ayo, to random
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Been meaning to do posts for accounts I like but I always forget, being excited for the weekend. 😬

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Oh yeah just remembered! I could use buffer to queue posts and auto publish on Fridays https://buffer.com/

weirdwriter, to RSS

I know I am late on Follow Friday but I wanted to share 2 resources.

RSS search engine. Searches RSS feeds instead of the web


The below finds RSS feeds your Mastodon account shares.


TechDesk, to technology
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A few tech Magazines (topical feeds of content) for this Follow Friday, including collections about the internet of things, EVs, and the AI economy.

NE{x}TW0RK, by Dustin LaPres — @ne

Apple Vision Pro, by Scott Kleinberg — @apple

EVs and Autonomous Vehicles by Scott Monty — @evs

The AI Economy by Ken Yeung — @the

Cybersec by Allen Westley, @cybersec

adamsdesk, to random
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Build Your Own World in this week's Follow Friday using free open source software. Show your support by giving contributions, boosts and follows.


  • Plausible Analytics @plausible
    A lightweight privacy-friendly Google Analytics alternative.
  • Overte @overte
    Virtual worlds and social VR.
  • Vera @Arcanepad
    A new way of playing apps and video games.
  • BetterDiscord @BetterDiscord
    Enhanced DicordApp functionality.

ScienceDesk, to science
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@Flipboard has a variety of Magazines (topical collections) that you can easily follow on Mastodon. For science geeks, here are just a few you might consider:

Climate Change and Weather Misinformation by News Lit Project

Oceans by Bloomberg Green

News Straight from Space by Mashable

Physics by Science Alert

The Climate Exchange

CultureDesk, to history
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In a poll we ran a couple of months ago, people said they’d love to see us feature more history-related content. So for this Follow Friday, we’re sharing a few @Flipboard Magazines (topical feeds of content) about the past, from @curiouscurator’s collection about the Roman and Byzantine empires, to @mental_floss’s quirky stories about medieval dog names and who discovered Uranus.

Ancient History, by The Collector — @ancient

History of Us, by Ski Swope — @history

History, by Mental Floss — @history

The Road to Rome by Curious Curator — @the

World History, by History Skills — @world


NewsDesk, to Israel
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If you want the latest news and analysis of the Middle East crisis, consider following these Magazines:

@politico from Politico

@israel from Axios

@israel from the News Literacy Project

@israel from Flipboard's News Desk

feedle, to random
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🗓️ Happy

This week, we continue our tradition. Each week, we introduce you to 5 random people and organisations who are on Mastodon, and whose blogs we follow on Feedle. This way, we can help great people discover each other more easily.

This week we introduce to you (in no particular order): @cory, @parismarx, @AucT, @RadDevon, and @stevesong

If you want to help us spread the word, please boost and share this post with your peers!

jejord, to cocktails
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Happy folks! 🥂

If you love a good cocktail or glass of wine, you may enjoy following these Magazine feeds from the Flipboard community.

🌏 Drinks Around the World from the Duo behind 2FoodTrippers

🍹 Bring on the agave! Tequila news and recipes

🍇 Learn about wine with winemaker and creator behind winecore.com

🥃 Explore the world of Single Malt Scotch and Whiskey (with and without an ‘e’)

NatureMC, to books
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For I warmly recommend @susankayequinn AND her .
I appreciate the author's posts very much. And she writes , , and . I had not really an idea what is hidden behind these labels. I've been tiptoeing around the genres for months, worried that it might be too pedagogical, not literary enough.
Then I discovered her . Now I'm hooked. Try it, you won't regret it! I want more now. 😊 @reading

maxim, to gamedev
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Made a second object for throws. This flare is not for lighting, because the protagonist has a flashlight... this item is a tool to distract the creatures that live on this planet

#gamedev #scifi #adventure #gaming #videogames #indiedev #unreal #ue5 #UnrealEngine5 #followfriday


MibIH, to random
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phranck, (edited ) to random German
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Das letzte Mal, als ich eine Empfehlung im Rahmen des ausgesprochen habe, war vor ca. 6 Jahren auf Twitter.

Da mich das Thema selbst auch interessiert, moechte ich euch den Oliver @AnthroBlogger Rautenberg empfehlen.

Er befasst sich kritisch mit den Themen , , , und den ganzen Schwurbel drumherum. 😃

Is there a more politically and ideologically diverse alternative for Lemmy?

I know the real answer is reddit but I really don’t want to go back now that I’ve already grown used to life without it. I was hoping for Lemmy to be a viable substitute but it isn’t. I can see how this place is wonderful for the certain type of person but that person is not me. My experience during the past 6+ months has...

FoD, to nostupidquestions in Is there a more politically and ideologically diverse alternative for Lemmy?

I use Android, so Fedilab was the app I’m using.

I didn’t want my feed to be an endless stream of news or other languages. So first I joined a smaller server, with a topic I care about.

Then I followed a few journalists, and followed tags I care about like cycling, my hometown, tech news relevant to me, and TV shows.

Lastly after I had that base of content… I went looking for people. When someone posts something I like, I check their other posts… do I like those too? If he’s then I look at who they follow. Big accounts usually don’t follow a lot of others. This is endless but really gave me a consistent group of people who I care what they think and say.

