Vinyl Records

Here's some more great records I found for $5 apiece in the same bin as the Captain Beefheart records. Very happy about the Fripp/Eno and David Bowie records. (

To continue my finds from the flea market from this weekend, I was able to grab some more very good records from the same bin that I found the Captain Beefheart records from my post from yesterday. Again, this person had some eccentric taste, so I was able to pull out some real gems from the batch....

Today's Question, What is your most worn record that still gets regular play? I will start, Bon Jovi New Jersey, last new and pristine in 1990

This record is one of the first, if not the first record I bought with my own money. It survived garage parties, university dorm rooms, many moves and still plays all the way through. The surface crackle is like an old friend by now. I should buy a new copy, but somehow that would be a betrayal of an old friend....

What got you into Vinyl ?

I started collecting almost 3 years ago when I kept popping into a record store @waxandbeans. Couldnt afford a decent turntable until recently though so I waited. Money was all over the place so I bought and sold but Ive got back all the ones I sold. For me its a combination of the sound quality and The local community on it....

What Do you all use to clean your records and players ?

I got a Big Fudge kit with the velvet brush and I got to say its the best so far after 2 kits with cloths that just seem to get dirty too quickly. I think the cloths must put the dirt into other grooves of the records where as the velvet brushes just brush the dirt along the top of it and out the record....

Does anyone else that uses a Microlinear Stylus have issues ?

Ive been using a Microlinear AT VM540ML Cartridge & Stylus for about 8 months now and ive found them to be not only very fragile in that trying to clean it is almost impossible without bending it slightly. The sheer amount of fluff they attract is a massive amount from seemingly new vinyl. They are also extremely likely to pick...

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