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Trial of Fighting the is Put on Hold as Canadian Come Under Scrutiny for Excessive Force

The defense for three activists from argues abuse of process by security forces around the pipeline construction site, as the U.N. and Amnesty International allege excessive force, surveillance and of land defenders.

By Keerti Gopal
January 24, 2024

"The trial of three Indigenous land defenders arrested at a pipeline construction site on First Nation land was adjourned until spring on Friday, as the court looks into potential abuses by Canadian police.

"In the Supreme Court of British Columbia in Smithers, B.C., the trial is the latest development in the nearly 12-year fight against the Coastal GasLink natural gas pipeline in the Canadian province.

"Land defenders , and were found guilty of criminal contempt earlier this month, with Justice Michael Tanmen ruling that they broke a court injunction forbidding them from blocking access to construction for the Coastal GasLink pipeline.

"But immediately following the verdict, Tanmen began a week-long hearing to listen to the three individuals’ abuse of process applications, which allege that their Charter rights were violated during their arrests and detentions. During the hearing, the defense argued to stay the charges based on these applications, citing excessive force, aggressive behavior, offensive language and mocking by police.

"In Canada, the abuse of process doctrine allows courts to stay, or postpone, a proceeding on the grounds that some element of the process was unfair, and might undermine the legal system. In this case, the abuse of process application focused on treatment during and after arrests.

"The trial began on Jan. 8 and consisted mainly of witness testimony and evidence gathered in November 2021, during one of four major police raids at the pipeline between 2019 and 2023. The evidence included videos from social media and other videos taken by officers from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canada’s national police service.

"The videos, and testimony from witnesses, including officers, detailed the police using dogs and firearms and wielding chainsaws to cut down the doors of a cabin where Sleydo’ and Sampson were arrested. Jocko was arrested in another small structure close by.

"The activists allege police used excessive force to break down the doors and used offensive language, showing videos in which officers described arrestees as 'orcs' and 'ogres.' The abuse of process hearing will likely restart in June.

"Chief Na’Moks, a Wet’suwet’en Hereditary Chief and prominent advocate against the pipeline, said that the trial may serve as a template for future legal battles across Canada, where several other pipeline projects are underway.

"'This is going to affect everything else that happens, not only in but in ,' Chief Na’Moks said last week. “This is the template that they want to use...and the harassment and constant abuse of has to stop.”

West Virginia, USA Legislature: Removing bona fide schools, public libraries, and museums from the list of exemptions from criminal liability relating to distribution and display to minor of obscene matter (

Bill status tracking link:

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Black lives: Untold stories.
Shockingly, I remember all of this, and the stories go on to this day.
Free to watch, GEM TV, series

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’s Supreme Court decriminalized abortion nationwide Wednesday, two years after ruling that was not a crime in one northern state.”

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@GottaLaff I'd not be surprised if a lot of pregnant people fleeing for and requesting Asylum Protection amidst the of as ...

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How Social Media Apps Could Be Fueling Homicides Among Young Americans

As shooting rates among the young remain stratospheric, evidence suggests social media is serving as an accelerant to violence.

Taunts that once could be forgotten now live on before large audiences, prompting people to take action.

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@vfrmedia @chris @Crispius @ProPublica Yeah, but don't you have to agree that IS THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM because with legal substances we do have measures in place to deal with it!

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1930s Chinese female sociologists Zhou Shuzhao, Liu Qingyu & Xu Huifang theorized that social conditions rather than biology shaped the crimes of women, according to Stephanie Montgomery who reconstructs their intellectual contributions in a new Social Science History article
@sociology @politicalscience @anthropology @economics @econhist @geography @criminology

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