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6.5.0 is a big update that updates the Browse&Query classes into smaller pieces.

This work helped find and close a lot of issues which you can easily miss in 5k line classes.

Work moves on to Ampache7!

Codeberg, to climate avatar

EU citizens, your vote for the European Parliament election matters much more than you might think.

From and all the way down to : Some important decisions are due.

We noticed populist right-wing forces co-opting "open-source" by "supporting its adoption".

However, they stand for isolationism (hidden behind "tech sovereignty"), and against international collaboration, openness and transparency; which are what makes awesome.

Choose wisely!

9to5linux, to linux avatar

OBS Studio 30.2 Enters Public Beta Testing with NVENC AV1 and Shared Texture Support on , Enhanced RTMP/FLV Multi-Track Audio and Video, and More

adamsdesk, (edited ) to fediverse avatar

Make your dreams a reality in this week's Follow Friday with contributions, boosts and follows.

  • Vanilla OS @vanillaos
    Taste the GNOME Vanilla experience on Ubuntu with some spice.
  • Silex website builder @silex
    Liberating web creation with a website builder.
  • Manyfold @manyfold
    A self-hosted 3D print file asset manager.
  • Ultramarine Linux @ultramarine
    An operating system that just works, anywhere.

#FollowFriday #fediverse #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #foss

kde, (edited ) to kde avatar

You heard . Deep down you knew this was coming. Now all your art are belong to them. Time to move on to better things...

Kreative Suite

  • Krita is your new design/painting app
  • Kdenlive will give you video-editing powers
  • glaxnimate adds 2D vector animations to you videos
  • digiKam organises your collection images

  • Inkscape - create sophisticated vector-graphic designs
  • Scribus - layout like a pro
  • GIMP - need we say more
  • Blender - ditto


kde, (edited ) avatar


We would like to remind you that both @Krita and @kdenlive are currently running fundraisers:



aral, to SmallWeb avatar

Quick heads up: Kitten’s installer/downloads will be offline for a few minutes as I recreate (the site that new Kittens are deployed to when they’re born) as it was originally on Ubuntu and sites deployed by Domain are now using AlmaLinux. Also, I am setting Kitten’s API version to 0 (it was initially set to 1) to signal that it is prerelease. When the version is back to 1 it will be because API version 1 is stable.


tommi, avatar

Wow @aral, thanks for developing them!

I did not know about #Domain, and at a first glance it reminds me a lot of @yunohost!

Did you consider integrating Domain with YunoHost, or make them interoperable? I believe it would be a huge win: #YunoHost is very mature and many years in the making, I believe a new and ambitious project such as Domain could truly benefit the stability and features of such a big software, while I think the YunoHost community would really enjoy the participation and help.

Maybe you could start by opening a thread on the forum, and we can see what people think 👀

#selfHosting #Debian #FreeSoftware #SoftwareFreedom

9to5linux, to opensource avatar
9to5linux, (edited ) to Amd avatar

3.0.21 Adds New VQ Enhancer Filter, a D3D11 Option to Use TrueHDR for Generating HDR Content from SDR Sources, and Improves Opus Ambisonic Support

LinuxRenaissance, to foss avatar

You should pay for free (libre) software, and here is why:

9to5linux, to KDE avatar
pikurasa, to music avatar

So, I saw this locked up piano at the mall today, and I thought of this meme.

So, what do ya' think?

adamsdesk, to fediverse avatar

Start the exploration of possibilities in this week's Follow Friday with contributions, boosts and follows.

  • LiberaForms @liberaforms
    Create and manage forms that respect the digital rights.
  • OpenXE ERP Projekt @openxe
    A free ERP System.
  • Friction @friction
    A vector-based app designed for creating web animations and videos.
  • Manyverse @manyver_se
    A social network off the grid.

#FollowFriday #fediverse #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #foss #WeblogPoMo2024

zstg, to random avatar

Here's my take on the Recall crapware that's been added to Windoze:

  • Recall will make use of on-device processing for some time, if/when "incompatible" Copilot+PCs receive support, the learning will be processed on a server.

  • Local processing will "become" an opt-in feature (because why not) and cloud processing (read: data-mining) becomes the default.

  • Local processing becomes a paid feature ( i.e the "Pro/Plus" tier) and is no longer available for regular users.

