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Cali Gold

Meet Cali. She is named after California as she is golden. She is not pure Golden Retriever as her mother was 25% lab and 25% huskie. I don't see those traits in her but it doesn't really matter.
Here she is up in the hills above town overlooking the valley below. Waiting at attention while I catch up with her. She has the classic look of a Golden Retriever. the full image here:

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Social media gives the mistaken impression that we "know" a lot of people, but to truly know someone -- their depth, richness, personality, and character -- requires spending actual time with them in a time and space of reality.

When we do, we may find that we like some people more than we thought we would.

Golden Opportunity framed print --

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True gold, the real gold

Isn't a cold, hard metal,

But glows with rich warmth.

Nature's greatest gifts -- sunlight, water, clean air, quiet, calmness, and the stateliness of trees -- are there for all to enjoy.

Autumn Gold art print --

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Oh Jungkookie! :ablobcatcry:

정국 (Jung Kook) 'Hate You' @ iHeartRadio LIVE

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A day in the office, a dragon slain!

Top it off with Tails Of Gold Golden Ale!

Nice bourbon and malt notes on what ends up tasting like a quadruple with no cherry. Sweet finish with a little bite.


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Composed Emotions. Wandering Perception. Digital abstract artwork. Follow my new Art Print and merchandise Shop at Redbubble:

[Composed Emotions. Wandering Perception. Digital abstract artwork. Follow my new Art Print and merchandise Shop at Redbubble:](

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Well done Jungkookie! 🕺

CDTV Japan - Jungkook (Full performance) - SEVEN + SNTY

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"free" time: when we're away from the workplace, with friends, and doing something adventurous and fun and exciting -- this is a memorable, golden time that warms our heart as it creates memories we are determined to repeat.

Golden Sea art print --

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