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La #France a récemment voté une #loi #anti-fast-fashion visant à limiter l’impact #environnemental et social de la « mode jetable ». Même si les contours de ses modalités d’application sont encore flous, elle pourrait impacter de très nombreuses entreprises #européennes, et par effet domino, déstabiliser l’ #économie #turque qui a fait de l’industrie #textile l’un de ses piliers.
L’Europe contre la fast-fashion : la Turquie prête à en découdre ?

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"Labour has backed selling arms to Israel – with a top MP saying they had not seen evidence the country was breaking international humanitarian law."

The National.

"The Labour Party does not believe Israel has breached international law. The Labour Party backs continuing the sale of arms to Israel.

“The Labour Party is on the wrong side of history.”

Stephen Flynn MP.



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What is clear is that Zionists do not get to define what is -semitic. I'll leave that to those who know that murdering Palestinians makes all Jews less safe, and that it is morally wrong. Thankfully there are plenty of that 'wrong kind of Jew'.


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One major is pouring millions into groups funding the - candidates in three battleground states: , , and .
He is also one of the largest personal shareholders in the viral social media network, .

founded the options trading firm , and is now worth a cool $28 billion.

One of Susquehanna’s richest bets was purchasing a 15 percent stake in TikTok’s parent company, , in 2012;
according to the Wall Street Journal, Yass’ personal stake in the company is about seven percent.

A longtime member of the advisory board at the and a top donor to Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, Yass, 67, self-identifies as a
— a political philosophy that would seem to be at odds with the desire to increase of women’s health care decisions.

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Can’t Disable DJI Drone ID? Spoof It With An ESP! - We have been alerted to a fun tool, a DJI DroneID spoofer software for ESP8266/ESP... - -drone

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-LGBTQ -Semitic Neo-Nazi Massachusetts Republican Candidate Slated To Win

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Study suggests anti-Black racism may account for conservatives' negative reactions to jobs requiring DEI statements —Black

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Unvaccinated Florida kids exposed to measles can skip quarantine, officials say - Enlarge / Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo speaks during a pre... - -vaccine

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Warnung vor aktuellem #Urantransport

#Anti-AKW-Initiativen und der Bundesverband Bürgerinitiativen
#Umweltschutz (#BBU) warnen aktuell vor einem Sonderzug mit #Uranmüll in 16 Planen-Waggons. Der Zug hat heute (19.2.24) gegen 12.00 Uhr die bundesweit einzige #Urananreicherungsanlage (#UAA) in #Gronau verlassen.

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Three terms sure to grab attention: Russia, nuclear, anti-satellite weapon - Enlarge / President Vladimir Putin visiting the Rocket and Space Corpor... - -satellitetests

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Meta relents to EU, allows unlinking of Facebook and Instagram accounts - Enlarge (credit: Anadolu / Contributor | Anadolu)

Meta will al... - #generaldataprotectionregulation #anticompetitivebehavior #digitalmarketsact #onlineadvertising #anti-competition #europeanunion #onlineprivacy #antitrustlaw #instagram #facebook #policy #gdpr #meta #dma #eu

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so many people turned up for the anti far-right demo in Hamburg that they had to cancel it. 👏 👏 This Sunday the -far-right demo is in .

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We are posting here the messages from organizations, institutions, NGOs, etc. that have opened a channel on Mastodon and left #X/Twitter. Many of their arguments cite the same points as mentioned in our open letter calling the universities to become active on Mastodon and fediverse servers.

The messages represent a broad consensus among Internet users who want to bring the choice of social media in line with their mission statements. The first of these is the data protection foundation @DS_Stiftung.

It writes about itself: „Acting independently in the field of #DataPrivacy, Stiftung Datenschutz links politics and the public, academics and business. It complements existing organizations and initiatives while liaising closely with German data protection authorities on state and federal levels.“
At the end of September, she drew the consequences and broke away from X/ #Twitter


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The Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency left the online platform "#X" (formerly ) last November:

Their website announces: "Due to the enormous increase in trans- and , , , -Semitism and other misanthropic content, "X is no longer a sustainable environment for a public body," said the Independent Federal Commissioner for Anti-Discrimination, , explaining the decision. ... The number of hate comments had also increased so massively that the anti-discrimination office could only counter this with a high level of staffing. "It is questionable whether this can still be justified with taxpayers' money," said Ataman.

