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What's on my mind? and . Here's a dinner .

Batteria (Vinegar mackerel) and Nabeyaki soba soup.

Steaming nabeyaki soba soup

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Irezumi 1966 ‘刺青’
Directed by Yasuzō Masumura

A mysterious tattoo artist puts his masterpiece, a human-faced spider, on a kidnapped woman’s back. She and her lover are then forced into a conspiracy-born nightmare...

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Most Japanese names can be read multiple ways, and so-called "kira kira" names are especially notorious for flouting the norm. We here at UJ rounded up ten of the hardest kira kira names to read and test your kanji knowledge to its limits (and beyond).


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NewGame by Alia (#Japanese #jpop) on continuous replay. Good for #Writing

Maybe a good link: https://youtu.be/l-IQewwmI-Q

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Japanese books have achieved newfound acclaim and popularity in recent years. But only a fraction of what gets published in Japan gets translated into English. Here’s what doesn’t get translated – and why.


#japan #unseenjapan #ujwebsite #japanese #translation

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My baby sister is in town to visit. She likes stuff (, , sushi, etc) and shopping. What do I need to show her while she's in ?

Our itinerary includes the Japanese Garden, H-Mart, Kinokuniya, Hollywood Thrift, all the shops on Hawthorne.

What are some deep cuts, super weird kitchy spots I might not have heard of?

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I bought some Black Black gum (Japanese product) from Amazon and got a package with random yellow pieces of gum included. Anyone know the difference from the original gum? I didn’t try translating the packaging before opening it (and ripping off half of the writing explaining the yellow pieces). 🤦‍♀️

#Japanese #gum #BlackBlack

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Japanese has undergone some titanic shifts. And it continues to undergo far more gradual shifts in meaning and usage. As an example, we need look no further than what the youth of Japan have done to the word egui (エグい).


#japan #unseenjapan #ujwebsite #languages #japanese

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I have decided to finally learn .

On our most recent visit to the family in Egypt I just became painfully aware that I’m the only person on the family who doesn’t speak Arabic (though our youngest child only speaks fairly little Arabic he understands a lot more, and the older one speaks it fluently), and that’s just really annoying.

Let’s see how this is gonna do for me.

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@nebyoolae @michael I was really struggling with #Duolingo.
It was ok, but at some point I noticed that it's not consistent and not applicable to real scenarios. At least few years ago, maybe it's better now.

I can recommend #Busuu, at least with #japanese

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A lot of us get stuck in learning Japanese or other languages. We get bogged down in the tedium of memorizing new words or studying dry grammatical explanations. Learn how sentence mining can help break you free from that drudgery and revive your love of language learning.


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IDK who needs this but The Japan Foundation has free digital library access to a ton of #manga and #Japanese language and non-fiction cultural works for anyone over the age of 14 and living in the US.

You can sign up for #libbyapp access below.


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Japan maintains an "official" list of kanji. But some "unofficial" kanji are also in common use - and chances are you know a few. Here are some of the most popular that most people use and know despite being on the naughty list.


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The kids, husband, & I have been taking #karate classes at our local rec center for a few years. Our dojo is part of Goju‐Ryu Canada. The kids have their first belt levels but husband & I have been doing it casually & haven't tested. Well we decided to go for it & will be taking the test next month. 😬

It's tough because we are shown the katas a couple times in class then are expected to practice at home without any reference. So of course I went hunting on Youtube...

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And it turns out that there are variations on the katas despite the name being the same. So it took concerted hunting to find videos that <kind of> match the the way our dojo does it. Then I've been transcribing the steps into text. 😵‍💫 It's hard to know if I'm getting it right.... but I turned my efforts into a blog post in case any other local people are looking for the same resources.

Anyway.. I've been memorizing the numbers 1-10 in and practising. Totally nervous! 😁

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Need more Japanese reading practice? Trying to understand newspaper-level Japanese? For the most part, it requires a lot of immersive reading. But there are some tools you can use to help give you a leg up.


#japan #unseenjapan #ujwebsite #japanese

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Saw a #Japanese press release that mentioned #oil/#gas expansion "in the gulf" and assumed, naturally, that they meant the #Persian Gulf.

but no, they meant the US Gulf Coast.

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One Japanese insult – “tako” – might sound like someone’s calling you a marine animal. In fact, calling someone “tako” goes back to Japan’s Edo era – and, according to one theory, is deeply associated with the era’s feudal hierarchy.


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You may be a master of kanji when it comes to engineering, but that might be a completely different story when a sushi menu is thrust in front of you. Here is a quick guide to a number of common food-related kanji you may encounter on Japanese restaurant menus.


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Even if you watch lots of anime, that's likely not enough to pass JLPT listening. There WAS that one infamous instance when a dialogue for the 2009 N1 listening section was taken straight out of popular anime series Evangelion. But that's unlikely to ever happen again.


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Book review #17 for 2024 is Toshikazu Kawaguchi's Tales from the Cafe. I loved Before the Coffee Gets Cold and put Tales from the Cafe on my TBL. I was not disappointed. It is sad and hopeful at the same time. It put me in a reflective state as related to my own life and I continue to find the series helpful. #books #bookstodon #reading #fiction #japanese @bookstodon @books

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If someone says something is "egui" in Japanese, what do they mean? Chances are the meaning will differ on their age. Here's how this flexible word has changed over the years.


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B. Items marked with O are what you wanted when you were a child, and items marked with ✗are what you did not want. Make sentences using ほしい。


  1. O・テレビーゲーム

  2. ✗・指輪

  3. ✗・腕時計

  4. O・玩具

  5. ✗・花

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Are you starting to learn Japanese? Are you wondering whether you should learn with romaji (Roman characters) to help simplify getting started? Don't do it, you fool. Here's why.


#japan #unseenjapan #ujwebsite #japanese #languages

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