nemeciii, to mcs avatar

Kempower announces their Megawatt Charging System.

  • up to 1.2 MW
  • MCS & CCS2 handles
  • 45 minute charging can provide for 4.5h driving with 700kWh battery.

monarkie, to HipHop

I've been wanting to put together a project with, let's say, the more mature artists out here... Any / interested in collaborating? I'm putting together a collection of beats and would love some links to check out.

tomkindlon, to mecfs avatar

Stigmatisation in medical encounters for persistent physical symptoms/functional disorders: scoping review and thematic synthesis

Free fulltext:

"Patients with these conditions have to work hard in consultations to maintain their credibility"

IrishMECFSAssociation, to cfs

A monthly online group meeting for individuals impacted by ME, , , or ES. We meet at 1:30pm ET* on the 1st Tuesday of every month.

*6:30 PM in GB & Ireland


booksandink, to mcs

BOOK REVIEW: Snowflake, AZ by the brilliant (and sadly no longer with us) Marcus Sedgwick. A sensitively written and powerful novel about environmental illness - a superb book for raising awareness of invisible illnesses. Read my review here: @bookstodon

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