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on a cousu beaucoup de bandes aujourd'hui, petit teaser pour un nouveau truc ^^

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ISKRA (Искра) Guitar Overdrive, suitable for blues and all range of rock music, it fully preserves your guitar tone and discretely enhances your mids so that your tone stays on top in the mix while giving a classic tone characterized by smooth drive and nice sustain. (more specs in first comment)

guitar overdrive pedal
guitar overdrive pedal
guitar overdrive pedal

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"In the hands of an artist, the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Embrace your craft, for it is not just work but the imprint of your soul." - Anonymous

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Hey creators! 🎨✨ Check out, a unique corner in the Fediverse just for handmade artisans like you. Perfect for artists, crafters, and makers to showcase your businesses and treasures. Thinking about an exclusive spot to promote your creations? Consider setting up shop at!

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Whoa, such a warm welcome, so many nice people! Thank you everyone! Please keep recommending other artists to connect with :)

You asked me to share more about ceramics, so here it goes

I am trying new bowls, I call them nuts. This texture is obtained by applying slip (liquid porcelain) with a brush to the surface of the product. Very meditative process.

I took all this out of the kiln yesterday. Now sanding and glazing.
Maybe I'll have time to fire everything next week.

Same bowl, but turned a bit
Multiple unglazed cups and bowls on the table. Forms are really hard to explain, but there are some which are part spheres, others are wavy

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Morning all. It’s Saturday. Hope your weekend is as sharp as a razorbill. xx

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"In crafting, there are no mistakes, just unique creations." - Anonymous

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I had a different pendant on this necklace originally. But it wasn't working for me. I had this gorgeous pendant set to the side waiting for inspiration to strike. I put them together and this piece sparked great joy!

Hope you like it!

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Another look at the new teatowels, fresh off the loom

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Моя подруга будет 8-9 июня на Рептилиуме, ее стол X-17
Обязательно посмотрите галерею ее работ!

Я до сих пор в восторге от кружки, которую у нее купила!


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Gente he subido cositas nuevas a Algunas con piedritas bien chulas. Y tenemos hasta el 31 de Mayo 15% de descuento en cosas con SIRENAS con el código MERMAID (visita la sección REBAJAS). Dos tías chulísimas trabajando para ofreceros cosas BONITAS y especiales. Me compartís esto?

Colgante hoja de roble con ágata musgo
Anillo asimétrico de granate facetado con bolitas en plata
Colgante pequeño de inspiración íbera con forma de abanico invertido y bolitas, lleva una flor hexapétala en el centro

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Mes dernières créations au crochet
Sur commande et autres distributions possibles 👍
Bon vendredi à tous 👋

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🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺 Don't miss the wonderful tale <heh heh> of Wally, the rescued Tibetan mastiff, especially part 2/3rd way through when she removes Wally's pelt. Incredible!!

I wonder if it's the same for sheep, alpacas, llamas, goats, etc. What a great dog!


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May's square in the Makealong blanket is finished. Colour is part of the Seascape series hand-dyed by
Pattern -
Finished 6 squares so far (this is pattern ) so 14 to go...😜


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Senor Polpo Poeta An original Unseen design, hand burned onto the wood and hand painted colours. Approx 24 x 26.5cm £75 including uk p&p. Photo taken pre-varnish.

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