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Been having fun with , made more than a hundred lines of code with it. It's really refreshing having a language that compiles fast and takes barely any memory and cpu to run.

Not having to care about the build tool too much, hundreds of compiler flags, language versions, compiler plugins, formatting plugins, or any of the usual things that fill the brain I'm used to in is a huge breath of fresh air.

Not having to care about the JVM is amazing.

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Really see the language going far and having a nice future.

Now is a good time to get involved since there's barely any libraries and porting things or creating new libraries is important. If you want to have an impact.

The vibe on the community chat is pretty nice too, and more volume of messages than I expected.

There are some things to be improved, like lsp being better and other things, but it's workable as it is right now.

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The syntax sometimes is not very pretty (subjective). Functions receiving functions as parameters get a bit ugly with 'x |› map(fn(v) { ““ })' feeling like having too many parentheses.

syntax is prettier in this aspect with
' { v =› "" }’ being more lightweight.

And formatting sometimes doesn't do what I'd like.

And I dearly miss the 'for { y <- stuff } yield ""' syntax. The 'use syntax' doesn't really click with me yet.

Anyway, overall, great experience 😉

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Was writing a bit of code here:

The gleam command is really great. Any language nowadays not having a full integrated DX in a single command to drive the code will not survive in the next decade.

gleam docs is really nice and quick too.

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