GossiTheDog, to Starfield
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I found a Morrowind planet, sorta.

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joelanman, to Starfield
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none of 's updates are tempting me to try again. I just found the quest design extremely dull, none of your choices really matter, it didn't even really feel like there were different approaches to combat

localzuk, to Starfield
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Just realised, since I played about 40 hours of it at launch, I have had no inclination to go back to Starfield. None at all.

Only remembered it just now because someone's video popped up about it on Youtube.

I wonder how many other gamers are like me? Felt they got everything there was to get in that first playthrough and just don't see the replayability.

Maybe it'll change when they release the Creation Kit and people can make better mods.

thomasapowell, to LEGO
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Not exactly a clean build of a Space 1999 Eagle. That’s what you get I guess for knock off Chinese still an icon of 1970s

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@thomasapowell That is really good. I want to make my version in . I still have my toy Eagle from when I was a kid.

finestructure, (edited ) to Starfield
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Spent an hour last night in and came away impressed with the visuals. The writing, um, doesn't quite keep up? Lowly miner touches a stone and then is offered a ship to leave the derelict moon?

Arthur at least managed to pull the sword without fainting before gaining the kingdom 😅

Let's see if this gets better after this rather weak opening! 🤞

bazcurtis, to Starfield
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Another ship build

This was meant to be more of a fighter design. Another spine to make a nice corridor down the middle. No doors.

bazcurtis, to Starfield
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We have been doing some ship building in . Mine is the green ship and my wife’s is the red. I love to use spines and cross passages to get rid of the doors.

I wanted my ship to be one level and be able to work all the way round. There is a very longer corridor under the radiator at the back.

Our Starfield ship, Azusa.
Our Starfield ship, The Green Lantern. It is one level and you can walk all the way around.
Our Starfield ship, Azusa.

danbz, to generative
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#openframeworks #generative iterations with some vector movement added - not quite a #starfield - but it is finding it's own direction....


finestructure, to Starfield
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I recall getting mixed reviews on launch. How is it a few months in?

galaxy_map, to Starfield
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Today I'm releasing my new Milky Way poster series: 8 posters showing all the glorious detail of Gaia DR3 (and other recent data) from 10 parsecs to 12 thousand parsecs. Plus two bonus maps!


juergen_hubert, to Starfield
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I wanted to like #Starfield , and I played it quite a bit. But ultimately, I found it lacking to, say, #Fallout 4 or #Skyrim . Here are some things I thought it fell short:

  • There isn't enough variety in enemy types. Mostly you just fight fellow humans with a variety of guns. The Starborn are a bit more interesting, but they also show up extremely rarely (apart from the Temple Guardians, and those are pushovers). Sometimes there are robots, which help a bit. And the alien creatures have some truly interesting varieties - but they are almost never inside the "dungeons" (i.e. facilities) themselves, and instead are an easily-avoidable obstacle on the overland map.

  • Outside of the handcrafted major settlement, the procedurally-placed facility placement is just... weird. Basically, the setting feels like the ultimate culmination of the American sprawl - everyone wants to put up shop as far away from anyone else as possible. Only instead of everyone having cars, everyone has spaceships. You never get the feeling that anyone interacts with their neighbors, or clusters together for companionship and mutual aid.

  • Also, because of this procedural placement, there is no reason to revisit the same region other than the handcrafted settlement twice. With Skyrim and Fallout 4, I developed a real sense of place as I gradually explored the map and discovered new nooks and crannies. But with Starfield, everything felt... disconnected.

  • The Alien Temples. God, those are boring - what was Bethesda thinking? The Dragon Walls in Skyrim fulfilled pretty much the same purpose, but they were always placed in interesting locations.

Could Starfield become a more interesting game with enough expansions and mods? Probably. But I'm not sure it will be able to reach the same heights as Skyrim and Fallout 4 did.


stefan, to VideoGames
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asmodai, to random
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"Todd Howard reckons he knows why Starfield was so divisive: It was too 'different than you've seen from us in past'"

No, Todd, it's because you've stripped yet more from what made these games great and all the systems have barely evolved in all these years. It pales to your previous games in many respects.

@kbal@fedia.io avatar

What do you mean they haven't evolved? They've been streamlined and simplified in a thousand ways, and player hand-holding has increased by 135%. Also, it crashes less often and you can choose between seven kinds of generators when building your space house. What more do you want in a game?

galaxy_map, to random
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More maps. Zooming in towards the local interstellar clouds.


@galaxy_map@mastodon.social avatar

I already have the first and last map of the series that I did a couple of years ago. Will look at them and maybe make minor modifications. And I have a special game map. So almost done.


danhulton, to Starfield
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I just realized that I put maybe 20-30 hours into and NOTHING stands out as especially cool and worth remembering. Not the boring spaceflight, not the bland characters, not the bare-bones combat, none of it.

Meanwhile, the frustrations are still clear as day. The pointlessly limited inventory, the long-ass animations they were so in love with that they would not let you skip, the terrible UI that was fixed by modders within DAYS of release... All still fresh and infuriating.

galaxy_map, to Starfield
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I have a set of maps for the popular video game, which is based on real nearby stars (sometimes renamed). I created them for a failed Kickstarter last year and I am thinking about releasing the full resolution versions for free. Please like or comment if you want them.


Manu_breizhou, (edited ) to random French
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Starfield, le jeu où les gens se dispersent sur 50 systèmes solaires différents pour construire un patelin par planète voir juste une ferme ou une mine (OK parfois 2 ! ) quand ce n'est pas simplement quelques algecos posés au milieu de nulle part. Au moins il n'y a pas de risque de surpopulation. 😌

Manu_breizhou, (edited )
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Tout tiendrait facilement dans 3 systèmes max avec une douzaine de mondes habitables crédibles histoire de varier les environnements. Les pirates et spatiars divers planqués dans des bases perdues auraient eus de la place aussi. Ça épargnerait aussi pas mal de temps de chargements.

GossiTheDog, to random
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  • GossiTheDog,
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    That screenshot on my gaming PC with the crazy monitor.

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    I've got a whole fleet of ships in this game, but this one - the worst looking one - that I made is my favourite. It has a cargo hold 400k deep, like 21 landing gears otherwise it won't take off, and it makes no sense... Also loads of space for smuggling.

    @GossiTheDog@cyberplace.social avatar

    Right, signing off for now, leaving my crew on Mars. Yes, I mounted an alien's head inside the ship on the wall.

    GossiTheDog, (edited )
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    Venus according to . (Protip: if in survival mode, bring a suit that survives 350 degrees C heat or you melt after 20 seconds).

    @GossiTheDog@cyberplace.social avatar

    I said "hello" to the locals here and gave them a surprise security test.

    @GossiTheDog@cyberplace.social avatar

    Yes, I've discovered it's possible to build outposts into the sea, and raise animals in farms... so now I'm a sea farmer.

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