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Lin Carter (1930-1988) was born on this day. Bibliography:

L, Vincent Di Fate, 1975; R, Frank Frazetta, 1967


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Historically speaking, there are many different methods by which countries were run. Why is your fantasy setting a Monarchy? (or not?)

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#WritersCoffeeClub 6/9: How do you select ideas from all the ones floating around?

I used to go for the shiny one.

Still do that (I often take time out to write a new shiny), but now I also look at what is selling.

It's easy to add a book to my Wolves. And I have so many shifter ideas...

I'll also finish the Winds and Pillars, of course.

Then there's Penumbra, the Twin Worlds (YA Portal Shifters), then another spicy shifter series, an epic fantasy series...


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#PennedPossibilities 340 — How does your MC or SC feel about love as a concept?

Wintereyes, the MC, is kind and considerate, and really wants to help, but when it comes to love she thinks like the wolves she's lived with over a decade. They don't have the concept. The closest is companionship and sex, which misses the point. Learning the concept of love is one of the many reasons Her Highness is forcing Wintereyes to live around people.

Caramello, the SC, fell in love a couple years ago. He knows that if he to return her interest in him, she'd be caught up in the succession war he's living in exile to avoid. The women since then have been substitutes. Wintereyes, however...

Wintereyes doesn't realize she could discover human love. Caramello doesn't realize that his dangerous past might learn about his present because of Wintereyes' kindness.

None of this bodes well for either romance novella character.

[Author retains copyright (c)2024 R.S.]

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Ch 10 Nbr 09 — How do you select ideas from all the ones floating around?

I require a character I can relate, to with an agenda to fulfill and a problem to solve. If that generates an ending I can write toward, it's "Tag yo it!"

Sadly, I sometimes write without an ending. Those rarely end well.

[Author retains copyright (c)2024 R.S.]


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#WordWeavers 2406.09 — Who has the best meals in your story?

The main character's first non-vegetarian meal was crab cakes. Her marathon trainer insisted she needed more protein in her diet. Since then, her diet has been more like a day angel's than her own kind, which is a problem because day angels live on the top of buildings and any good day angel restaurant is going to be a rooftop restaurant. Her day angel friends and team mates fly her up to the best fish and chips places. I think she eats pretty tasty food, both sky and earth cuisines.

You'd think her antagonist would have the best meals, since in the worst case she could choose takeaway delivered from ten different worlds. (Okay, all but one of the colonies are non-earth-like planets, but still.) Problem is she prefers dessert. Not a meal.

[Author retains copyright (c)2024 R..S.]

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Cruel Provocations, half-fey hunters protecting a rural utopia from the mechanised war-machines of the towns, including the terrifying new walkers, each armed with a six-barrelled canon capable of terrifying carnage.

In celebration of #Pride #PrideMonth, you'll find the central relationship is FF, and there's a badass female revenge plotline.

#books #AmReading #Fantasy #LightningPunk

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The real world equivalent of forkroot, the plant that drugs channelers, is probably mandrake (Mandragora offcinarum) a dangerous plant with a forked root chock full of alkaloids and the subject of many legends and associations with witches. Forkroot works on men as well as women channelers.

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Hey folks anyone know anyone who would take a small commission for a melody for and the likes?

Something in the realm? Maybe you yourself? I'm interested!

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#PennedPossibilities 339 — Does your MC learn from their past, or are they prone to repeating the same mistakes?

My MC is way too prone to making mistakes. Repeating them, not so much. Somehow she survives.

From the current work, this:

..."Better not to get hit?"

"Definitely. Though the direct route through an obstacle is sometimes more unexpected."


Were my trust misplaced, I'd learn something about myself. But, then again, that seemed to be my method of operation: win—or get hurt, pick myself up, make different mistakes.

[Author retains copyright (c)2024 R.S.]

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Watching Scavengers Reign tonight. I'm starting episode 5, and I'm still not sure how I feel about it. It's kind of creepy and disgusting in a way. I'm not a big fan of horror flicks and this seems to skirt the edge.