  • Users enjoy using Windows 11 despite knowing that literally everything they do on their computers (which IMO was never theirs from the start - if they've been using Windows) is up for grabs

  • now not only can Microsoft get access to all your data, heckers can too (how very generous of Microsoft)

zstg, avatar

And I forgot the important part (the part that I truly wish happens)

  • more and more users switch to +Linux. has only gotten so much better over the years, and even pain points like Nvidia, Wayland etc are becoming increasingly rare.

Switch to today! Use software where you're the user, not the used!

youronlyone, to music avatar

A self-hosted scrobble software that could be good for ActivityPub support: Maloja.

Sample instance:


9to5linux, to opensource avatar
mkwadee, to mathematics avatar

Forgive the recent apparent obsession (I’d call it a fascination) with the but I’ve just discovered something I’d not heard of before. It is also called a or curve, which means that a particle starting from any location on the curve will get to the at precisely the same time as a particle starting at any other point.

An animation showing a particles starting at various points on a cycloid but all reaching the minimum point simultaneously.

pitrh, to FreeBSD avatar

EuroBSDCon 2024 tutorials have been published,
you can register at

And you can still submit talks! (go to

Important upcoming dates:

2024-06-15: CfP closes (BSDCan closes on 2024-06-01)
2024-06-22: PC finalizes speaker selection
2024-06-31: Early Bird closes
2024-07-15: Schedule published
2024-09-19—22: EuroBSDCon 2024 in Dublin

#eurobsdcon #freebsd #netbsd #openbsd #dublin #conference #freesoftware

worteks_com, to opensource French avatar

📢 Intéressés par la gestion des identités ? Ne manquez pas notre prochaine conférence qui se tiendra le 10 juin à l'occasion des !

Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant pour assister à cette conférence et rejoignez-nous aux RPLL pour une journée riche en découvertes et en échanges !

📅 le 10 juin 2024
🕒 de 15:35 à 15:50
📍 à l'Hôtel de la Métropole de Lyon


alovoa_love, to opensource avatar

Alovoa version 1.11.0 released! 🎉

You can now show a preview of your own profile by tapping on your profile picture
Randomize order of interests, images and prompts
General UI improvements and bug fixes

Also, we reached over 42,000 users! Thanks for the support! 🎉🎉🎉

#opensource #privacy #github #dating #love #foss #free #freesoftware #alovoa

9to5linux, to firefox avatar

#Firefox 126.0.1 is out now to fix issues with drag-and-drop functionality on #Linux, an issue with reading tagged PDF documents in a screen reader, and an issue causing high GPU memory usage on certain versions of #AMD GPUs. Get it at

#OpenSource #FreeSoftware #Mozilla

blueghost, to privacy avatar

uBlock Origin is a content blocker that supports the AdGuard URL Tracking filter, it may not be enabled by default.

The URL Tracking filter enhances privacy by removing tracking parameters from a URL.

Enable: Dashboard > Filter Lists > Privacy > AdGuard URL Tracking Protection (select checkbox) > Apply Changes

AdGuard post:


outfly, to unity avatar

Just ran network traffic analysis on a random game and it's sending a constant stream of packets to some #Unity / #Google server

Apparently it's quite the PITA for the game developers to disable this, as the Unity managers keep turning it back on somehow, see:

What has the world come to. 🙄

We need more #opensource #freesoftware games with free engines like #godot and #bevy that respect the player's #privacy! #gamedev

anatoliyl, to hardware Russian

Do #openbsd have very good hardware support? I want to buy Acer laptop and install OpenBSD on it.

#bsd #Unix #hardware #Acer #firmware #freesoftware #tech #laptop #notebook

dff, to opensource avatar

Are you considering participating in ? It's never too early to start planning. Who'd like to join us in celebrating this year?

BrodieOnLinux, to random avatar

A lot of people say "all software is open source if you know assembly" this is obviously a joke but lets over analyze it

It is explicitly not Open Source (as in licensed in such a way) as the developers have not assigned it such a license, however if you stretch the definition of "source" to mean any code that runs the application rather than the actual source form of the code you could argue that all code by definition is source available.

nicemicro, avatar

@BrodieOnLinux people clearly have no concept over the legal theory behind "licensing" and "ownership", so no wonder they don't know the difference well.

I.e., in the news, it is absolutely no issue whatsoever, that the company keeps the ownership of a project, as if they wrote it, it's their IP (and if they made other contributors sign their ownership to the corpo). The issue is, how do you LICENSE the software, of which they say nothing.

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