Not easy but worth the time over the course of a week or two.

Also I watched the tag where people lost accounts they follow and why.

Also, look at the top accounts lists that exist. Threads accounts have millions of followers so it’s a good bet it’ll be good.

bkeegan, to random
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FlockOfCats, to random
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For , recommending @Alice to anyone who likes hotdogs mustarding on themselves 🙂

From: @Alice

adamsdesk, to fediverse
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Let us celebrate the free open source movement in this week's Follow Friday by giving contributions, boosts and follows.


  • KiCad @kicad
    A electronics design suite.
  • Dasharo @Dasharo
    Crafting a scalable, modular, and easy to combine BIOS firmware.
  • Serpent OS @serpentos
    A cutting edge Linux distribution.
  • Sourceware @sourceware
    A free software hosting project for toolchain and tools.

skyfaller, to philadelphia
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folks for :

  • @migratory - Another cog in the shitposting machine. We met at an @iffybooks Fediverse meetup!
  • @CaptainFlab - Boosts, photos of cats and other slices of life
  • @kyleejohnson - Suddenly in need of a job, help him get fedihired! Former CIO with experience in municipal government and higher education
  • @h_tejas - PhD student at @AnnenbergPenn, anti-caste alternative media & progressive movements in India

Alice, to random
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This is a friendly reminder that there's still a little bit of time left to recommend me for to all of your easily-offended Mastodon acquaintances.

FlockOfCats, to random
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Your dreams 🙂

feedle, to random
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🗓️ Happy #Friday

This week, we continue our #followfriday tradition. Each week, we introduce you to 5 random people and organisations who are on Mastodon, and whose blogs we follow on Feedle. This way, we can help great people discover each other more easily.

This week we introduce to you (in no particular order): @ge0rg, @keenan, @jcrabapple, @gannet, and @sophie

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diotima, to random
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Not sure if the Fediverse does but let's give it a shot.

@VulpineDruid master of many magnificent games

@etherdiver maker of musical melodies and supplier of ancient tomes

@flockofnazguls musical maestro migrated merrily into Mastodon

@HipsterDM making minis, magnificent beard

@tintenteufel properly posing important polls properly

(I'll do five more next week!)

Flipboard, (edited ) to mastodon
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Yesterday, we announced our federation of 400 Flipboard curators and curators, so today, we're highlighting just a few you can follow on subjects like food, leadership, basketball, and sustainable food systems.

Allen Westly, technology enthusiast, cybersecurity practitioner, and diversity advocate — @West1118

Brian Fanzo, digital futurist, podcaster and ADHD advocate — @iSocialFanz

Camille Styles, lifestyle writer passionate about plant-based cooking and design and beauty — @CamilleStyles

Christie Vanover, champion pitmaster and creator of Girls Can Grill — @GirlsCanGrill

Daniel Hakimi, style curator and men’s fashion writer — @DanHakimi

Darryl Benjamin, educator and advocate for sustainable food systems — @Kafkaturtle

Janette Speyer, professional marketer passionate about cooking, travel, fashion and connecting the Flipboard community — @JanetteSpeyer

Jennifer Petoff, travel writer and creator of Sidewalk Safari — @sidewalksafari

Jessica Bethel, Los Angeles-based photographer — @4eyedgirl

Ken Yeung, journalist and author of "The AI Economy" newsletter — @thekenyeung

Louisa Moje, pharmacist, fashionista and foodie — @foodpluswords_

Marco Secchi, visual storyteller and photographer — @msecchi

Markus Weber, sustainable agriculture and agtech — @Maakusi

Maurizo Leo, bestselling cookbook author and creator of The Perfect Loaf — @theperfectloaf

Pete Gleason, PhD, professor, psychologist and innovator — @pgleason

Phil McKinney, technologist, author and podcaster — @philmckinney

Scott Kleinberg, OG Flipboarder and proud Apple fanboy — @scottkleinberg

Scott Monty, business leader, executive coach and podcaster — @scottmonty

Tayo Oredola, food writer and creator of Low Carb Africa — @lowcarbafrica

WBB Daily — curator who specializes in women’s basketball, passionate about growing the game — @smrice

Wesley Fryer, STEM educator and media literacy advocate — @wfryer

#FollowFriday #Federation #Flipboard #SpreadMastodon #Mastodon #Fediverse #Lifestyle #Technology #Food #Travel #Business

x00001, to random
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Ahoy, Chooms! Join us on a swashbuckling adventure to support these fearless pirates, cunning hackers, and savvy netrunners on Follow Friday! Your ship needs a talented crew, so why not add these preem mateys to your ranks?

@LambdaCalculus, RFS Cohost
@jadedtwin, Sticker Maiden
@Max, Solarpunk Engineer
@LevelUp, The Muscle
@erosdiscordia, Trans Defender
@SynAck, Communications Specialist
@revengeday, Mind Altering Bard
@cobweb, Fellow Pirate DJ
@5tern1, Implant Technician

Together, we can take down the corpos and chart a course for a brighter future! Don't miss out, ya savvy - set sail with us today! ⚓🏴‍☠️

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