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2406.08 — Where would your SC go if they had a bad day?

She's a day angel. Solitude is easy. Near sunset on the always hot world she lives on, she can always catch a thermal and spiral high into the sky. Gliding way above it all, the city she's trapped living in seems so peaceful, so devoid of people. She can make believe for a few minutes that the boss doesn't hold blackmail that would frame her for murder, and that she can soar off into the coming purpling dusk and start anew. The dry air swiftly dries all tears.

[Author retains copyright (c)2024 R..S.]


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Ch 10 Nbr 07 — What do you do first when you start a new writing project?

Short fiction intended to be written in one go: I write until it's done or it fails to gel.

Long fiction: I write a treatment or a first chapter to see what happens.

[Author retains copyright (c)2024 R.S.]


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2406.07 — What can make your MC cry?

This keys into pennedpossibilities 338 rather well ( a betrayal. She. Doesn't. Cry. Stoic, right? When she's held it in for three-quarters of the novel, when she's trusted her identity with someone who has suddenly proven trustworthy, at least in her heart, my MC admits the first hurt of two betrayals that sunder her.

Whilst I won't reveal details, it is a case of a once trusted adult providing only material support when the MC required a simple act of love and caring.

Never forgotten. Never forgiven.

Thus she breaks, while being held. Actually, both cry over being betrayed, but that's also spoilers. In a subsequent novel, the friend characterizes the event as a "cloudburst."

[Author retains copyright (c)2024 R..S.]


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338 — How would your MC or SC respond to someone betraying their trust?

Since a childhood betrayal is an essential part of the MC's character, let's say she reacts rather poorly. She makes the worst mistake of her life, later runs away, and becomes a criminal (and an anonymous hero amongst other things.) It takes three novels for her to resolve the consequences of that betrayal in an event that shatters her conception of reality. And. She has to keep it together. At all costs. Lives will depend on her; failing to continue through it all would betray trust placed in her.

[Author retains copyright (c)2024 R.S.]


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Although his take on Matrim Cauthon in this book is often debated, Brandon Sanderson has said he learned a great deal as an author from the experience. What did you think of Mat in this book?

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Sztandary Imperium @rdarmila dodane do . Kupujcie i oceniajcie na 10+ ;)

Opis książki:
Stulecia temu elfy sprowadziły do swojego świata ludzi, aby uczynić z nich niewolników. Gdy ci podnieśli bunt, oddano im tereny nazywane Rezerwatem, na których powstała ludzka cywilizacja. Elfy kontrolują jednak wszystko, co się tam dzieje, dbając, by skłócona i podzielona ludzkość nie mogła im ponownie zagrozić. Cesarz Kente marzy o zjednoczeniu wszystkich państw pod sztandarem Imperium i wspólnym wystąpieniu przeciwko elfim oprawcom. Pierwszym krokiem ku temu będzie odzyskanie zbuntowanej Baruzji. Tylko nieliczni wiedzą, że cesarzowi zależy też na odnalezieniu szczególnej kobiety… Wojnę i rozgrywające się wydarzenia obserwuje elfi ambasador. On też szuka pewnej kobiety. Czy jest nią absolutnie-nie-czarownica Anna, która marzy o wolności? Na drodze jej pragnień stanie wkrótce porucznik Derek, jeden z najemników w cesarskiej armii, dwoje wróżeczków, uzdrowicielka Milezja oraz inne, niejednoznaczne postacie. Każda z nich niesie swój własny sztandar.

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Listening to Write Now with Scrivener (Episode 39: Kate Heartfield, Historical Fantasy Author):

Kate Heartfield writes historical fantasy novels, games, and stories.

#Podcast #Scrivener #Writing #Fantasy

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#WordWeavers 2406.06 — MC POV: When was the last time you laughed? CW: Spoilers if you follow me under another alias.

