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If you're wondering why still supports to this day, you may want to learn about the factors.

Learning helps folks to understand current issues better, when horrible history repeats itself.

Canada was one of many nations that refused to admit trying to flee the that would culminate in the .

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Meanwhile in on our national broadcaster:

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Many supported in the early 20th century, including some professionals, & . & passed , not repealed til 1970s. have continued into the 21st century, including of & what some have termed the & the screening of fetuses for .

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New in emerged from & vulnerable populations have pretty much been abandoned to fend for ourselves. Our authorities are sacrificing the elderly, the disabled, the immunocompromised & also people struggling with mental illnesses. They'll help you kill yourself but won't help you much with getting essential help/services that are needed to live & to manage medical issues.

Horrible history repeats itself. Marginalized are punished for being alive.

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This led for 21 yrs.

’s “cheerleading” for ’s regime got a tremendous boost during his tour of landmarks of the “miracle,” as Teigrob recounts in riveting detail. The photographs tell a very chilling story as well, especially one that shows King sitting proudly in Hitler’s seat at the All-German Sports Competitions while surrounded by Nazi bigwigs in full swastika-studded regalia.

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The MacLaren book is particularly valuable for its examination of pro #fascist currents in #Canada, one example being the #RomanCatholic church in #Quebec’s support of Italian #dictator Benito #Mussolini because of his recognition of the #Vatican as an independent state & his fervent #AntiCommunism.

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#MackenzieKing was #Canada’s longest running #PrimeMinister & he was a #racist #fascist jerk.

Both works, Mackenzie King in the Age of the Dictators, by Roy MacLaren, and Four Days in Hitler’s Germany: Mackenzie King’s Mission to Avert a Second World War, by Robert Teigrob, rely heavily on the King diary. Indeed, without access to the prime minister’s private thoughts, neither book would be as insightful, as cringe-inducing, or, likely, even possible.

#Fascism #CanadianHistory #Coloniser

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And yes, both authors conclude that King was a bona fide , neither of them granting a man of his education and experience a pass for being a product of his , intolerant times. Certainly the most infuriating and tragic aspect of King’s wilful denial of well-documented evil is his attitude towards , which led to ’s refusal to accept significant numbers of refugees from the mounting hell.

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Another example is King’s loathing of the collective-security provisions of the #LeagueOfNations, which he thought might ensnare #Canada in a war in some distant land. King’s “muddling” played a critical role in that body’s failure to stand up to #Mussolini and #Hitler, thereby empowering the #fascist duo in their territorial ambitions.

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This CBC News story out of Vancouver from last year reminds us why we love Canadians so much. 🇨🇦


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C'est le jour des photos de ponts apparemment, alors je repense à celui de Maniwaki sur la rivière Gatineau.

Pont vue de face au milieu des arbres. On a l'impression qu'il est entièrement couvert, alors que c'est seulement un pavillon à l'extrémité.

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Canada’s recently released greenhouse gas inventory shows that every western province has increased its climate pollution since 1990, the international baseline year for measuring climate action.

On the other side of the country, every eastern province has reduced its emissions.

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World has officially launched its to monitor incidents in Canada.

The tool adds a layer of transparency to Canada's opaque problem. Documenting instances of outbreaks, escapes, attacks and more, the tool is the most comprehensive to date by any organization or government in Canada.

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Committee on the Status of in - - updated the status of 12 this month, and it included the among the animals newly considered "endangered."

Dr. Louise Blight is the co-chair of the COSEWIC advisory committee on .

She said Grey-headed live at the edge of the treeline in the & were historically common near Old Crow.

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interested in preserving & ensuring the survival of species will have an opportunity to actively participate in later this year.

The will be launching a first-of-its-kind engagement with community groups through requests for proposals as part of a broader Wilder to save imperiled species globally, announced on May 15.

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It’s believed to be the first of its kind display on #VancouverIsland and is combining mental and physical #wellbeing with #EnvironmentalProtection.

Representatives from #RotaryClub of #Nanaimo, #Snuneymuxw #FirstNation and #GreenCommunities #Canada recently installed a mini #forest at a newly-opened #TransitionalHousing complex on the First Nation territory.

