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Moongate Sanctuary built by Chuck Eblacker.
Credit: Shanna Murray

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Lin cultivé - Linum usitatissimum L.

Cliché du 11 avril 2024 - Mes autres photos :

Plante herbacée cultivée essentiellement pour ses fibres dont on fait du textile, ses graines ou son huile aux multiples bienfaits. Quant à la fleur du lin, elle est également comestible et jolie pour décorer vos salades.

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First proper visit of our allotment this year. The neighbour's patch is flooded (the water pipe likely broke) but we got tulips we didn't plant.

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Hello fellow mastopeeps! We found these flowers sprouting up and down a stretch of boulevard grass on our walk in Saint Paul today. It looks like it was probably a garden flower that got loose and it's spreading up and down the entire block. I'm guessing it's probably an invasive species.

Anyone know what kind of flower this might be?

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Same flower viewed from the other angle

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So someone I know on Facebook figured it out (he's sort of an expert on these things and I suspected he'd have the answer if anyone did).

"Looks like Siberian squill to me. It's highly invasive and should be removed. Which is hard for some people to do because it's so pretty in the spring."

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And the first anemones were there, too.

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