My MC's story is rarely funny, despite being regularly snide or darkly humorous, sometimes ridiculous like here. Because the "last time" she "laughed" requires too much context, this is the penultimate time she laughed in the entire novel. It's also a minor spoiler for a chapter that will soon be published. The is a slight revised [#excerpt: Two SCs are sitting in a high security prison, on either side of the bars. The MC is watching them from the wrong side of them. The reader knows she has slept with both men.]

He sat opposite my shapeshifter. They looked at one another, the shapeshifter imitating his actions. When it devolved to insulting gestures and the sticking out of tongues, I cleared my throat to forestall laughing outloud.

The prince grinned as did my shapeshifter. The prince said, "It's like looking in a mirror; uncanny."

"Yeah," I said, covering my mouth. "Uncanny because not a mirror image!"

[Author retains copyright (c)2024 R..S.]

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337 — What was the worst job that your MC or SC ever had? CW: 400 word tootfic.

This tootfic is from an in-universe novel I published online in 2016 that would include both my criminal MC (aka the devil-girl) and her SC (aka Bolt) as SCs, as told by the crime boss who wants employ her as his enforcer. My MC has a knack for existing well and without regrets. The detailed jobs and conditions were undoubtedly the worst my MC experienced, and Bolt didn't like it either, which foreshadows their eventual friendship. [I made a few revisions.]

... From what [Bolt], my youngest employee, could find shadowing her in the university district, she was looking for a change of career. She had applied for admission to the [Home Planetary School for Thaumaturgy]. She'd have to wait months until enrollment started.

I saw leverage and a desirable new hire.

Why would I want a security specialist who failed her last employer? Well, in CA's case, sometimes you can't save a person from her own stupidity [so I found the failure forgivable.] I also visualized a different employment for this woman's "miraculous" talents.

I gave orders to ensure the woman's efforts in finding a job to pay room and board would be only marginally fruitful. I provided strategic services to many businesses; they usually respected my opinions on such matters. The woman seemed reluctant to venture into downtown or suburban Home City. Perhaps it was that she was shy about being noticed as the failed security specialist for the deceased Doña. Perhaps it was because visibly healing wounds, time pounding the pavement, and days exposed to the sun and the elements made her look like a vagrant. In any case, she restricted her search to the less-structured more-freewheeling Lower City where I conducted my core business. Her life would be hard.

Surprisingly, this stoic didn't break. She saved the minimal coin she made first sweeping floors, then, when pushed out, cleaning ovens at a bakery, then later hauling garbage, and after that painting walls. She literally performed a dozen menial jobs before the proctors granted her admission when the spring session opened later in the month.

And during those months, she spent nothing. Instead, she lived homeless in encampments in the warehouse district. She never visited the homeless shelters paid by the homeless tax levy where she'd have to identify herself. She ate when she got handouts, even bathed in public washrooms. She even endured a week of strong spring storms, sheltered beneath the eaves of warehouses or restaurants after they closed, sometimes soaked to the skin.

The latter drove my usually hard-flanked [day angel] to tears one evening. The only thing I could do to stop [Bolt] from flying the [daemon] to her aerie that last dark rainy night was to relent and promise to offer the former specialist a position in my organization the next day.

[Author retains copyright (c)2016 R.S.]


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#WritersCoffeeClub Ch 10 Nbr 06 — Have you queried agents for traditional publishing? How did it go?

I met my agent at a writers conference, so technically I didn't query. It helped that I had a couple completed manuscripts with me. I appeared serious. I was told when I completed the next one, send it in. The agent sold it so quickly to such a good imprint that I didn't appreciate the miracle that had been pulled off. Nor did I appreciate the necessity of pursuing the career with intensity a lucky high school baseball player who makes it to the minor leagues needs pursue the majors.

That's the danger of getting a day job. A day job that pays well monetarily if not psychologically.

Not making the mistake again.

[Author retains copyright (c)2024 R.S.]

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