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6 Best Soundbars with Subwoofers for Watching, Listening, and Gaming

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While Letterboxd seems to be the popular option for logging and reviewing movies, there doesn't seem to be a consensus option for video games. In the past I've used Backloggery, Grouvee, and Playfire (RIP), but dropped those years ago.

So, what does everyone on the fediverse use for logging/reviewing video games?

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It appears that I'm not the only one to make the connection between Batman: Arkham Asylum's oversized moon and Majora's Mask. Someone took the time to make a mod for it!

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Miércoles random! Hoy probamos este juego para ver si os mola y lo seguimos en un futuro! Se llama y lo veremos en mi canal de twitch vengan genteee!

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Zotac teases OLED gaming handheld to rival the Steam Deck

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What have you been playing today?

Some more incredible games on my playlist today. A little retro gaming and a little virtual reality! Though Resident Evil in VR still scares the PANTS Off me.

#VideoGames #Gaming #Gamers #RetroGaming #retro


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I am so glad I stopped playing when I did.

They just started with "logon rewards". It is now the complete mobile experience.

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Codebase for Tangledeep, the traditional developed by Impact Gameworks, has been released.

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OMG Hype! Looks like I will be splitting my time between No Man’s Sky and Red Dead Redemption 2 as expeditions are my new favorite thing. I’m glad that I learned about this new Expedition early on, so that I can take my time and enjoy it. Of course, I’d find out about this as I’m in the waiting room. 🤣

Expedition Thirteen: Adrift - No Man's Sky

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I take some small credit for the naming of No Man's Sky's latest expedition, Adrift.

When I was still active in the No Man's Sky community I referred to the pre-Foundation version of the game as Adrift, because it preceded the shift to settler/colonist gameplay that Foundation introduced.

You can see this in several rough, silent playthrough videos I recorded of that version:

Update notes:

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The expeditions in No Man's Sky were the real answer to the community requests for a more dynamic universe, in my opinion.

A compromise between those wanting a universe that changed according to underlying simulation, a difficult task, and those wanting continuations of the game's light storytelling but with more unique missions.

I think it clearly worked for enough people, but it wasn't for me. Too live service, too MMO-esque.

But that's compromise for you.

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Oh my, the latest James Stephanie Sterling video is epic as always! I share similiar opinions of the over ubiquitous crossovers as of late.

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Fitbit Ace LTE Kids Smartwatch: Specs, Features, Release Date, Price

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Castle of Illusion was mad but so much fun. I remember being in hospital for an extended period back in the early 90s, and this (and Ecco the Dolphin) really helped me through! One for the Retro Gaming fans here.

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AMD's Marketcap is now double the marketcap of Intel:

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Call of Duty to go to Game Pass from launch day in shake-up for gaming industry

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Morning Folks! Last night I waded into the scary world of the Group Finder tool in and found it to be a mixed bag. The first three normal raids were super smooth and I knocked them out in rapid succession. Then I spent the next hour failing to get into either a Throne of Thunder or Siege of Orgrimmar raid.

The Mixed Bag of Group Finder

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Interesting use of for long term trends and great use of web tech to communicate that, recommended reading: Gamers Have Become Less Interested in Strategic Thinking and Planning

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My gaming desktop is now rocking Linux. Just a test for now, but I'm impressed with the performance, especially because its running on a 10 year old HDD! I might need to steal some space from Windows on the SSD or buy another one. Depends on how much I use Windows now I guess.

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Gameplay design / Unreal Engine 5 / Niagara 📌

I'm thinking of using it somehow... Visually, a particle can be anything. The main logic is that the particle sticks to the surface and stays for some time

Maybe you have some ideas 👀 please write


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HEY! Huge thanks to Wired Productions and Rogue Sun because today I have my very first video game credit.

Something which might be small for those properly "in-industry" but this is huge for me after being a passionate gamer for 35(ish) years.

#VideoGames #Gaming #Gamers

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GPD is making a dual-screen OLED laptop that flips and folds


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Next week we go 600 miles around the virtual Charlotte Motor Speedway in the MCRL Circuit Cup Series. The longest race on the schedule, this will be true test of patience and endurance.

Typically, this event is filled with patriotic pageantry as it is tied to Memorial Day week. We pay tribute to those who have died protecting and serving our country with the names of the fallen adorned on our cars, with wraps of red, white, and blue. And while we at +MVT Racing commend those who have served, we do not condone violence nor military offensives, and we do not celebrate any such activity. For that reason, we have chosen to honor a service member of the USAF who also shared in these values - Senior Airman Aaron Bushnell.

Aaron served as a USAF DevOps engineer, and was a fierce advocate of justice. He recognized that no country should be supporting the destruction of another, and spoke out against the US Government's support of Israel's ongoing attack of the Palestinian people. In his final act of protest, he self-immolated in front of the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC on February 25th, 2024, shouting "Free Palestine".

He died defending peace, calling attention to US policies that are harmful to not only our country's integrity, but to the lives of others. His sacrifice, though tragic, should not be forgotten, and his message should be spread far and wide.

mvtracing, avatar

600 miles at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Green flag at 8pm ET on

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