The ORMazing show with Joist ORM creator Stephen Haberman (JS Party #276) (changelog.com)

Nick & KBall sit down with the brilliant Stephen Haberman to discuss all things ORMs! 💻🔍 From the advantages and disadvantages of ORMs in general, to delving into the intricacies of his innovative project Joist, which brings a fresh, idiomatic, ActiveRecord-esque approach to TypeScript. 🚀 So sit back, relax, and le...

Announcing TypeScript 5.1 - TypeScript (devblogs.microsoft.com)

Today we’re excited to announce the release of TypeScript 5.1! If you’re not yet familiar with TypeScript, it’s a language that builds on JavaScript by adding constructs called types. These types can describe some details about our program, and can be checked by TypeScript before they’re compiled away in order to catch...

wasmati: You should write your WebAssembly in TypeScript - ZKSECURITY (www.zksecurity.xyz)

If you know about WebAssembly or Wasm, you might have heard a few different pitches for why you need it: It’s a low level language for the web. So, it’s faster than JS. Use it to speed up things. It’s a build target. As such, it enables you to use languages other than JS on the web. You could write a web library in Rust or...

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