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Some anemones from a local farm photographed in natural light.


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Large fly (ID apps and the intertubes suggest it may be an early tachinid fly) atop a bloodroot flower along .

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I thought that the tulips I'd purchased/planted last yr were all pastel but my memory of what happened 5 minutes ago is sketchy 🤷‍♂️.

There were 3 pastel pink, one white, 1 red, & this vivid yellow👇. Took this angle because it kinda made the tulip look like a choir member with a slicked down hairdo in a fancy choir costume.

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My ground phlox (possibly Phlox subulata/moss phlox) has achieved blanket status.

I'm a sucker for mass blooms. A friend of mine has large swaths of this phlox & was kind enough to borrow me a cup 2 yrs ago. A cup that was 1.5' x 2' chunk that I then plopped down in a 1.5' x 2' space.

Easy peasy phlox carpet squee-sy.

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Caught these red tulips behind city hall in Coralville, Iowa.

It's nice to catch spring flowers in the shade. The reds, oranges, and yellows really pop.

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Poppies in my friends’ garden.

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Spring has begun and magnolias have bloomed beautifully. I just mounted an old $20 Soviet lens to my Sony camera and took some photos. Check out the spring dreamy look! 🌸 Thank you for being there!

• Sony α6400
• Jupiter-8 50 mm f/2 (KMZ, 1967)
• L39 to Sony E-Mount Adapter

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My false African violet has been putting on a nice flower cascade this past week or so.

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