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did i

did i just see a MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE reference in cyberpunk 2077?!?!?!

this vending machine calls this gun "SLAUGHT-O-MATIC" which is also a line from the first track off of Danger Days

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This was my very first project in React Three :bloblaugh: Any fans?

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I completed Cyberpunk 2077, going with the ending that I believed suited my V. A star so bright, irreconcilable changed by The Relic. His life, forever altered by a miracle surgery to excise that unique shard; A face in the crowd, a former legendary merc fading into the past. He's learning to make peace with this, in Night City since his love basically abandoned him.

It's time to focus on another game, as Cyberpunk 2077 has been an interesting experience!

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I like that I have free reign to still explore Night City and Dogtown before committing to the ending. There are still a few things which need to be done! Like finding all the graffiti in Dogtown and a few more quests and gigs that have popped up. I won't complete everything, but most things will be done. After this, I will put the game down and move on to the next game finally!

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Before bed, I played Cyberpunk 2077, completing several gigs and side quests which were relatively easy! For a character whose dump stat is Cool (Stealth) without investment, I find it easy to stealth through areas.

Netrunning in this game is OP because that's mostly how I did this. I took over surveillance systems and fried a lot of gonks using System Collapse or Reboot Optics, and Memory Wipe. Thinning the herd and then sneaking about like a cyberfreak!

#Cyberpunk2077 #gaming

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I bloody love This is far too satisfying.


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Hype, I got Kerry's romance secured (got a rare achievement due to so many not choosing to romance Kerry)! My Dogtown progress is going well; I took a break after finishing several gigs with immense success.

Taking a brief break because I played for several hours, and my Xbox Series S was quite warm. After my Xbox cools down, it will be time to FAFO in Dogtown for the rest of the night until bed. 😂

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Time to turn my V’s rizz to the max as the penultimate quest with Kerry is a go! It took a while for Kerry Eurodyne to ring me up…

I’m pretty confident a romance with Kerry is going to happen because I’m pretty good at reading the room when it’s not me personally involved. After that, I’ll continue my Dogtown exploration!

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I played the opening section of Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty last night, it impressed me! Dogtown is a fascinating place to explore so far, the in-game lore has intrigued me.

I'm going to explore Dogtown quite a bit later today, right now cleaning up after breakfast is a higher priority.

#Cyberpunk2077 #gaming

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I customized these chucks with electroluminescent wire, inspired by the ones in

Powered by coin cells hidden under the tongue. If I were to do it again, I'd try using LED filament.

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Słyszałem sporo głosów, że to dobra powieść (dlatego kupiłem), ale także sporo krytyki. Niestety, przychylam się do drugiej frakcji - ta historia byłaby naprawdę dobra, gdyby została znacznie lepiej napisana. A tak mamy prezent dla fanów , tylko niestety, na zbyt małej przestrzeni autor chciał za dużo upakować. Szkoda.

Pełna opinia:

@ksiazki @książki

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I love this Viri, I mean Ciri, I mean V!

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WHO IS THE KNIFE LADY ?!?! And why did I only stumble upon her in my fourth playthrough of #Cyberpunk2077??? I want to live with her in the middle of nowhere throwing knives and shit!!!

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Who got two thumbs and a cool ride? Dis bitch!

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Pedestrian nearing the end of the crosswalk & “walk” signal changes.

Most places:
Driver patiently waits for pedestrian to safely reach the other side of the street.

Night City:
Driver hits the accelerator & turns on the windshield wipers.

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Hubieron más quejas sobre bugs y mal desarrollo en #Cyberpunk2077 que en #BaldursGate3 por ser más vistosos. En #BG3 no habrá tanto t-pose, pero funcionales... Objetos que desaparecen, que quedan bloqueados bajo el suelo, que son de misión principal pero no están marcados como tal, personajes que se resbalan de plataformas por errores de colisión y mueren cayendo al vacío, compañeros que se quedan inmóviles sin capacidad de interacción, bloqueos en el online...
Día que jugamos, día que pasa.

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Took a stab at getting the Cyberpunk 2077 prototype from 2013 running. It's uh, not in a good state, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to get the scripts executing successfully at this rate, but at least I can load into some of the levels now.


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Probably done for the most part for now, I've uploaded the other screenshots from my spelunking adventures here.

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Ciri has found her way into !

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Also: come here, daddy!

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Omnizon Autoshop! "We mass-fire workers, replace'em with robots, & now no one can afford the products we're selling! Just print some more money, I guess." (Scene from Neofeud 2) Grab Neofeud 1 here:

Cyberpunk automatic shopping center with robots and drones everywhere

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"After working my way through this game, I realize this game is unbelievably amazing. 10/10" Thanks for playing through Neofeud!…

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