matthewskelton, to random avatar

Aha, I get it now: the GenAI enshittification of cloud services like Slack, StackOverflow, Google, Discord, MSFT, and all the rest is a conspiracy by lonely SysAdmins who miss the old days of running IT equipment in-house and are pushing a return to on-prem đŸ–„ïžđŸ’œâŒšïž

It. All. Makes. Sense. đŸ€Ș

#GenAI #cloud #onprem #enshittification

LateNightLinux, to Podcast avatar

Why AWS changed its policy on charging for HTTP errors on S3 buckets, how Bluesky dealt with an explosion in popularity by moving to on-prem, IBM buys Hashicorp, and our thoughts on cloud governance.

adfichter, to microsoft German avatar

Damit das nicht untergeht: Die kritisiert wie die Bundesverwaltung ihre digitale BĂŒro-Infrastruktur in die 365 verlagert. Aus verschiedenen GrĂŒnden:

  1. Lokaler Betrieb (on premise) ist lÀnger möglich.

  2. IT Security-VorfÀlle von Microsoft wurden nicht untersucht.

  3. Der Bundesangestellten wird zu viel Eigenverantwortung bei der Klassifizierung von Dokumenten zugemutet (und es gibt Doppelspurigkeiten mit GEVER).

RosannaSibora, to AWS avatar
gebrauchskunst, to philosophy German avatar

Neuer #Datenschutz #Roman:

"Die Tochter des Online-HĂ€ndlers"

Staatlich Geplanter #Datenklau
mit #SPD & #NoAmazon

#rbb24 #Brandenburgaktuell #NoAmazonInvestition #EU

Der weltgrĂ¶ĂŸte #Cloud-Anbieter Amazon #Web Services will sich langfristig in Brandenburg engagieren.

Die Tochter des #Online-HĂ€ndlers
am Mittwoch bekannt, bis 2040
7,8 Milliarden Euro in #Rechenzentren in #Brandenburg investieren zu wollen.

#Video: bis 22.05.24 ∙ 23Uhr

SomeGadgetGuy, to tech avatar

Google showed off new business AI solutions while promoting their water cooled data centers. Now we find out Microsoft is not only failing to meet their carbon emissions goal, their emissions are actually UP 30%.
I just don't see how this era of cloud AI is going to be a sustainable business model...

tech, to tech avatar
ajsadauskas, to opensource avatar

I'm thinking seriously about getting Google out of my life, and trying NextCloud.

Looking to get a personal account through a managed provider.

Does anyone have any experience with it?

How does it compare to ownCloud?

Any hosts I should look at or avoid?

Any apps I should get for it, or avoid?

Any issues I should be aware of before I switch?


CenturyAvocado, to microsoft avatar

Another day and another enraging #Cloud service experience. #Office365 #Microsoft

ErikJonker, to microsoft avatar

Discussie zal ook in Nederland komende jaren niet zijn over minder datacenters maar meer datacenters gok ik.

yawnbox, to random avatar

thinking about some top cybersecurity tips for normal people

  1. use a password manager (like 1Password (cloud), Bitwarden (cloud), or KeepassXC (local))

  2. use an ad blocker (uBlock Origin)

  3. maximize the use of multi-factor authentication

  4. host contacts in a privacy-respecting service. do not share contacts with apps

  5. use a privacy-respecting email provider. archive email to a local drive, which @thunderbird makes easy

  6. for regularly visited websites, even if you sign-in to use them, use @torproject Tor Browser, if the service does not block Tor

for technical folks

  1. self-host contacts

  2. self-host email

  3. use YubiKeys everywhere

publicvoit, avatar

@yawnbox Sorry, recommending to put someone's passwords into the strongly disqualifies the authority of its author. 😞

In case you didn't notice: the cloud is a bad idea for personal or sensitive information.

budak, to singapore avatar
publicvoit, to comics avatar
conansysadmin, to Cybersecurity avatar

You can cipher your scrolls into secret tongues and then store them in a remote redoubt.

sfwrtr, to random avatar

Okay. Interesting. Moving files from Dropbox creates placeholder files that are empty but take up space. There's a little cloud symbol beside the files in the dropbox directories, but they refused to download. Sheesh. Luckily, the files exist online. I've logged on to the online dropbox and downloaded all my files to my hard disk in a separate directory as a backup. I'm trying bypassing the dropbox refused to sync issue by signing out of dropbox and orphaning the current directories. Signing on again, but creating new dropbox directory tree on disk that must be downloaded again from the .Hoping that this fixes the problems I'm having between platforms, at least from the Mac perspective.

sfwrtr, avatar

And Bam! Less than 10 minutes later, has laid down all the files from the in the new directories. opens the previously damage project (because dropbox had refused to download things) with everything consistent with the iPhone version. Yay!

Sometimes starting from Vanilla is the way to go!

tech, to tech avatar
linuxmagazine, to RedHat avatar

Red Hat introduces Image Mode, a new deployment method for RHEL that delivers the OS as a container image

slink, to AWS German avatar
ematts, to Palestine avatar

for 😞 all innocent lives matter đŸ˜„ humans are so wrong on this one
 for the on

major, to fedora avatar

If you use on cloud, amazon-ec2-utils is headed your way with some helpful udev rules and tools.

Now you can manage block devices using the same "sdX" conventions used in the AWS console and API. 😉

It's on the way to for users, too! đŸ„ł

major, avatar

I wrote a quick post about how to set up amazon-ec2-utils on @fedora and how to see the differences after installing it:

michael, to infosec avatar

Remember guys: hosting in the cloud doesn’t mean you don’t need backups: always have backups that are stored with an independent third party!

tech, to tech avatar
timbray, to fediverse avatar

In which I notice that AWS’s S3 is getting more and more competition all the time, and thus the object-storage space is becoming interesting, and also that there’s a angle:
Names are named.

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