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Tell me about something you're looking forward to reading this weekend.

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I travelled back in time by a couple of decades tonight. Felt like it, anyway. Some absolute beauts on the playlist and thought if share with you.


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New Video just went up. Check it out!


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What do you think of Fabledom?

I really enjoyed our Thursday night Fabledom stream. While we're not at the final verdict stage yet, I've found this to be cute, cosy and comfortable.

Full video and written review with you Soon™

gmr_leon, to gaming
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Me being the stubborn sort I am, really wanting people to describe their low-poly/pixel art games in platform independent terms. For one, while you may be intentionally narrowing your audience to those nostalgic for the old platforms, you're narrowing your audience! Why do that when the art style and game genre will already do that?

For two, why nod to big businesses that don't need it & occasionally denigrate their own old work?

I get the intent but it seems unhelpful.

PixelBandits, to VideoGames
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Have you hit up Crow Country yet? If you're a fan of 90s survival horror titles and the retro aesthetic, you definitely should have.


renwillis, to Nintendo
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Aywren, to gaming
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Am I the only one getting a little worn out by all the bad news vibes in news? I discuss this in a post!

On a positive note, I also talk about why I think and community is still important!


renwillis, to Nintendo
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Aw shit, Persona 4 Golden is on sale for like $12 in the eshop! Welp, late Autumn plans just dropped!


belghast, to MMO
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Morning Folks! Last night I hit level 45 in and started on my third zone. I spent some time this morning talking about the scope of Pandaria and how it is contrasted against the feel of the last few expansions.

I also spent some time talking about the Narcissus addon which is making the whole constant gem swapping a bit easier.

Krasarang Wilds

PixelBandits, to discworld
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I swear The Man In The Black Hat finds a way to pull strings. While playing, chat said I should call one of the farmers Bill Door.

Later a witch came along and turned all my villagers into skeletons and now he is even more appropriate...

Glupinickname, to magazine
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Cover page of "Chaos" , a short-lived Croatian magazine about computer games. The magazine existed for a brief time in 1996.

"Graphic desaign is my passion."

jynersolives, to Seiyuu
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Fantastic interview with Elias Toufexis on #VoiceActing in #VideoGames. It also strengthens my belief that VA is different from acting and you cannot just take a live-action actor and give them a VA role.


hypolite, (edited ) to VideoGames

Tiny Airport on iOS is obviously inspired by Overcrowded: Tycoon. However, rather than a quick cash grab, it feels like a genuine hommage, even though the developer Elena Titarenko doesn’t have the same technical chops as ZeptoLabs. The main mechanic of emoji faces navigating through levels is there, but many of them will get stuck in walls and shops in a rather organic fashion, which keeps a game with few overall controls from going stale.

Without untimely video or banner ads, this game can be played entirely free, however I personally forked about $20 for two premium planes and used ad speed-ups regularly to progress to the last level in several hours of gameplay spread over a few weeks.

Not bad for what looks like a one-person labor of love in a sea of mobile video gaming churn marketed via and spouting ads unprompted.

kevinctofel, to VideoGames
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Having grown up as became a “thing”, I splurged on one of the many handhelds for me and my son. He’s an avid gamer of the generation.

Impressed by this little device, the Miyoo Mini+, which can be had for $60 to $80. Emulators for a bunch of handhelds and consoles. There are more powerful / larger options and plenty of software mods you can do.

Now my son wants us to start a YT channel and “review” old games as if they just launched. 🙄

A handheld gaming device displaying a list of Game Boy Advance games, including "Crash Bandicoot" and "Donkey Kong Country." The device has a D-pad, buttons, and shows a user's legs and feet in the background.
A person holding a handheld gaming console playing a retro-style video game.
A person is holding a retro handheld gaming device displaying a boxing game with characters "Little Mac" and "Glass Joe" on the screen.

beanjbunny, to gamedev
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I programmed on this forever today to get this to look right and you GUYS it is looking SO GOOD

Noriko, to gaming German
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Ich denke, ich muss erstmal auf Eis legen, bis diese ganzen technischen Macken erledigt werden. seufz

retrovulcano, to zxspectrum Spanish
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Forest Escape - A Knight's Quest En una tierra envuelta en leyendas y misterio, un caballero llamado Wee es conocido por su determinación y su espíritu inquebrantable; hoy se enfrenta a un desafío sin precedentes. Descárgalo para #ZXSpectrum desde https://iratahack.itch.io/forest-escape-a-knights-quest #retrogaming #retrocomputing #videogames #videogames


PixelBandits, to VideoGames
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We're on the way! Come join our cute and cosy community for a cute and cosy building adventure 🥰 https://twitch.tv/pixelbandits

euphoriagremlin, to Blog
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New review! 284 - Her Majesty's SPIFFING

It's an adventure game, inspired by Brexit and Monkey Island. What could possibly go right? As it turns out... very little.


indesprimes, to ethelcain French
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💥 Don't Kill Them All est un mélange d'exploration, action en tour par tour et gestion, puisque vous devrez y construire et faire évoluer votre campement ... d'orcs ?

📢 Kickstarter
📅 2026
🎮 Steam et consoles
🇨🇦 @FikaProductions


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Need more practice, so today I decided to learn more about Post Processing in Unreal Engine 5, I made the draft of the scanner Material. The final goal is to do as in the game Days Gone or Death Stranding. What other examples do you like?


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Tonight I'm starting a brand new journey in the incredibly cute Fabledom

This settlement builder looks fantastically cosy, wholesome and comfy, and if you come along, you'll find the PB Twitch community is much the same - https://twitch.tv/pixelbandits

PixelBandits, to VideoGames
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I think this might be the best game manual on my shelves at the moment. Do you miss manuals as much as me?


Fangh, to VideoGames
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Le colonialisme sur Mars peut-il être de gauche ?

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