s important that you realize those payments are not just from the president’s cabinet but also Congress.

I take no issue with blaming Joe Biden but I do take issue with the fact we seem to place so little responsibility at the feet of our congressman.


They have plenty of blame. And Biden has recently pushed back MILDLY on Congress. But the whole situation in our gov is fucked.


Withhold military and financial aid and not veto a ceasefire or vote against Palestinian statehood. Israel is committing it with US weapons, money and political cover.


Maybe not explicitly call himself a Zionist or flood the IDF with money


No mention of HAMAS; just Biden and Israel.


Hamas are irrelevant to the conversation. Biden isn’t sending them weapons or money, so he has no leverage over them, as opposed to Israel.


And he’s still the better choice.

Welcome to the trolley problem.


Damn we’re just posting boomer comics now huh


All those issues are empowered by the public allowing genocide.


Can we stop being the repost home of r/politicalhumor shitty memes?


Yes this needs to be a space where only memes I think are good are posted


No one I know who does serious work on Palestine is only working on that one issue, wasn’t doing anything before and won’t do anything after. Burnout is incredibly high among activist leaders right now. Cut us some slack please


They won’t cut you slack, because they actively support the genocide. “But Trump will do worse genocide” is concern trolling.


There’s a genocide? But those numbers were doubled


Cool talking point


I think there’s a lot of anger that anything is being tried at all. The expectation and goal is that nothing be done, which those in your opposition cannot help but reveal every time with their incessant brow beating.


It’s not unreasonable to draw a hard line at genocide.


It is to those who have willfully abdicated their democratic right to protest and participate.



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  • jonne,

    There’s still Armenians everywhere too, and Jews for that matter. Just because you didn’t get them all doesn’t mean you didn’t commit a genocide. This is just a ridiculous point.


    How does that boot taste?


    “Say NO to passive acquiescence to genocide! Say YES to active support of genocide!”

    Great. Thanks for the hard line.


    You think giving billions in weapons and ammo to continue the genocide is passive?


    It is when you’re not making any attempt at harm reduction.


    Saw this posted elsewhere and found it poignant

    “If Nixon wins again, we’re in real trouble.” He picked up his drink, then saw it was empty and put it down again. “That’s the real issue this time,” he said. “Beating Nixon. It’s hard to even guess how much damage those bastards will do if they get in for another four years.”

    I nodded. The argument was familiar. I had even made it myself, here and there, but I was beginning to sense something very depressing about it. How many more of these goddamn elections are we going to have to write off as lame but “regrettably necessary” holding actions? And how many more of these stinking, double-downer sideshows will we have to go through before we can get ourselves straight enough to put together some kind of national election that will give me and the at least 20 million people I tend to agree with a chance to vote for something, instead of always being faced with that old familiar choice between the lesser of two evils?

    – Hunter Thompson, Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72

    samus12345, avatar

    First Past the Post will always result in a lesser of two evils choice.


    Sure, but nobody was afraid of Nixon becoming a fascist dictator now were they


    the point the person above was making was that they’re always sick of voting for the lesser of two evils and your response is ‘but this one is really evil?’


    Lol, I mean I get why you feel this moment is unique, but i’m looking through NYT articles from 1972 and if you take out the dated references you could almost mistake them for articles written in 2024:

    To the Editor: When a Democrat for Nixon says “I’ll vote holding my nose, but McGovern is not a big enough man to be President,” or “I don’t like him, but there is no viable alternative,” or an uncommitted Democrat says “McGovern doesn’t turn me on,” such remarks are liberalese for “I’m doing alright the way things are, and can’t take a risk of any change in the status quo.” - NYT Letter to the Editor 10/19/72

    "Lawrence F. O’Brien, the na tional campaign chairman for the McGovern‐Shriver ticket, accused the Nixon Administra tion yesterday of sanctioning tactics of “political espionage” that bordered on those of “a fascist state.” - NYT O’Brien Charges ‘Political Espionage’" - 10/14/72

    "Deceit, deceit, everywhere deceit—but especially on the political and cultural left, says Arnold Beichman, and most out rageously in the writings of the youth lovers (Marcuse, Slater, Sontag, Roszak, Reich and the rest). They say “America is al ready a fascist country or is on the road to fascism,” that the country “is guilty of genocide,” that “the Bomber Left … is a moral force” They claim the white “American worker … is a retrograde, decadent, self ish creature: a honky,” that “our political system is an ut ter fraud, particularly the two‐ party system,” that “American values are wholly materialistic,” that “America is insane,” and that our primary need is for “a violent revolution.” " - NYT, “Nine Lies About America”, 10/8/72

    I’m having a great time reading through these actually, it’s interesting reading the op-eds from back then.