"... Ministries and government agencies should ask themselves whether it is still acceptable to remain on a platform that has become a disinformation network and whose owner spreads anti-Semitic, racist and populist content," Ataman added.

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US verges on vaccination tipping point, faces thousands of needless deaths: FDA - Enlarge / A child with measles. (credit: Greene, Charles Lyman)

... - -vaccine -19

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Republicans are lining up in opposition to a proposed Biden administration rule aimed at protecting LGBTQ foster children from abuse.

Yes, you read that right.

This is because they actively want LGBTQ kids to be abused, and they've actively fought to keep that abuse going throughout my entire life.

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Jr. Adds “Leading -Vaxxer” to

Meet Del Bigtree, who believes that “the dark forces of tyranny” must be stopped.

Jr. has added a new hire to his presidential campaign staff: Del Bigtree, who, per The Daily Beast, has the distinction of being known as “one of the country’s leading anti-vaxxers,” which makes a lot of sense given RFK Jr.’s views on vaccines, like that “There’s no vaccine that is safe and effective.”

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False anti-Semitism claims are being used to silence debate, says Peston at last | Vox Political

Wow, only took him 7 years

#Robert Peston #antisemitism #anti-Semitism #false #accusation #claim #Labour #Israel #Gaza #

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Lithuania delivers munitions to Ukraine in latest aid delivery

Lithuania delivered a new batch of military aid to Ukraine, including millions of cartridges & thousands of short-range anti-tank projectiles

“We hear Ukraine’s urgent requests and continue to provide assistance in accordance with the stated needs. We actively encourage our allies to do the same.”


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Today I learned:

"Long time no see" originated in the United States as "a jocular imitation of broken English."

"Long time no see" is similar to the Chinese phrase 好久不 見 (Mandarin traditional), 好 耐 冇 見 (Cantonese), 好久不见 (Mandarin simplified), meaning "haven't seen [you] in a long time", further meaning "we have not seen each other in a long time".

Similarly, "Look-see" is also attributed to Chinese pidgin English by the Oxford English dictionary.

How did I come across this, you may ask?

Because I found myself saying the phrase "No tickee, no shirtee!" to my children, because I grew up hearing it, and never thought anything of it, and thought - maybe I should look that up, because it's probably racist. And it was:

"No ____, no ____" predates the origin of Chinese Pidgin English, but is also a notable example of fabricated pidgin English: (沒 票 沒 襯衣) meaning "If you don't have a laundry receipt, I won't give you your shirts", said to be a fabricated pidgin English inaccurately attributed to the Chinese laundry proprietors.

In 1886, a New York City bill cited this phrase in reference to Chinese-owned dry cleaning establishments.

In 1921 a movie titled "No Tickee No Shirtee" further popularized the saying.

Another famous use of this phrase is "No money, no talk" (冇錢冇得傾 (Cantonese)), which simply means "If you don't have the money, don't try to bargain with me".

#todayilearned #racism #chinese #asian #anti-asian #laundry #etymology #casualracism #smartereveryday #notickeenoshirtee #longtimenosee #looksee

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At this point in history everyone is a bigot--depending on who you ask. You, dear reader, are a bigot. All I must do to confirm this is ask your enemy and he will tell me so.

I had to go out late last night and I turned on the car radio. Red Eye Radio was on the air. The hosts went on a several minute tirade saying anyone critical of the Israeli bombings and tactics was a genocidal bigot. So if you oppose slaughtering tens of thousands of people, you are now the bigot. It takes an Olympian amount of mental gymnastics for that logic to work.

The world has always been insane, but now the world has fallen off its nut. We don't have a media anymore. We have Pravda established by the power of noise-to-signal ratio. The real journalists get drowned out by the loud barking of the big dogs.

The U.S. Government wants this Gaza fiasco to continue. The U.S. has the power and influence to put a stop to this conflict in the middle east. The truth is that whoever owns the politicians wants endless conflict to continue.

It is very sad and annoying to see cultists on the left, right, center, and extremities toss around words like, "bigot", "racist", "anti-semite", to describe any criticism they don't like. It is the lowest form of yellow mendacity. The words are so often misused that they have lost all meaning in political discourse. At this point everyone is a bigot depending on who you ask. Now when you do encounter a real flesh and blood bigot, it is hard to find an apt word of description since everyone else is now a bigot, too. Just ask their enemies, and they will tell you so.


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