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@ryanhoulihan Bring a burner, record and live-stream the whole thing, make sure to hashtag and anyone else who might be sympathetic.

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“The progressive is trying to establish a precedent that would strike a huge blow against workers’ rights across the country and make union organizing much more difficult.”

Why Is the ACLU Undermining Labor Rights?


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▶ Employee Who Raised Concerns About Bosses Accused Of RACISM By ACLU


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Why Is the ACLU Undermining Labor Rights?


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Florida House Republicans advance bill to 'deny the legal existence' of trans people


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ACLU to SCOTUS: Lower Courts Used "Junk Science" to Block Abortion Medication


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Asking for my records: I distinctly recall the being fingered yet again sometime in the last maybe ~6mo as being a little too polluted with free-speech absolutism, as in they were once more proudly defending someone indefensible.

Annoyingly, I no longer remember exactly what this particular case was, and it's maddeningly hard to search for. Anyone remember and have receipts? (I am trying to be better about taking said receipts myself, from now on…)

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Today in Labor History January 19, 1920: Crystal Eastman, Roger Nash Baldwin, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn (from the IWW) and others founded the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Their original focus was freedom of speech, primarily anti-war speech, and supporting conscientious objectors. In 1923, they defended author Upton Sinclair after he was arrested for trying to read the First Amendment during an IWW rally. In 1925, they persuaded John T. Scopes to defy Tennessee's anti-evolution law in The State of Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes. Clarence Darrow, an ACLU member, headed Scopes' legal team. The ACLU lost the case and Scopes was fined $100. In 1926, they defended H. L. Mencken, who deliberately broke Boston law by distributing copies of his banned American Mercury magazine and won their first major acquittal. However, they kicked Elizabeth Gurley Flynn off their board in 1940 because of her Communist affiliations. And they refused defend Paul Robeson and other leftists in the 1950s.


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and this is what happens when the gets paid by racists to take a case all the way to to defend the rights of the KKK to use a public road for a parade they then eventually cancel; then turn around and use that decision to claim you have the right to terrorize anybody without consequence.

Trump’s power comes from the terrorism he has gotten away with thanks to .

❝ Trump and GOP's Rhetoric Contributes to Threats on Public Officials

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A police officer searched a classroom at a Massachusetts middle school for the novel “Gender Queer,” after receiving an anonymous complaint. The #ACLU says they cannot recall any instances of police going to a school to search for a book. -Phil Lewis

Oh wow! I’m so glad those students are safe from words on a page. I mean that could lead to thinking and caring about someone who’s different from you and expand your mind and world, and we certainly don’t want that happening. Especially not in school!!!


#fascist #mafia #state #repubs #books #ban

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Notice: The New Mexico has issued a regarding .

Exercise increased caution in Texas due to risk of civil and constitutional rights violations.

Corrupt Republicans have ruined texas.

This can’t be good for businesses.


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