Installing locally, anyone know what this issue might be?

Hey guys. I've been trying to get running on my local machine outlined here but I'm running into issues

issue with kbin install

I've installed Docker Desktop for windows and I can see the containers being created but I'm getting errors on the front-end build stage, I've put it in a ticket here but not sure what else to do.

I've already got node, npm and yarn installed, I've done the following and I'm not making much progress

npm install yarn build

When I view the site locally its throwing errors.

I'm pretty new to docker and even yarn so I'm not sure what I should do next, any big brain thoughts from you guys by chance?


Seems to be a lot of 'looking for file router.min.js'. Could be a version conflict and it got moved?
So. Do you have the file on your system? Do you have a vendor folder with friendsofsymphony and inside that js routing bundle?

I have not tried to use docker for windows myself, but looking to see if a referenced folder exists under this type of error is pretty common. You may be able to find a js routing bundle version somewhere that has the referenced file or perhaps non-minified files that could be bundled together.

I was also under the impression this docker was for Debian, which is a Linux distribution. Are you running your windows docker in a simulated linux debian environment (or does it do that)? If you don't wish to install Debian or a virtual box for it, you might want to try getting a free Cloud Oracle VPS and setting up a Debian instance there - just beware of their extremely annoying double firewall which has often tripped me up.

Also, it is just called kbin, not - the latter is the name of the website running kbin. -wink-

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Cheers I'll give it a look too see if I can find those missing files, I was under the impression docker files could be ran anywhere, if it was made just to run on debian I might be out of luck. I've got the Linux subsystem for Windows installed (it's part of docker for Windows)

Hopefully I'll be able to track this down so I can get it running, pretty keen on helping out on some UI issues to improve the mobile experience.


Unfortunately I am not very familiar with docker, so I cannot help you there, sorry, although it does sound like if the docker has a linux subsystem that it should work?
I might give it a go with running it myself at some point.


Yarn is an alternative to npm, you shouldn't use them together in the same project.

You should:

rm -rf node_modules
yarn install
yarn build

This will ensure you're building with the right version of dependencies.

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I ended up giving this a go (starting again and instead of doing an npm install, I tried just a yarn install) and I ended up getting this error yarn error with yarn install

When I look into /vendor there's very little in here, that file doesnt exist it seem
missing directory in vendor

Really strange, unsure what exactly I'm missing here now

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Ah thanks mate I'll give that a go. When I tried to install yarn the first time it came up with a different error about not finding something. I'll try that way

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Probably a long shot since you're busy but any thoughts on what might be going wrong @ernest ?

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@AnonymousLlama To be honest, the guys on Matrix are much more knowledgeable than me at the moment ;p Lately, they have been tackling dozens of issues. You'll definitely find help there, and I'll also be there a bit later today.

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Thanks, I've joined the channel, hopefully one of them will be able to tell me why I can't get past the 'yarn install' part, I keep getting errors about missing resources (it says its missing vendor dependencies, there's not much in the vendor folder right now)

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Please let me know if you do, I’ve been banging my head against a wall for a week trying to get this shit setup.

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Apparently there's another ticket pending approval for a new docker build. I'm going to give that a go and see if it works any better. Tbh these setups should be simple if they're based around docker, especially if they want people to actively contribute and help

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