Fury, to scifi
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Got a new idea for a novel. Pre-industrial society on nameless planet. Disabled people sometimes disappear and come back “fixed”. It’s the aliens. The kicker is they’re purifying the gene pool and replacing the people in synth bodies. I know this might trigger some disabled people, but what I wouldn’t give to be in a non disabled body with the same mind…

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Character arc… someone who is able-bodied wants the synth body, gets into an “accident” but doesn’t get chosen and has to live with their injuries. Acceptance is one of my strongest character arcs. Sometimes there is no fixing. I can’t wait to put my PhD to rest so I can write fiction again!

golgaloth, to writing
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Your characters draw ire from a source they did not anticipated.

literarypug, to poetry
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Eyes half open.
I bolted steam
actuated movements
to my skull.

Do you believe me?

Sure, it’s minimalist.

Hey, I tried a Rube
Goldberg machine, but
speed overwhelms me.

I’m saving up for
a blink attachment.

Until then, eye drops every 20.

Bern, to writing
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Writers’ Coffee Club for 24th May 2024

  1. Is there any work of fiction you could have written better? Don't be shy.

What, apart from seasons 7 & 8 of Game of Thrones? 😆

I’ve read quite a few books in my time, and some of them weren’t especially well-written. Others were, but I still find a few bits here and there that could stand a bit of revision. I’ve been re-reading Eddings’ Belgariad series to my youngest lately, and while I think it was quite well written overall, I came across a few passages last night that stood out to me as a little ‘clunky’ in the prose – I definitely feel I could have done those parts better!

golgaloth, (edited ) to writing
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What is your character bad at? Obviously we should celebrate our characters best traits, but what is something they fail at consistently?

rorystarr, (edited ) to story
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mpax, to scifi
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Finished the extra helping of The Afterworlds for the exclusive early edition. Starting final edits.

MarjoleinRotsteeg, to Haiku Dutch
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CA_Hawthorne, to writing
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writing interference

Not much interferes with my writing unless I allow it.

That’s the place in which I find myself at this point in my life. Writing is my cub & I’m a mama bear.

There are daily chores, like cleaning, cooking, or sometimes shopping. Beyond that, some activities that I participate in, like walking, serve my writing. Others—& really, this is true of life in general—it’s all material my writing feeds upon.

maxthefox, to writing
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The fifth chapter of Stardust: Labyrinth is out! Horrifying event after horrifying event happens as the five tries to find their way back after the fourth chapter's incident, threatening to derail the expedition completely. Will they manage to regain their bearings?


NaraMoore, to writing
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Chapter 26 is now in rough draft, despite a sick computer and a long talk about yuri with a yuri VN dev friend.

I'd like to get chapter 26 polished for beta by next week. But that is ambitious. I may have to settle for a rough of chapter 27.

#Writing #AmWriting #KonbiniIdol

golgaloth, to writing
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What gets in the way of your writing?

Mostly me.

I can use that, though. I wrote a 6000 word short story over the weekend because I was supposed to be doing something else.

beexcessivelydiverting, to books
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If you’re a fan of podcasts, there are over dozen podcast dedicated to and the Brontes. If I’m missing any, let me know so I can update the list!



beexcessivelydiverting, to books
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beexcessivelydiverting, to books
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A sea of clock hands
grab at time,

seeking arms.

Had it been different
long ago,

the little hand
being named
the big hand

and vice versa

then we’d have
five dozens
to win it

and what seems
like ours, could
take hours

rather than minutes.

#5amwritersclub #poetry #poet
#poetrycommunity #writer
#writingcommunity #poem
#poetrylovers #poems #amwriting #smallpoems

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timrichards, to NewZealand
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Back to the recent past, to write about a train. In pandemic time that was about a year ago, wasn't it?

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ericlewis, to indieauthors
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I'm still writing the book, but as usual I can't resist coming up with graphics to hitch to it 😆

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SLOW RENGA Respond with using the suggested first lines & start each haiku with the same first lines below: DISSONANCE… or LISTENING TO RAIN… Post haiku in comments, enjoy mulling over the first line and considering your options at different points during your day. Look forward to reading your haiku and seeing where these lines take you.

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