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And there it is. FINALLY someone admits that their refusal to vote for Biden directly helps Trump. I've seen too many idiots who say "No I'm not MAGA, it's just that my delicate moral sensibilities prevent me from voting for any candidate who isn't immaculately pure."

Let's make this clear: Not voting for Biden means they're indistinguishable from MAGA. And Trump is a huge fan of Netanyahu.

This whole charade was politically incoherent from the get-go.

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Also? "We'll never vote for you" is the DUMBEST thing you can say in politics. If you make it clear that you'll "never" vote for a candidate, you've just given them carte blanche to ignore you entirely. You just made your cause a non-entity, so the candidate will now focus on the issues that matter to people who WILL vote for him.

Congratulations. You played yourself.

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@Legit_Spaghetti I can understand having moral dilemmas and refusing to be part of the system, lots of people don't vote each election (even if its ignorant and counter productive to reaching their goals).
I can't understand actively campaigning (via rallies, protests, social media campaigns) against the only candidates that would (even imperfectly) help their goals, outside of those actually working against their stated goals. Be very skeptical of those telling you not to vote.

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