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Every Ramones show I’d ever been to.


I've been to so many shows that it's hard to say, but the Bane reunion in Boston this past weekend was probably the most chaotic show I've been to in years. I've seen them so many times over the last 25 years, but that one was special.

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Bad Brains, Circle Jerks, Circle One, and Public Nuisance at Devonshire Downs in 1982. HR went off the rails, backflipping into the crowd, still holding his mic and singing. In between songs, he would smoke a bong load. And the pit was insane.


The one that stands out for me somewhat recently was the Blasting Room 25th Anniversary show in 2019. Descendents, ALL, Rise Against and A Wilhelm Scream, the bands were on point, the sets were amazing, and the crowd was good.


I saw NOFX (amazing), Frenzal Rhomb (very good) and the Candy Snatchers (not too bad) in 2001. I know there are some people who view NOFX as kind of a joke (some might say the band does too) but they put on a phenomenal show.

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