#GoodNews #VanIsle #Indigenous #HealingCommunity #PacificNorthwest #PNW

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said it granted to two last September due to widespread they faced in as .

Ottawa also cited the lack of legal marriage in Japan for same-sex couples as a reason to certify the couple as refugees, noting the couple was denied the benefits given under the Japanese system to those in opposite-sex marriages.

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from to MP Matthew Green’s Bill , authored by Lena El-Malak, PhD, LLM; Nadia Abu-Zahra, PhD; Michael Bueckert, PhD; and Alex Paterson, MA.

It includes for how can acknowledge this & its own role in the of & take steps to combat in ongoing policies of , & .

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They should donate all funds to Indigenous kids charities.

’s in will be reopened for public and tours at $9 a pop.

is reopening May 18 following pandemic lockdowns and $2.1 million renovations, per Blacklock’s Reporter.

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In , many , in as elsewhere, remain unknown. The Baseball Hall of Fame, whose mission is to commemorate “great players, teams, and accomplishments of baseball in Canada” and create “a culture which champions education, respect, diversity and healthy lifestyles across generations” has continued to place below white achievement.

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Some provinces have recorded a rise in bodies in the past few years, with next of kin citing costs as a growing reason for not collecting loved ones’ remains.

This has prompted at least one province to build a new storage facility, while demand for surged.

The overall cost of a funeral in at the top end has increased to about US$8,800 from about US$6,000 in 1998, industry trade group estimates showed.

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New instance, new introduction. Hello, I am Adam from Ottawa Canada. I am a totally blind man, identifying as he/him.
My primary interests are technology and music. I was a former professional drummer, playing the bar stages of Ottawa and the ocasional out-of-town show.
I've always been rhythmical, annoying the heck out of my parents at the tendor age of four on up banging on pots, pans, spoons, and whatever else I could get my grubby little hands on.
I got my first drum kit when I was 12, back in 1999. I got a couple of upgrades over the years, and then switched to electronic kits in 2007 when I managed to save and purchase a Roland TD-12 kit with my own money. That was like buying a car for me, LOL.
I was professionally active from 2007 until 2019.
Some hearing issues with extended loudness causing anxiety and unease started my issues with playing live shows, and then COVID19 really finished that career.

I've been interested in technology from a young age as well, receiving my first electronic note taker for the blind, a Blazie Engineering Braille Lite in 1996 at the age of 9.
I then got my first computer in the summer of 1998, learned DOS, then eventually Windows 3.1, 95, and on up.
I've had many, many, many computers and other technological devices since those days, and I have done any serious compute work in Linux, where in I am mostly referring to running servers, hosting things, and distributed compute projects.
Professionally, I am currently a systems/server administrator, backend web developer, database administrator, and infrastructure administrator.
Other interests include animals, documentaries, listening to most kinds of music, having deep intellectual conversations, and pondering the meaning of life.

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#RichmondBC #charity is offering up to $10,000 per year to youths with #disabilities pursuing #PostSecondaryEducation.

Rick & Amanda Hansen #Scholarship for #YouthWithDisabilities, offered by #RickHansenFoundation is open to youth under 30 yrs old aiming to complete 1-4 yrs post-secondary program at a publicly funded institution in #Canada.

Deadline for applications is May 31.

#PleaseBoost if you're in #BritishColumbia or anywhere in Canada.

#Opportunity #Education

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Another utterly exhausting day of packing the POD and loading up boxes.

But never too tired to post the next dopey gif and wish you all a good evening.




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Le fédéral octroie 16 M$ au Centre culturel afro-canadien de Montréal
🔸 « On considérait que dans une ville comme Montréal, où 11,5 % de la population est d'ascendance africaine, c’était aberrant qu’il n’y ait pas d’institution permettant à nos communautés de raconter leurs histoires. » (Allen Alexandre, directeur général du CCAM)
#CCAM #Montréal #Québec #Canada #Noirs #art #culture #patrimoine

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19 May 1535: Jacques Cartier begins his second voyage across the #Atlantic to what is now called #Canada in a bid to find a passage to #China #otd


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