In your opinion, what is the single most influential punk album?

Across the genre and associated genres, what album or albums have had the most influence across the board? Obviously it would be very easy to say the Ramones or Sex Pistols’ first albums, or Dookie/Enema, so let’s see some really juicy answers.

I think Suffer by Bad Religion was kind of a big turning point into everything becoming much more musical and is among the best skatepunk albums there are. I also think Life’s Not Out To Get You by Neck Deep kinda started the nü school punk sound we’re hearing all over.

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Dookie but not in a good way


No way lmao I’m a huge green day fan but they wouldn’t be a thing if it weren’t for other albums (I agree with others that it’s probably Ramones by Ramones).

Now if we are talking about pop punk then it’s undoubtedly Dookie.

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How much punk have you heard in mainstream music vs pop punk. More people think of Green Day than the Sex Pistols, sadly.


Punk and pop punk are the main two genres I listen to, and I listen to all kinds of shit in both genres, both mainstream stuff and more niche/indie stuff.

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To be honest, Nevermind probably has had more of an impact on punk and pop punk than Dookie, just introducing alternative music to the mainstream as a whole. Stylistically? Not at all. But from the perspective of introducing music more like that to the world, Nirvana is your band.

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Bad Brains "Banned in DC"

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Ramones - Ramones


For me it’s The Ramones debut album. This set the standard for punk rock in it’s early days and made a huge impact in the UK, influencing other iconic bands like The Clash, The Sex Pistols etc

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