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Woman shares the powerful impact of a 'hardcore' gym bro's words of encouragement

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🎵 😈 🔥

OSTRACA | Disaster

bardzo dobre i sugestywne screamo z Richmond!


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Fugazi, if they didn't exist, this band would urgently need to be invented

Here are their publications between 1988 and 2014

Any favorite?

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36 years ago today, after the night in Berkeley

Fugazi – in-store performance for an audience of 20 - Zed Records, Long Beach, California – May 21, 1988

Photo by Joe Henderson

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Checked in to the hotel in Bandung. Right down the block is Hardcore Day #1. Gotta check it out. Kid out front hand a very impressive circa '77 bleached white mohawk.

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YinY is not YouTube!

This is a Punk and Hardcore music videos @peertube server on the Fediverse for underground @punk from france.


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Ce soir la 338e de l'épopée #PyongyangCityRockers, si tout s'passe comme prévu (© Egor Letov) on aura la visite de notre GL honoraire l'incroyable PA (ch'mec du Bistro Des Nazes !), pour une heure pleine de #punk, #oi!, #hardcore et bruits divers.
Rdv 20h. sur #CampusLille106_6fm, sur le DAB+ (7C) vers Arras-Lille-Lens, ou en streaming sur

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Album Review: KNOCKED LOOSE You Won't Go Before You're Supposed To
"Knocked Loose has embraced a melodic direction with this record, weaving in a theme that avoids being cheesy but rather eerie and unsettling."

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43 years ago
The Beastie Boys (previously: The Young Aborigines) form with Michael Diamond (later Mike D), John Berry, Kate Schellenbach, and Adam Yauch (later MCA) as a hardcore punk band, May 1981

#punk #punkrock #beastieboys #hardcorepunk #hardcore #history #punkrockhistory

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42 years ago
Stage Diving at a Circle Jerks concert, Country Club in Reseda, CA, 1982. Keith Morris, on stage back right.

Photo by Ann Summa

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In memory of John Stabb, American punk rock singer and front man, founding member of the hardcore punk band Government Issue, who died 8 years ago today after battling stomach cancer

Photo by Chris Shary

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38 years ago
October File is the second album by Die Kreuzen, released in May 1986 through Touch and Go Records.

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44 years ago today
Fight Back was the second 7-inch EP by hardcore punk group Discharge, produced by Mike Stone and released on May 3, 1980 through Clay Records

#punk #punks #punkrock #hardcore #hardcorepunk #discharge #history #punkrockhistory #otd

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36 years ago today
Fugazi at Lafayette Park, Washington DC, May 01, 1988.
All for zero bucks 👍

Photo by Bill Crandall


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Review: Full of Hell Throws Curveballs on Coagulated Bliss
'Coagulated Bliss' gives a lot of bang for its buck. Full of Hell packs an impressive amount of unique experiences in a compact, lethal dose.

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42 years ago today
Minor Threat at Wilson Center, Washington DC, April 30, 1982.

Also playing Void, Faith, Artificial Peace, Iron Cross and Double-O

Salad Days - > best DC Hardcore


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Tha Playah ft. Neophyte ft. The Viper – Rebel Dizz (Tha Playah Remix)

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35 years ago today
Best Wishes is the second album by the New York hardcore punk band Cro-Mags, released on this day in 1989, and the first album on which Harley Flanagan took on both bass and vocal duties

#cromags #hardcore #hardcorepunk #history #punkrockhistory #otd


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#NowPlaying Refused - The Shape of Punk To Come 🎶 Time for a classic on a ##TBT! #hardcore #punk #posthardcore

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L'étape rhône-alpine du Tour 2024, c'est demain à !

Le groupe de black/hardcore ouvrira la soirée.
L'évènement se poursuivra avec les deux groupes phares de la tournée : et .

Pour l'occasion, n°6440 a publié une de Jean-Claude « JC » Cognard, le président de l’association crestoise la Boîte en metal qui accueille cette escale :

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