realitista, avatar

Seems to project weakness more than strength when the world’s second nuclear power isn’t even sure if it’s ICBMs work.


Lol, they get it from North Korea?



Russia is on two continents. So, any ball game can be intercontinental if field happens to be in the right place.


So what you’re saying is the missile fell over.




Well I'm happy for them. I know they've been working really hard on this little project of theirs.

tsonfeir, avatar

It doesn’t count when you roll it across a border line.

Ultragigagigantic, avatar



I guess they’re making sure that their Soviet missiles still work as intended. Then again, them making a statement about how ready they are, screams just the opposite.

What are the odds that their arsenal is in shambles due to corruption and not receiving the necessary funds to upkeep such a large operation for long periods of time, and this is their way of bluffing just how prepared they really are? Not to say we should play nuclear chicken, but why even make a statement like this? It’s the same tactic North Koreans use to show how “threatening” they are.


$50 says Putin demanded an audit of their military from top to bottom several weeks into the invasion of Ukraine, and he was very upset to learn the true state of their nuclear capabilities.

“Appear strong where you are weak” is 90% of Putin’s MO.

FlyingSquid, avatar

Hey Russia… I don’t want to tell you how to do things, but you guys recently sent a rocket all the way to the moon.

Yeah, the probe didn’t work, but that wouldn’t really matter if you’re just slamming the rocket into the ground, now would it?

So I’m pretty sure you already know how to send rockets long distances.


Someone sling a rock onto Alaskan shoreline?

PugJesus avatar

Oh, good, Russia has mastered the same technology that the Soviet Union did 60 years ago.


What a time to be alive!

kescusay, avatar

“Russia says-”

Nothing that follows those words can be trusted without independent verification.


Only took them 10 tries.


I immediately read this as their missile test failing

kescusay, avatar

I’m not saying it failed… but I’m not gonna believe it succeeded until it’s independently confirmed.


It’s about as trustworthy as “Chinese researchers report”, I dislike the amount of incredulity it stirs, but I’ve been bit too many times.


I can't wait to find out that they didn't tell Kazakhstan about it in advance

kescusay, avatar

Yes, if there’s a source for it.

Kolanaki, avatar

Source: Russia

tsonfeir, avatar

Tropic of Cancer sounds nice these days.

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