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The wonky one in the fields

Old wood and rust III, May 2024.

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In the back of our minds, deep in our hearts, we all have a place that we think perfect, a sort of paradise where it would be delightful to live.

For me, one of those places is the country -- far out in the country and surrounded by meadows and trees, with plenty of space for animals to graze and children to play.

Autumn Dreams canvas print --

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Yes, is a wonderful . I left my prescription sunglasses in the housing company's yard yesterday and they were waiting for me there. ♥️😍🙏 No one took or damaged them.

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There was plenty of food and plenty of time, so there was no need to push one another aside (is that ever, really, the right thing to do?) nor take giant, hasty mouthfuls and gulp them down.

So they sociably grazed, enjoying the day, the surroundings, and the companionship of one another.

In the Hollow canvas print --

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What was your best cup of coffee and in what country?

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New Johnny Cash album coming out next month, it's based on these unreleased demos he did in 1993. Apparently they kept his vocal and guitar and some guys that used to play with him filled in the rest. It sounds GOOD, man.

Single "Well Alright" from 'Songwriter' that comes out June 28:

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Fermo 🇮🇹

ph © Biancavela Press / g_nativo + salvomic

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It did not stumble and rush through its space, this quiet stream. Rather, it literally flowed with the landscape, and when it encountered barriers, it either went around them or kept nudging, pushing, and bumping against them until it found a way through.

Unrelenting determination makes an impact.

Peaceful Stream canvas print --

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Lyle Lovett is a killer songwriter. “LA County" is an A tier song.

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While we're in this vein, we need to stop and appreciate the songwriting and guitar playing of Nanci Griffith. This one is in a CRAZY non-standard open tuning. Just try and figure out how to finger-pick this one, I dare you.

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“I’m just a guy with a dead girl in the trunk. I left my pickup at home. I miss it.”

#country #music #lyrics

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50 years ago today, the final old & in the way gig, at the golden state festival in san rafael, where also joins a few other acts. poster by rick shubb, inventor of shubb guitar capos & source of garcia’s 1st LSD in 1965.
@FateMusic on the set & the festival:
garcia also played with the great american string band on opening night: [1/5]

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50 years ago today, the great american string band (feat. on + on ) at the golden state festival in san rafael. no vassar clements sit-in, despite it being his birthday & the festival basically being thrown in his honor. audience tape: [1/2]

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I found out today that Jelly Roll and T-Pain covered the Toby Keith classic "Should've Been a Cowboy" and I don't know if I'll be the same.

Sadly, it's an Amazon Music exclusive, so no other options on how to stream it.

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It hasn't happened yet but the offer of a paid for vaccine is promised in the

for the . I wonder how many have a finger in that margin.

If you're already living in now you'll have an extra worry. To we can now add or get .

A I was once proud to belong to, now turns my stomach.

@trendless @CastlTrAstonDrs @covidisnotover @covid19 @covidisairborne @covid

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This song is my sun, my moon, my stars. Their voices do things to me. Sensory euphoria!

"Right Back To It" by Waxahatchee featuring M.J. Lenderman

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Country living serves me well
The big city offers many thrills
But nothing like a warm breeze
Whispering through the pines
Cows serenading each other
Across lush green pastures
An expansive bright blue sky
Caressing a graceful swallow tail
The fragrance of the wisteria
A joy like no other

warm breeze


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