    I think this is a great example of the rachet effect in action. We are now at the point where it has rachet-ed into the Democratic party enabling genocide versus the Republican party enabling genocide and having a plan for turn the US into an overtly fascist nation.

    It’s important to vote Biden in the general, it’s just as important to criticize and protest Biden (plus the Democratic and Republican parties) for their continued support of genocide militarily and on the international stage


    Uh… Nixon was terrible. He resigned in disgrace. Even Republicans shunned him after he left. It’s hard to put into words how much Nixon disappeared from modern society.

    Without a second Nixon term, Watergate is probably not as big of a deal. Then Fox News is never created. You can see where I’m going with this.

    The point is, yes every election is important. Be grateful you can vote, and that your vote counts. It hasn’t been the norm for most of human history.


    I am not saying we shouldn’t vote for Biden, but acting like we shouldn’t be protesting the genocide of Palestinians is bullshit. I know Trump would be worse, but it doesn’t mean we should speak out against Biden sending weapons that directly aid in the death of children.

    We can’t just pretend he isn’t complicit in war crimes just because the other option is worse. We should be able to speak out against the atrocities.

    nexguy, avatar

    Then I think this isn’t directed towards voters like you. It’s directed toward those who say you shouldn’t vote for Biden as a protest.


    I am not sure this is effective against those voters. If anything it’s shaming, at best, which causes people to dig their heels in. Addressing those voters as petulant children is not the way to bring them on board.

    nexguy, avatar

    Well of course. It’s directed towards them but just like almost everything on social media is meant to make those who agree feel better.

    PugJesus, (edited )

    But the point isn’t to convince the voters who are being shamed, but to lessen the reach of their talking points to undecided or on-the-fence voters by pointing out the absurdity of the talking points being pushed.

    If some clown is out there, trying to convince everyone clown makeup is the new style, the goal of mocking the clown is not to get the clown to take off their makeup, it’s to remind everyone that clown makeup being ‘the new style’ is fucking absurd no matter how many times or how loudly it’s repeated, and will make you look like a goddamn clown.


    Their myopic crusade will doom the whole planet.


    Really? A genocide is “myopic”?

    The people who are on the streets organising and protesting for Palestine are the same people who are doing all kinds of organising: unionising workplaces, mutual aid, street medics, etc. to build up communities and create actual positive change in society.

    Do-nothing liberals will do absolutely nothing but complain every day of the year. Democracy isn’t a matter of voting once every 4 years.

    Besides, most of these people, despite being highly critical of Biden and will show up to vote on the day. They’re just not going to spend the rest of their time campaigning for a lost cause.

    Why not put some of the blame on liberals who aren’t doing enough? Or maybe the reactionaries and fascists who do not give a fuck about what the vote says and will do everything in their power to obstruct, ignore, overturn and use violence to get the outcome they want. You’re delusional if you think fascists will just go away if Biden gets the vote.

    You lack of concrete action will doom us.


    How did you read that into what I wrote?

    You know what I meant.


    The comic is highly uncritical of any of the levers of power. In fact it entirely omits any imagery pertaining to politicians or legislators or any political party. So the only people it is directed at are those protesting the genocide in Gaza as though it came at the expense of other issues, while giving those in power who have actually ignored or even fought those issues a complete fucking pass.

    Like it doesn’t even mention Biden or any sort of strategy or demands the protestors might have, even. Just shames people for protesting a genocide.


    The implication is clear, the issues are all matters of voting including “save democracy”. It’s the statue of Liberty, a clear symbol of American democracy. It is clearly directed squarely at people saying protest by not voting for Biden.

    I get the gravity of the situation, but Trump’s side has repeatedly made it clear they would go harder on Gaza.

    AutistoMephisto, avatar

    At least Biden allows the protests to happen. Under Trump, the first protest would be the last as he would immediately mobilize the National Guard and authorize the use of lethal force to suppress it.


    Is he, though? I know the president isn’t directing this stuff directly, but the harshest crackdowns have been in cities run by democrats, in democratically run states. As the leader of the party he could’ve told local administrators to respect free speech rights of protestors.

    queermunist, avatar

    You know what? I don’t know he isn’t directing this stuff directly. All the crackdowns happened at the same time in all those Democratically controlled cities, almost like it was coordinated and that someone at the top ordered it.

    But maybe it’s just a coincidence. 🤷‍♀️


    I was trying to be charitable to Biden, but yeah, the whole thing of ‘Trump would’ve sent the national guard instead’ thing isn’t really functionally different.

    On the other hand, there’s examples of administrators engaging the protestors and giving concessions up to a point where they voluntarily cleaned up their encampments.


    As opposed to the police currently beating the shit out of protestors. I understand it would be worse under trump, but that’s a really low fucking bar. We should be asking for better, not settling for the regime which is only maiming protestors instead of killing them.

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