rorystarr, to dredge avatar

might be my favourite game I've played this year. What a gem of mixed with .

Dharkstare, to dredge

That could either be really good or really bad. Dredge definitely has a story strong enough for a movie.

MsHearthWitch, to DnD avatar

Today was my first day home alone in well over a month. Son has healed well enough from surgery to go spend some time at their dad's.

🌳 I spent my morning DMing my eldritch god-forest/twisted fairy tale campaign.

🧵 Had a nice little crafternoon where I cut out a bunch of panels to make reusable shopping totes

🎣 Played a little Dredge

🥩 Gonna have steak and twice baked taters with asparagus for dinner (DS doesn't eat red meat)

Been a damn nice Sunday.

chronicallydave, to dredge avatar
toplesstopics, to dredge avatar

Just finished getting both endings for , a fun little game where you fish and try not to get eaten by Lovecraftian leviathans, that I got obsessed with and played maybe...ten hours this weekend, which is a lot for me 😅 I played it as a demo a long time ago and loved it, and I'm glad to say it's even better than I remember it. Wonderful balance between tasks. I just wish the story had time to go into more depth...I mean I got the overall picture but I would have liked to know more, especially what exactly was happening in the "bad" ending 😏

ThePixelPost, to dredge French avatar

C'est au tour de @veltar aujourd'hui de nous parler de son GOTY 2023 avec :

boilingsteam, to linux avatar
abetterjulie, to dredge avatar

Well, a self-limit on comes from using the heavy Steam Deck. It's not a game I play well in my lap, and holding it closer to my eyes means my wrists hurt, so I'm forced to take breaks.

I'm getting Dan the new OLED, which is much lighter, for his bday. He says we'll swap, even tho I feel kinda bad about that? Like, the new one should be his, but yeah.

boilingsteam, to linux avatar
nerdgrrrl, to dredge German

Das DLC The Pale Reach für #Dredge ist heute erschienen und ich will irgendwann heute abend im #Livestream mindestens reinspielen. Stay tuned!

hk, to random avatar

Lately I've been playing games in a quite limited range of genres, mostly souls-likes, metroidvanias, soulsvanias, and a few CRPGs and JRPGs. And I'm thinking that I would like to broaden the spectrum of what I play.

So can I ask you all in here to and tell me about some of the stuff you enjoy? I'll be happy to try some gems I would be missing otherwise :)

danielholt, avatar


Have you taken a look at ? Probably makes my top five of the year. It's a really atmospheric Lovecraftian fishing game.

And which is a narrative puzzle game where you have to fit together little story boards to fit into the story being given to you. Absolutely adorable and also probably makes my top five.

mrpablington, to honkaistarrail avatar

What are you playing this weekend?

@Azurakumo and I are playing:


abetterjulie, avatar

, maybe if I need a break

sidawson, to Games avatar

Dredge now crashes every time I dock my boat. Ie, it’s unplayable. Ugh ugh ugh. Have left support req with team17 (publishers), & sent a slew of crash reports. (+ obv, tried every poss fix I could find).

Another guy I know had it crash and kill his save file, losing everything.

I would have ranked it super high, for its genre. Now? 1/5? The first couple of hours are fun. If you’re ok with paying for something you KNOW will burn you.

What’s the opposite of gg?

mrpablington, to dredge avatar
Gertlushgaming, to gaming

DREDGE announces debut expansion 'The Pale Reach'

Thawing 16th November on all platforms, explore a frozen frontier and uncover its sinister secrets in the first expansion to Black Salt Games' multi-award-winning cosmic horror fishing adventure

Gertlushgaming, to gaming

DREDGE Launches Next Free Update Today

Disturb the depths to hunt 13 new deep-sea denizens and explore in style with boat painting and decorative options in the next free update to Black Salt Games’ multi-award-winning indie adventure, available today on all platforms.

boilingsteam, to linux avatar
RupertBBare, to dredge

Finished playing last night - really enjoyed it, didn't realize it was a made until I was most of the way through

hellerphant, to dredge avatar

Day 2 of post-op recovery and finished the wonderful by Black Salt Games. What a great game! Might keep this one my deck and slowly mop up all the cheevos.

jimmyb, to dredge avatar

Finished up . Great game! What to play next on my ...? 🤓🎮

jimmyb, to dredge avatar

Having a chill day today, had , did some server nerd hax, and worked on . Now it's time for some
for lunch! 🌭

boilingsteam, to linux avatar

DREDGE is getting a Free Update with New Events and Sea Monsters:

Gertlushgaming, to gaming

The anticipated Photo Mode, new aberrations from the deep, a passive play option,
and more mark the second post-launch update to the critically acclaimed debut
from Black Salt Games.

plalligator, to random

anyway what else is new…the bookwalker summer sale and steam summer sale being at the same time is a real problem right now


should i buy ? or more ? 🤔

Steph, to dredge German

What a gaming year! My highlights so far and especially .

could be my GOTY by complete surprise. I would have liked better performance, but still, the world is incredibly pretty, the setting draws me in, I'm invested in the story, and the combat system is great.

I can only recommend everyone to experiment with the skills and test different combo variations to exploit the potential of the combat system.

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