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Prompt: bumble bees and beaver

Stable Diffusion XL

#ai #aiart #stablediffusion #sdxl

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Took a marker and pen sketch, processed it in my phone, upscaled it with Magnific.

I like the artifacts it adds

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"Indiana for Ranch Dressing Lovers."


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2024-05-28 Visual Inspiration prompt:

Some nights simply don't end well.

Time for another round of #SixWordStories ! Use this AI generated image to write a very very very short story based on it. Can you get the 6️⃣?

And of course if you don't feel like it, just go and let your keyboard loose!

To find more inspiring images, browse the #VisualInspiration tag.


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Unleash your creativity with this spiral notebook featuring my vibrant AI creation of an office supply sprint. Perfect for capturing all your ideas on the go.


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DEICIDE's GLEN BENTON Blasts 'Crybabies' Over A.I. Artwork Controversy: 'We Gave All The Wrong People A Voice'
In a new interview with Belgian Jasper, DEICIDE bassist/vocalist Glen Benton once again addressed the controversy surrounding the cover artwork for the band's latest album, "Banished By Sin". Released on April 26 via Reigning Phoenix Music, the LP features art that some people believe was generated...


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"Perry Rhodan" meets "Blade Runner".
AIGrafik, erstellt mit MidJourney.

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