Hardware hacker runs GTA Vice City on a router with a little help from an eGPU and Debian Linux -- Tom's Hardware (www.tomshardware.com)

A German hardware hacker, KittenLabs, has successfully managed to run GTA: Vice City on a TP-Link TL-WDR4900 Wi-Fi router. The hack involved installing Debian Linux on the router, connecting an AMD Radeon HD 7470 as an eGPU, and overcoming several hurdles to get the game running....

passthejoe, to debian
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#Debian offers an RT kernel as well

Real-time and Core editions of Ubuntu arrive • The Register https://www.theregister.com/2024/06/07/ubuntu_24_realtime_core/

astian, to technology
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The new version of Midori will have a new and improved private mode to guarantee a more private, clean, secure and extremely fast navigation.

Coming soon


#midori #midoribrowser #browser #technology #tech #privacy #linux #ubuntu #debian #windows

steven, to RaspberryPi
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I'm running a Samba server on my Raspberry Pi, and I'm able to log in and use it without trouble on my Debian 12 system. But on Fedora Silverblue 40, I can create, delete and read files but cannot write to them.

Any Silverblue users have a tip on what I can do to fix this?

Could it be something related to UID?

aral, to SmallWeb
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Quick heads up: Kitten’s installer/downloads will be offline for a few minutes as I recreate kittens.small-web.org (the site that new Kittens are deployed to when they’re born) as it was originally on Ubuntu and sites deployed by Domain are now using AlmaLinux. Also, I am setting Kitten’s API version to 0 (it was initially set to 1) to signal that it is prerelease. When the version is back to 1 it will be because API version 1 is stable.


#Kitten #SmallWeb

@tommi@pan.rent avatar

Wow @aral, thanks for developing them!

I did not know about , and at a first glance it reminds me a lot of @yunohost!

Did you consider integrating Domain with YunoHost, or make them interoperable? I believe it would be a huge win: is very mature and many years in the making, I believe a new and ambitious project such as Domain could truly benefit the stability and features of such a big software, while I think the YunoHost community would really enjoy the participation and help.

Maybe you could start by opening a thread on the forum, and we can see what people think 👀


linuxiac, to linux
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Debian 13 introduces tmpfs for /tmp and timed cleanup for /var/tmp, aligning with standard practices in the upcoming Trixie release.

#linux #debian

lordvalor, to linux Spanish
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time to play with

RL_Dane, to debian
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Installed the stable-backported linux kernel in the clutch today:

$ uname -srm
Linux 6.7.12+bpo-amd64 x86_64

My laptop (2022 LG Gram 17) started acting flaky again, just like it did when I first got it (lots of random pauses, likely GPU/driver issues)

itsfoss, to linux
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Debian 13 “Trixie” to feature different /tmp behavior.


9to5linux, to security
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ploum, to debian
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I’m currently investigating a weird bug on my sid laptop.

If I unplug ethernet, wifi connect but has only IPv6 and DNS connection, no IPv4 (I was wondering why half websites were down but not the others).

If I plug ethernet again, I have no connection at all until I restart networking.service.

It looks like network-manager is completely broken but I have no idea how to investigate this (this is a fresh Debian install, upgraded to Sid with really few packages).

Any hint?

techviator, to privacy
@techviator@noc.social avatar

Since Microsoft seems to not care about the #Privacy impact that the #Copilot+ #Recall feature has, I am going back to #Linux as my daily driver. All my #Homelab servers run on Debian or its derivatives, work servers run RedHat or Windows, but I have not used a Desktop Linux for quite a while as a daily driver. I've been playing with Debian 12 with Gnome for the past few days, and next I'll be playing with Fedora, which I have not used since the early 2000's. We'll see how fast I can catch up.

@techviator@noc.social avatar

It seems #Microsoft is making important changes to #Copilot #Recall that should improve its #privacy:

  1. Opt-in instead of opt-out.
  2. Windows Hello must be used to use Recall.
  3. Screenshots and database are encrypted and need Windows Hello authentication in order to open.

I'm still switching to #Debian as my primary OS and keep #Windows as a VM for some work applications, but it's good to see that MS is trying to make this controversial feature a bit more secure.

charadon, to linux
@charadon@8bit.red avatar

So, did my monthly upgrade of -current. Two things that caught my attention:

is now provided out the box (awesome)
is now enabled out of the box and is configurable (Even more awesome)

@RL_Dane@fosstodon.org avatar


Oh really? What's going on with KDE6?

doesn't have it yet, either. Not even Sid. ;)

debacle, to debian
@debacle@framapiaf.org avatar

The git master of #Gajim by @gajim gets better and better. Now there are not only message reactions and message replies, but also an easy way to record and send voice messages! The next release will be amazing!

