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"Permaculture instructor Andrew Millison journeys with the UN World Food Programme to the Northern border of Senegal to see an innovative land recovery project within the Great Green Wall of Africa that is harvesting rainwater, increasing food security, and rehabilitating the ecosystem."

"How the UN is Holding Back the Sahara Desert"……

How the UN is Holding Back the Sahara Desert

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The boss lady on a #Caturday morning, after celebrating #TheGlobalJigsaw 's New York Festivals award... yet despite the jolly distraction, she subbed and updated our latest episode on #drones - including #Iran attacking #Israel , a deep dive into the #UkraineWar and drone use in the #Sahel , plus a bit of #Drone history from the Queen bee on and #Shahed and #Bayraktar production - tune in, #CatsOfMastodon, you'll like it:

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Söldner im Sahel: Russland umschmeichelt Afrikas Putschisten

Russland baut seinen Einfluss in Afrika beständig aus. Seit der Umbenennung der Wagner-Truppe in "Afrikakorps" hat ihre Bedeutung dort sogar zugenommen. Vor wenigen Tagen sind etwa 100 Soldaten im Sahel-Staat Niger eingetroffen. Von Kai Küstner.


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Great article on the effects of the "war on terror" in the .

South Sudan’s disrupted oil exports due to neighboring Sudan’s civil war could escalate insecurity (

The disruption of oil exports from South Sudan after one of its key oil pipelines to international markets was damaged in February could further escalate already acute level of violence and in security in the country, experts have warned....

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This is great:

> instructor Andrew Millison journeys with the UN World Food Programme to the Northern border of to see an innovative land recovery project within the Great Green Wall of Africa that is harvesting rainwater, increasing food security, and rehabilitating the ecosystem.

12 minutes well spent!

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Two weeks ago, military juntas controlling , , and announced their countries' "immediate withdrawal" from , 's regional integration bloc. This is a big deal.

But it can't legally go into effect right away...

@geography @geopolitics

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The treaty, which is incorporated into the laws of , , and through past ratification, states in Article 91 that member countries can only withdraw from the organization after "one year's notice in writing".

What's more...

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Our Next Geopolitical Crisis Will Be African — In The Sahel (

The next major geopolitical conflict is brewing in the Sahel region, in the north-central stretch of Africa south of the Sahara. Islamists and armed militias are plunging the entire region into chaos, and it is even possible a new jihadist emirate may emerge. Experts are already predicting there will be thousands of new...

Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger quit Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) (

The leaders of the three Sahel nations said it was a "sovereign decision" to leave the Economic Community of West African States "without delay." Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger, said Sunday they are leaving the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) immediately....

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Amid Africa's Spate of Coups, Improved Election Observation Will be Crucial to Transition

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France’s Long Legacy of Colonialism Lives on in Sahel Crisis

"The invisible yet rampant exploitation of the postcolonial period, Françafrique meant colonialism without responsibility; the exploitation of African labor, resources and independence itself for foreign profit."

"French policy has heightened local conflicts: propping up undemocratic regimes, killing thousands of civilians and strengthening the very military forces seizing power."

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[Op Ed] Why Russia is building a nuclear power plant in Burkina Faso (

Russia is going to build a nuclear power plant in Burkina Faso. This news was reported by Reuters, citing statements by the local Ministry of Energy. If the project is implemented, the country will become the third on the continent to have a nuclear power plant. One plant is built on French reactors and operates in South Africa....

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Moscow's man in Africa: Yevgeny Prigozhin and the collapse of the French empire

Before his sudden demise, the shadowy Wagner Group leader helped unravel 60 years of French domination in Africa

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Interesting broad-sweep-of-history observation about the new alliance, out of Jerusalem this morning: there was a time when South Africa and Rhodesia banded together to fight efforts to end white minority rule.

They too claimed to be fighting terrorism and foreign interference.

But Europe can't afford to let jihadism flourish in the Sahel. Eventually, its electorate will demand action – with or without consent from coup leaders.

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Fewer drones, aerial assets: plans reduction of military presence in

Amid continuing talks on the future role of French troops in Niger, a source told FRANCE 24 on Wednesday that France plans to reduce its military presence in the West African nation. The negotiations come after Niger’s military junta, which seized power in a July 26 coup, called for the “swift” departure of French forces.

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, und – Außenministerin Annalena Baerbock reist nach Toledo in Spanien. Dort kommen heute und morgen die 🇪🇺-Außenminister*innen zum informellen Treffen zusammen. Mehr zur Tagesordnung des Treffens bei 👉

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Niger Crisis: Concerns in Niger as Wagner boss, Prigozhin, dies In plane crash (

The reported death of the leader of the Russian mercenary group, Wagner, Yevgeny Prigozhin in a plane crash yesterday has raised tension and speculations around the world especially concerning the alleged plot by the militant group to back the military junta in Niger Republic....

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Schulze in Westafrika: Eine Reise im Zeichen des Niger-Konflikts

Entwicklungsministerin Schulze startet heute ihre viertägige Westafrika-Reise. Erste Station ist Mauretanien, danach geht es weiter nach Nigeria. Bei den Gesprächen steht vor allem der Niger-Konflikt im Mittelpunkt. Von Nina Amin.


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