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Someone reminded me it's time to post some alternatives to Adobe software:

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Talk about silk purses from sow’s ears!

I take my 13yo #podcast episodes, some of which we recorded over Skype and sound pretty janky, run them through #LogicPro’s #StemSplitter, isolate the voices and process them through the #Adobe #EnhanceSpeech tool, then re-integrate it replacing the original voices and it actually sounds pretty good.

AI tools have their place (just probably not as information repositories.)

(Needless to say, I don’t have the original master recordings anymore.)

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Was dies genau bedeutet und wie man es verhindert mit Updates oder Alternative 's gibt muss ich mir noch ansehen.

»Fluent Bit – Schwere Sicherheitslücke bei vielen -Anbietern entdeckt:
Das -Programm wird unter anderem von allen großen Cloud-Anbietern wie und genutzt. Bei der - wurde jetzt eine kritische entdeckt, die mehrere Angriffe () erlaubt. Ein wird dringend empfohlen.«


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🧵 …anscheinend ist die Sicherheitslücke ein Teil der Einstellungen vom Internet-Server, so wie ich es nun verstanden habe:

»DoS-Lücke in Loggingtool Fluent Bit mit 13 Milliarden Downloads geschlossen«


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Ein.Mensch, to photography
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🚨 EMERGENCY UPDATE 🚨 Delta 1.5.4 is now available EVERYWHERE

Adobe is threatening legal action because they think our logos are too similar — so we changed it!

This new icon is an inspired design by Caroline Moore (@carolinemoore), we hope y’all love it as much as we do 💜

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@altstore wow..

Thanks for keeping up the great work! 💪

can rlly go mv itself to outer space

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Yes , you've shown me this window on EVERY launch in the last few years. There's no way to disable it.

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It’s true tho. The only two tools left, that make me stick Adobe Illustrator around. Image Tracer and Recolor Artwork.

Affinity Designer does miss some stuff but relpaced Illustrator in my workflows up to 90%. Main reasons being performance and UX consisency.

What are your thoughts?

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could save so much money in customer support by creating self-service tooling that actually works.

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Make Your Videos Sharper, Less Blurry with Adobe’s AI Upscaling.

Posted into Videorrific - Getting Visual on the Web with Video @videorrific

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I'm actively telling my students to NOT use products and to look for other options. It's way too expensive for what it is and its subscription-based. I like - although I will watch closely and see what Canva does to it... I hope they keep the non-subscription

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Apple at iPad event: “we can't wait to see all the other apps that will take advantage of these powerful new capabilities.”

Procreate: Art is for everyone. 👍😁 🎉

Adobe: Why should we make it easy to use Sidecar?🤦🏻‍♂️🤬

Backstory - a family member just got a new Mac and wanted to run Sidecar (iPad as 2nd monitor/input device). It immediately just worked for them with Procreate & Pixelmator. For Adobe it didn't, and they pulled out an old Wacom tablet.

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»Adobe Throws Photographers Under the Bus Again: 'Skip the Photoshoot':
There has been a decades-long relationship between photographers and Adobe. However, the company’s recent public discourse and marketing have made some photographers feel uneasy and, in some cases, furious.«

If you don't want to be ripped off at your job, the open source software @GIMP, @krita and @darktable or @digikam ar helpful free tools.


#adobe #photoshop #graphics #opensource #photography

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  1. is a shaping engine, it's used in , , , , , +, , , , , , , , , , , Engine, and other places.

  2. Harfbuzz 8.0 introduces a shaper, that allows to be embedded in a file.

  3. It's only a matter of time until someone embeds a in a font file.

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Dear fediverse, what is an adequate freeware (even better, if ) replacement for for ? Current needs: take a painting made by hand, make it a vector graphics image and do some other stuff with it. Sorry for being so vague, I'm totally blind, it's for my wife who is not on fediverse (yet). Thank you so much!

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Ah, I was looking this up just the other day. And it worked!

Came up in my feed thanks to @pinboard_pop.

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This is a painting I did a few months ago but hadn't share, until we bought a scanner here in . It arrived today, I scanned the painting under without any issues (or additional drivers), and I fixed the colors with . It's the first time I use The Gimp for my paintings (I've used The Gimp on and off since its inception, but not for my artworks). I've been using instead for my collages and paintings, but I stopped my subscription a few months ago. It's all now.

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If my MagicaCSG modeling posts have attracted your interest in the SDF modeling method, you might like to have a look at Womp, a free online SDF editor (with a "Pro" subscription option).

I've just played with it for a few minutes, and you can export your scene as an OBJ file, complete with textures for recreating the Womp materials in Blender, as you can see in the screenshot.

metin, avatar

Following my previous SDF modeling application tip (Womp), I just discovered that Adobe's Project Neo is accessible as a public beta.

Math genius Inigo Quilez, the father of SDF modeling, is working on Project Neo, and it looks promising. We'll have to wait and see what the subscription price will be though. 😏

#SDF #3DModeling #3D #modeling #adobe #online #app #editor

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Can anyone explain why Adobe's Indesign defaults to adding bleed to web documents? Is there even a god?

ai6yr, to ai

Besides "AI is cool" Adobe's $4.99/month AI for Adobe Acrobat does what for me, exactly?

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Il y a 1, sans 2 livres qui m'intéresse chez 7Switch mais qui ont un DRM Adobe.

Y a t'il une âme charitable parmi mes suiveureses qui voudrait me faire sauter cette protection avec son propre compte Adobe Machin ?

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Adobe hat KI-Features für die Video­bearbeitungs­software Premiere Pro angekündigt. Mit diesen sollen euch zahlreiche Arbeiten und Schwierigkeiten beim Bearbeiten abgenommen werden.

Mehr dazu im Artikel: 👉

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