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People have packed #Austin City Council chambers today for the council meeting, speaking in favor of the #Palestine Ceasefire Resolution and on a variety of community development and rezoning topics.

#Texas #news #politics #USpol #ceasefire #activism

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"'The light pollution from the [Tesla] Gigafactory is freaking nutty.'"

"'I live in a neighborhood very close to it and had to get blackout curtains for my bedroom. On cloudy nights it basically lights up the night sky brighter than a full moon.'"


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From the archives: “My mind whirred with all the reasons I was not the right person. We never thought we were filing what would become the Supreme Court case.” https://www.texasobserver.org/roes-grassroots-beginnings-abortion-ut-austin/

#RoeVWade #abortion #Texas #history #UTAustin #Austin #law #SCOTUS #activism

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to close Guadalupe Street store that opened in 1981 | KUT Radio, Austin's NPR Station


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“I was loving living by the lake and everything, getting to see these deer, people passing by jogging and all that.”

From the archives, by Interim Editor-in-Chief @gusbova: The City of #Austin is back to playing whack-a-mole with its large unsheltered population. https://www.texasobserver.org/neither-here-nor-there/

#unhoused #homelessness #HumanRights #Texas #politics #USpol #housing #poverty

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Alrighty, first day of the ICDL conference in Austin, Texas. The international conference on development and learning is a small, interdisciplinary research conference somewhere between AI and cognitive sciences, and it is such a specialized venue that I kind of doubt anybody else in the Fediverse is here, but please prove me wrong 😊

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How did the rumor get started about Steiner Ranch being full of ? | KUT Radio, 's NPR Station

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I like how this article about why Austin didn't end up being the second tech hub skips the laws discriminating against women in the form of anti-abortion laws. Like 50% of potential employees were risking their lives in moving to the state, but maybe it was the power outage that did it in.


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Ever wondered just how similar a Hyundai Ioniq 5 really is to an Austin Princess?

Wonder no more!

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One thing I love about Austin Public Library is that they run an open seed-sharing service:

#Texas #Austin #Gardening


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“What I saw was students linking arms, hugging each other while being brutalized by the police. I think the only violence we saw that day was from the police.”

I spoke with two anti-Zionist Jewish supporters of the pro-Palestine protests at #UTAustin, including one who got arrested on April 29. Read it from Deceleration here:

#Palestine #Austin #Texas #activism #protest #FreeSpeech @palestine

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Calling all Austinites! Check out these local Flipboard Magazines for the latest news and cultural happenings in Austin, TX.

Austin Happiness: All the good stuff.

Axios Austin: Here to help readers get smarter, faster on the most consequential news and developments unfolding in their own backyard.

Eater Austin: The go-to resource for food, drink, and restaurant obsessives in Austin.

Explore Austin: This is what you should be doing in Austin right now.

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I interviewed two anti-Zionist Jews about their perspective on the protests for , one a current grad student at , and the other an alumni. Both were present at the big protest at April 29, and one was arrested—but only one would have been classified as an "outsider," even though they both have deep ties to the school.

I've got their story coming out later this week at Decelerate.news.

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Got hit and run today! Well, hit and dawdle. Just parked up and the car next to me was leaving, thought he was a bit close, then the whole car wobbled and he KEPT GOING. Honked my horn, got out to shout at him and he just stared at me, the other people, said nothing and drove off super slowly. No apology, nothing.

Really quite cross about it because it's not worth putting through insurance.

#WeirdCarMastodon #Austin #Princess #HitAndRun

The rear corner of an Austin Princess, showing a long scrape in the paint down the arch and rear wing from a hit-and-run incident. The chrome wheel trim is also scored.

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Oh wow best announcement at the airport just now: ATTENTION IN THE TERMINAL, HECTOR MENDOZA, HECTOR MENDOZA PLEASE RETURN TO THE oh there he is! <click>

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“We can't just give people e-bikes. It has to be supported with a broader set of infrastructure and associated policies to make cycling safe.”

'Pretty remarkable': UBC study finds e-bike rebates led to decreased car use

FYI, has a $600 rebate for buyers.

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I interviewed Dr Heyman just a couple of days ago. This is a big shock to hear.

University of professor fired, arrested after pro-Palestine campus protest

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The #Austin American Statesman did a better job of describing the circumstances which led to Dr. Rich Heyman's arrest, including giving his side of the story thru his lawyer. Heyman claims he was shoved by a cop and grabbed the police bicycle to steady himself. https://www.statesman.com/story/news/crime/2024/05/10/professor-richard-heyman-ut-austin-pro-palestine-protest-arrested-fired-interfering-police/73639778007/

#UTAustin #Palestine #politics #USpol #protest #FreeSpeech #police

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Very severe weather heading through tonight. The worst is south of . Meteorologist telling folks to take shelter in San Marcos (south of Austin). https://www.kxan.com/weather/forecast/todays-forecast/

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