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WanderingInDigitalWorlds, to gaming
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Mirthwood is looking fantastic, the developers are truly making a potential banger! Farm customization and medieval based seasonal farming truly intrigues me. I can't wait for Q3 to arrive as this game is going to be an instant buy! It's not just a cozy game, there is also adventure, mystery, and a whole ass main quest. I will share a link of Customization and Farming though.


adamsdesk, to Games
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🚨 Take Action and Fight Back 🚨

A site dedicated to real-world action on ending the practice of publishers destroying video games they have sold to customers.


SomeGadgetGuy, to tech
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After dealing with pre-installed malware on this mini-PC, I'm FINALLY done reviewing the hardware!
"Besides the malware" does an Intel Core i9 make sense in a system like this?

#tech #technology #minipc #gaming #gamingnews #technews #review #video #youtube #bbtg #geek #windows #windows11 #microsoft

MURRRAAAAY, to Nintendo
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I was today years old when I learned this! Did anyone else know this!? lol 🦆 🎮

WanderingInDigitalWorlds, to PCGaming
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This sounds like an interesting game! I love a good horror game, Supermassive Games tends to be a great studio which makes buy worthy games. I’m sold on the multiplayer release too. I’ll be checking out reviews to see if this is a winner or a stinker!

The Casting of Frank Stone | A Cinematic Horror Experience from the World of Dead by Daylight | The Casting of Frank Stone https://thecastingoffrankstone.com/

TechDesk, to Xbox
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Following the shock closure of a number of Bethesda studios earlier this week, @theverge digs deeper to uncover the reasons behind these decisions, and finds "growing discontent and fear among Xbox employees about what comes next."


lashman, to VideoGames
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Vampire Survivors x Contra: Operation Guns - Official Launch Trailer


TreseBrothers, to PCGaming
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WanderingInDigitalWorlds, to PCGaming
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James Stephanie Sterling pretty much confirmed my suspicions about Stellar Blade. That crosses a clumsy, knock off borderline softcore porn version of Nier Automata out of my mind forever! Thank God for them!


gmr_leon, to gaming
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I feel like I need a site or some way to easily relate in any post concerning big video games/video game companies how despite whatever interesting/decent experiences may be found in their games their publishers/owners also flatly suck.

Yes there may be exceptions, but this would be applied to those making the rule that they broadly suck.

Something like web3isgoinggreat but for bad games industry behavior.

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It's seriously clockwork with the big game companies. It's news like this that I had in mind when writing this post.

This stuff is unfortunately so common anymore if nobody's compiling it it's way too easy for people to simply forget each specific instance.


MrSujano, to gaming
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WOW, Nintendo issued over 8500 DMCAs to github forks/clones of Yuzu

glassbottommeg, (edited ) to PCGaming
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fuckin Roll7 just died https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2024/05/olliolli-kerbal-space-program-teams-shut-down-by-gta-publisher

EDIT: Fuck, this is also Kerbel Space Program 2 toast. Didn't realize Intercept was the new team that was on that.

lashman, to VideoGames
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Returnal: Fallen Asteria - Official Animated Comic Trailer


lashman, to VideoGames
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Front Mission 2: Remake - Release Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games


dannotdaniel, to PCGaming
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it is the same guy 👀

lashman, to VideoGames
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Dragon's Dogma 2 Path Tracing: It's Real, It Works And Here's How It Looks


lashman, to VideoGames
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reviewspace, to handheldgaming
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MrSujano, to gaming
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Pizza Boy GBA Emulator is back on Google Play and better than ever! Free and Ad-Free.


WanderingInDigitalWorlds, to PCGaming
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Wow, I never expected 7 Days to Die leaving Early Access after this long! Personally, I don't think the game is ready for that yet. The Fun Pimps have a lot of unearned confidence that their game is ready to be considered stable enough for an official 1.0. I am being a snarky git and perhaps this 1.0 launch will all work out for the best. Time will tell!


lashman, to VideoGames
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Little Kitty, Big City – Release Date Reveal


Imperor, to gaming
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Smite 2 has been announced and is available for pre-purchase


Pre-Order levels ranging from 29,99€-99,99€. Not even from one of the big predatory studios or anything.

Anyone going to get this? If so, why? Not being snarky, just genuinely curious!


lashman, to VideoGames
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TechDesk, to ps5
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Sony is preparing to release a more powerful PS5 console by the end of the year, according to @theverge

Leaked specs suggest the PS5 Pro will have a GPU that's 45% faster than the standard PS5, and will focus on improving ray tracing, as well as "hitting higher resolutions and frame rates in certain titles."


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