It is already in #Debian experimental for those who like to try it. Note, that the database gets migrated, so make a backup before running the new version!


simon_brooke, to ubuntu
@simon_brooke@mastodon.scot avatar

I think I've whinged here before about my difficulties with after switching from to . Well, I've fixed it, and I've published a gist in case anyone wants to do the same.


bagder, to debian
@bagder@mastodon.social avatar

14 years ago one of my less known projects got adopted into #Debian: #roffit


astian, to privacy
@astian@mastodon.social avatar

We continue advancing with the development of our VPN client that will be available within Midori web browser, this is a short video about how it works.


#browser #vpn #privacy #linux #tech #technology #ubuntu #debian

MidoriVPN coming soon

grifferz, to debian
@grifferz@social.bitfolk.com avatar

systemd-boot support is coming to the Debian Installer.


gerowen, to linuxmint
@gerowen@mastodon.social avatar

Giving #LinuxMint a spin in a virtual machine because my mom has expressed an interest in migrating to Linux when #Windows 10 enters end-of-life. It's actually pretty darn slick and user-friendly; comes with a lot of stuff made by the Mint devs themselves for #Linux Mint, and I think it might be the perfect thing to migrate my mom over to. Will probably stick with the #Debian based LMDE.

RL_Dane, to debian
@RL_Dane@fosstodon.org avatar

Compiling the latest release of less so I can get that sweet, sweet wordwrap feature.
#Less #Debian #ThatDebianLife #CompileIt!

Umm... can someone who has the spoons handy log an issue that their latest release (non-beta) tarball is double-gzipped? (https://github.com/gwsw/less/issues)

#SpoonTheory -- I'm doing fine, but dealing with github REALLY DOES cost a couple extra spoons even when you're having a good day, lol. Stop using that MSFTy GPL-violating crap, my peeps! :P~

RichiH, to debian
@RichiH@chaos.social avatar

The new version in unstable is SO GOOD.

If you run Debian or a derivative, I recommend grabbing it from somewhere and giving it a spin.

The "Space needed" overview needs some UX love as it shows kB/MB/GB next to each other without making the relations obvious at a glance. But other than that... sooo good.

astian, to tech
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Companies are already recognizing Midori Browser as a privacy-friendly alternative that complements their products, in this case ExpressVPN.


We invite all technology lovers to download and use Midori as their default browser.


astian, to wireguard
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Our work advances with MidoriVPN, a private and secure system that uses Multiple instances and mesh technology. Soon to be integrated into .



qlp, to linux
@qlp@linh.social avatar

Current state of my Linux laptops:

ThinkPad T14 Gen 3: Fedora 40 (KDE spin)

I just did a fresh install in the past week-ish to migrate to KDE from GNOME, and wanted a fresh start.

ThinkPad T14 Gen 2 (AMD): Debian 12 with GNOME

Previously ran Pop!_OS with the development version of COSMIC DE. I wanted a Debian-based laptop to more closely reflect the Debian servers that I use to host my Wait Wait Stats stuff. I'm not going testing or unstable, since I don't run those on my servers.

Surface Pro 3: Fedora 40 (KDE spin)

I did a fresh install this week to clear out some of the lingering issues from an install of a pre-release version of the KDE spin of Fedora 40.

I initially wanted to see how FreeBSD would run on the Surface Pro 3, but I didn't want to tempt fate as I sometimes take the Surface with me on the go.

davidrevoy, to linux
@davidrevoy@framapiaf.org avatar

Here is my new GNU/Linux distribution guide about Debian KDE 12, the right GNU/Linux distribution for professional digital painting in 2024! Also about three major problems with GNU/Linux distros that will drive away all professional artists, IMO, and how I got kicked out of the Fedora KDE ecosystem with F40, which imposed Plasma6 and Wayland. I hope it helps other artists here!

Blog post: https://www.davidrevoy.com/article1030/debian-12-kde-plasma-2024-install-guide

@libresurf@pouet.chapril.org avatar

Hello @davidrevoy
Thank you very much for this very detailed guide. 🤩

And welcome in the #debian community ! 😀
Remember that the debian 's strength lies in its social contract :
Normally you shouldn't have to change linux distribution anymore.
Personally, I've been using debian + KDE since 2008 (after trying RedHat, Mandrake/Manjaro and Ubuntu) and wouldn't change a thing for the world. !

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