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The Apple TV is coming for the Raspberry Pi's retro emulation box crown

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has gotten even worse! How is this possible, ?

Fix your shitty autocorrect! There’s no such thing at “there’re” so quit putting it into my content.

And how come I get a word suggestion as I type, I click on it, and an entirely different word is inserted that wasn’t even one of the options offered - sometimes not even an English word?!


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br00t4c, to apple avatar

Viral image - Don't get clowned! Apple isn't getting rid of the clown emoji. That headline is fake.

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Apparently the iOS keyboard is never going to stop assuming I love to talk about abs, so what other iPhone keyboard options are people having good luck with? I'm about ready to just accept that the cost of a good keyboard is the sum total of my private personal data.

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The Best iOS Game Emulators to Play on Your iPhone

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iPhone 16 Pro Max Could Get Longer, Better Battery Life

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New Dalrymple Report is live!😎

Air fryers, Apple adds Eye Tracking, all sorts of iPad stuff, lots more.

Dig in, and thanks for listening. 🙏🏻❤️
#Apple #TheDalrympleReport

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W ostatnim odcinku pierwszego sezonu ICD Weekend Arek i Kuba opowiadają o newsach dotyczacych Facebooka, Apple i AI oraz dzielą się nowymi rekomendacjami aplikacji z F-Droida.

#ai #apple #facebook #meta #fdroid #android #homeassistant #iot

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"Speed Up iPhone Typing With This Simple Keyboard Trick"

This is one of those low-discoverability things that is absolutely worth knowing:

  • In iOS, bring up the keyboard (works in any app)

  • Press and HOLD the "123" key, then drag up to a number

  • Let go with the number selected.

The number is typed, you are back in the alpha keyboard, all with a single click, rather than the 3 clicks you normally use.

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"Apple says the majority of Mac users also own an iPad, which likely means macOS is never coming to the iPad"

I, for one, don't want macOS on my iPad.

I love the simplicity of the magic piece of glass that is iPad.

I do wish we had an iPadOS that worked more cleanly with my Mac. Hard to put into words, but I wish the shared models were more similar.

Finder on the Mac and Files on iPad for example. Very different experience.

But macOS on my iPad. Nah.

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New sketch! It's the classic Apple ]+, the first computer my family ever had... 40+ years ago I got my start with programming and computer graphics on one of these.


[Sketch of an Apple ]+ done in Procreate on an iPad.
[Sketch of an Apple ]+ done in Procreate on an iPad.

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My looks like it is on its last legs. It is a Series 4 that I wear and use every day and the battery was already struggling to make it through a day. But now it is kinda freaking out. Randomly switching around like I’m tapping or swiping. I’ve power cycled, restored from backup, and wiped it clean and started fresh. That seems to indicate a hardware problem. Can I hold out until September?

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#AppleWatch #Apple

And this is the message it gives me this morning?!?!

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In case you ever wondered how you can find out the current price of an app you bought in the past, it’s “easy”: Click on the share icon and choose “Gift App”. The dialog will show the current price in the summary at the top.

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Wie ktoś gdzie mogę zgłosić błąd w tłumaczeniu/pisowni systemu operacyjnego jednego z urządzeń firmy #Apple?

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Zur von trägt Langlebigkeit und daher auch deren Reparierbarkeit wesentlich bei. In Frankreich müssen Geräte-Hersteller auf der Verpackung eine Reparierbarkeitsnote angeben. Ersatzteile und Reparaturanleitungen müssen z.B. mind. 7 Jahre verfügbar gemacht werden, um eine gute Note beim "Indice de réparabilité" zu erreichen. So auch beim .
(1/x) 🧵

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Leider spielt beim französichen Index keine Rolle, ob man die Reparatur auch selbst vornehmen kann oder stattdessen eine Vertragswerkstatt beauftragt werden muss. Proprietäre Schrauben und Teilekopplung erschweren z.B. bei einigen Herstellern wie Reparaturen oder machen sie sogar ganz unmöglich.
Beim "iFixit-Score" führt dies daher zur Abwertung. Das Unternehmen @ifixit bietet Werkzeuge und Anleitungen sowie eine Community für die DIY-Reparatur von Elektronik. Deren Kriterien sind:

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irfan, to iPhone

It's insane thinking about how has nailed touch scrolling right out of the bat from the first phone, and phones still have not figured out how to do it right. Not just on touchscreens but on trackpads too, only has managed making something as "simple" as touch scrolling as intuitive, magical, and true to life (instant response, the exact amount of weight and inertia as you'd expect from what you just did with your finger) SYSTEM WIDE (and not app-dependent) while laptops still makes you feel like you're better off with a mouse. I use an Apple Magic Trackpad on my PC and it feels great and was one of the best investments I've made, but it will never be as good as it'd be on and that feels like a crime. Since no one has figured it out, I unjokingly wish the EU or CCP make it compulsory for Apple to teach everyone else in the industry how to implement this seemingly simple thing, so right.

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One day with the M4 iPad Pro. Great upgrade all around, lighter weight is subtle but noticeable from previous M1. But

The new Magic Keyboard feels really good. Great build quality, typing feels quite nice, the new function row was long overdue, and the trackpad is nifty. It too feels lighter, so the overall package feels great.

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Interesting thing i read today ... it seem that #spotify do not #pay for every #licence they need (lyrics, music video, etc).

Also it seem that #apple #music pay 2 times more than spotify to label and so #artist have a bigger share.

A #quick #search (correct me if i’m wrong) show that any other than Spotify pay more for artists.

So to #help artists i #recommend you to move out from Spotify to any other #competitor you prefer.

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Dear tech blogs. Please stop.
These are massive trillion+ dollar megacorporations.
There’s no “war”, no need to choose sides. No flame wars to be had to take more of our money.
These are appliances to get stuff done or enjoy for fun.

via @verge

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