5 Ways Green Waste Removal Saves Money For Property Managers (files.fm)

Ready to slash costs and give your property a green makeover? Our free guide reveals 5 surprising ways a green waste removal service can save you money. From tipping fee reductions to a more attractive property, this PDF unlocks hidden savings for property managers. Download your free copy now and discover how going green can...

5 Ways Green Waste Removal Saves Money For Property Managers (www.slideserve.com)

Cut costs and keep your property green! Learn how a green waste removal service can save you money in 5 surprising ways. From reduced landfill fees to improved curb appeal, this guide unlocks hidden savings for property managers. Download our free PDF to discover how going green can boost your bottom line.

AmiW, to bristol German
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🧌 Artist: / in City: BS7 0XW, Horfield, Dorian Rd, UK 🇬🇧 05/2024 - Title: "Vote Green!" (Wähl Grün") -
🔴 Note: Vote anything 💙♥️💚💛,
but !

Nonilex, to Energy
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#Trump plans to claim sweeping #authority over #federal #spending
In a 2nd term, Trump will look at unilateral funding cuts for the #WHO & #green #energy initiatives. He is vowing to wrest key spending powers from #Congress & to assert more control over the federal #budget than any president in #US #history.

#law #Constitution #SCOTUS #power #government #extortion #EconomicPolicy #MafiaState #authoritarianism #autocracy #tyranny #democracy #BidenHarris2024

show, to reviews
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We've been busy driving the all-new 2024 Kia EV9 AWD GT-Line - And it's quite a lot of fun. (If waaaaaaay too big for anyone who doesn't genuinely need more than five seats)

Watch it at https://peertube.tv/w/ticgUcNCCYWsdiRy5Hc5rX if you prefer federated content, or over on Youtube if you like to pay the corporate overlords..: https://youtu.be/Qq9dkwotiXA

leonardogutierrez, to nature Spanish
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WLphoto, to nature Dutch
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cohanf, to Alberta
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msquebanh, to Plants
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leonardogutierrez, to Leaf Spanish
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RichardJMurphy, to random
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Keir Starmer wants to increase wealth inequality https://www.taxresearch.org.uk/Blog/2024/06/04/keir-starmer-wants-to-increase-wealth-inequality/ Keir Starmer has said the Labour Party's goal is to increase wealth, which, given the structure of the UK, means the wealth of the already wealthy. Is that really what a so-called Labour Party should really be all about? And what does it say about his economics?

@JimmyB@mas.to avatar

@RichardJMurphy Yet again the Labour Party - which will always struggle against the corporatist controlled media - has been taken over by agents of...the corporatist media.

So who are the rest of us supposed to vote for now our party is in the hands of this disgusting rabble of ? It has to be for me.

But I'd like my party back.

markhughes, to random
@markhughes@mastodon.social avatar

Laughable, in a good way, UK election round up of the day.

Doesn't quite do what it says on the tin (re Starmer) but well worth a read.


And if 's U-turn, destroying the chances doesn't send you apoplectic with laughter, check out the following poll that puts him and on 15% but with ZERO seats.

I won't vote for , he's an opportunist w/o principles, but take pleasure in this.

I'll vote .

metin, to minimalism
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peggycollins, to Cats
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arkadiusz, to analog
dogsinthecity, to hamburg
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SensitiveSyl, to photography
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... into a green wave.

One spot, three outlooks III, May 24th 2024.

ChrisMayLA6, to random
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New research from UCL & the International Institute for Sustainable Development suggests that there are now enough sustainable/green energy projects running or in development that no new fossil fuel capacity is required.

As current fossil fuel capacity now degrades/reduces, so green energy capacity can take its place.

This is not how the fossil fuel firms see it, but as emissions keep rising (up 1.1% last year) this must become a crucial pivot point!

#emissions #FossilFuels #green

h/t FT

Jigsaw_You, to ai
@Jigsaw_You@mastodon.nl avatar

In other words, policy needs to be designed not to pick sectors or #technologies as “winners”, but to pick the willing by providing support that is conditional on companies moving in the right directions.

#AI #tech #sustainability #green #environment #technology


TarkabarkaHolgy, to nature Hungarian
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vitani4000, to Cosplay
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✨ This is ✨ (Plus a skin tight SFX-grade latex-bra)

Here's Jade, aka Jennifer-Lynn Hayden from the green lantern:)

This was done by me on me. See my page for more !

💥Use VITANI15 for 15% off at Graftobian.com 💥


arkadiusz, to Animal
Meyerweb, to random
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Been seeing a rising tide of vitriol over upcoming voting in the US and UK, and I really think it’s almost entirely rooted in whether you see your vote as an affirmative statement of your values, or as a pragmatic political choice. Both views are understandable (to me, anyway) but they can’t ever agree on where those views lead them, and it results in a lot of sniping condescension and outright disgust between ostensible allies. I guess that’s first-past-the-post for you.

@iamdavidobrien@mastodon.social avatar

Indeed, Eric. But certainly in the UK at last, we're seeing more "tactical voting" where folks will hold their nose and put an X next to the least odious option, in order to remove the most odious choice.

I'm not sure, and have no strong opinion, if this is good, bad, or indifferent. Vote with your conscience.

I vote because it seems clear and obvious to me that the climate crisis is by 2 or 3 orders of magnitude the biggest problem we, as a species, have right now.


AlanC, to photography
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"Beauty of whatever kind, in its supreme development, invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears."
~ Edgar Allan Poe

#digicam #photography #nature #green #soft #beauty #quotes

LisaSBaker, to art
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Hello, I hope you had a wonderful day. Here is one of my abstract paintings. It is part of a 3-part series, although it can stand on it's own. This one is called Dimension III. Hope you enjoy! 😊 https://fineartamerica.com/featured/dimensions-iii-lisa-s-baker.html

#abstract #abstractart #art #artwork #wallart #homedecor #painting #green #orange #retro #buyintoart #AYearForArt #artmatters #artbooster #mastoart #fediart #fedigiftshop #boldcolors #vibrant #creativetoots #whimsical #fun #brushstrokes #beautiful

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