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"When it comes to kid’s , though, I’m always happy for an opportunity to buy and read more of these essential stories. When those stories are ? Even better."


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"Summer is here, and that means it's time to fire up the grill! But who says has to be the same old burgers and hot dogs? This year, infuse your cookouts with some delicious flavors."


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"The Jungborn nudist sanatorium, the Paris metro, or the picturesque town of Stresa by Lago Magiorre – these are just some of the many places visited by Franz #Kafka, the great Prague-born #Jewish #writer who died exactly 100 years ago. To mark the occasion, a new #book, has just come out dedicated to Kafka’s travels. I spoke to its author, journalist and publicist Judita Matyášová"


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"Despite having a sizable #Jewish community of 100,000, #Mexican #Jews are often not represented in the media. The seven-part “Eitan Explores: Mexico City,” released May 13, follows the culinary star as he learns more about Mexican Jewish culture, cooks classic Jewish-Mexican cuisine and spends #Shabbat in Mexico City."


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Let the kosher food truck revolution begin!

"The #kosher #food truck has emerged as a substitute for traditional brick-and-mortar eateries that the small #Jewish community of 6,000 couldn’t sustain. It follows the ways of similar food trucks that have popped up across the country and beyond."


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US Army Major Explains Why He Resigned Over

"I knew that as long as I stayed, I'd be contributing to this campaign that had already demonstrated basically it was going to be indiscriminately killing civilians..."

@palestine @israel


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Is there a Mastodon instance for Jewish folks that isn't pro-Israel (ie. babka.social)?

#jewish #jews #judaism #Israel #Zionism #Mastodon #fediverse

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Mourning and Meaning Making -
Someday our current sorrows will be memories, woven into the tapestry of our shared destiny, By Rabbi Shira Koch Epstein

This article initially appeared in My Jewish Learning’s Shabbat newsletter Recharge on May 18, 2024.

"...This year, that process is more fraught than most. It has been only six months since the massacres of October 7th, and we are still engulfed in a brutal war. How can we engage in acts of ritual remembering when we are living in between “they tried to kill us” and “we prevailed?”

Our processes of mourning and memory can provide some guideposts. ...We gather, share stories and support those in the depths of grief, collectively waiting for the time when we might begin to make meaning. This sharing is the beginning of a narrative process during which memories become stories, eventually burnished into legacy when they motivate our actions..."


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Leading Group, to : Backing Israel's War on Puts ' Democracy in Danger'

"For the sake of the lives of all people in the region, and the safety and futures of all of us in the , we urge you to make good on your own promise to cease sending offensive munitions to ."

@palestine @israel


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From Harif UK - Preserving the history and culture of Jews from the Middle East & North Africa:

Sephardi Jews, with their diverse roots spanning the Iberian Peninsula, North Africa, and the Middle East, bring rich traditions and practices to the observance of Tisha B’Ab, the fast day in the Jewish calendar which commemorates tragedies in Jewish history...

Rabbi Daniel Bouskila will be explaining the background to a Moroccan Kina, or lamentation, while Dayan Daniel Kada will talk about how Syrian Jews observe this solemn day. We also hope to hear how Yemenite Jews mark Tisha B’Ab.

Listeners will be able to share their specific memories of Tisha b’Ab, the food eaten before and after the fast and folk customs.

Email info@harif.org for more info.

To see recordings of previous events, click here: https://www.youtube.com/user/bataween1/videos

#Mazeldon #Jewniverse #JFedi #Mizrahi #Sephardic #Judaism #Jewish #TishaBav

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Movies from the Jewniverse...

These Jewish films are playing at the Tribeca Film Fest, Sephardic Film Fest and Israeli Film Fest in 2024 By Lisa Keys and Julia Gergely June 3, 2024

The article includes the dates and times you can see the movies playing if you are in the area.


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"A Wider Bridge has called upon organizers across the country to ensure people can safely participate in their events.

The group, which “advocates for justice, counters LGBTQphobia, and fights and other forms of hatred,” sent a letter to the Capital Pride Alliance and more than 60 other Pride organizers."


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"After deep consideration and reflection, the Black Heritage Society of State, the Washington State Historical Society, and the Wing Luke have, in solidarity, agreed to proceed with the Confronting Hate Together exhibit," the museum said.

The exhibit will include additional content on its creation. the initial public reaction and more, according to the museum."


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For those geeky friends who are into tech and bionics, you might be interested in the American Technion Society, who supports:

Technion - Israeli Institute of Technology

Technion is the premier science and tech university in Israel, and the only aerospace studies facility. They're working hard to develop ways to keep people safe and defend against terrorism, cyber-attacks, and learning to provide logistical planning for shelters and emergency supplies, and for defending strategic facilities.

Their Biomechanical Rehabilitation unit created personalized orthotic devices for victims of the Oct 7th massacre, including Neta Portal who was shot in her leg 7 times while escaping hamas.

Please help with their latest fundraising efforts.

#Mazeldon #Jewniverse #JFedi #Israel #jewish #BringThemHome #Oct7

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Judaism Unbound presents:
Shavuot Live 2024

Start-Time: Saturday, June 8th, 5 pm ET/2 pm Pacific/10 pm UK
Conclusion: Sunday, June 9th, 5 pm ET/2 pm Pacific/10 pm UK

We’ve invited an incredible slate of presenters, who will collectively teach for 24 straight hours, beginning at 5 pm Eastern on Saturday, June 8th and concluding at 12 pm Eastern on Sunday, June 9th.

You can come for just 1 session, go to 3 or 4, or shoot for 24 in a row! Whatever works for you, we want your Shavuot to be special, and full of learning!

Program Info and Registration Here:

#Mazeldon #Jewniverse #JFedi #Shavuot #Jewish #Judaism

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Shavuot HerTorah
Show Me The Way

Featuring Dr. Susie Tanchel, Shira Schiowitz, Naomi Oxman MSW LICSW, Elizabeth Mandel, and R’ Aliza Sperling

Mentors. Role Models. Following. Being Followed.

What does it mean to guide others on their life journey? What do we look for what we seek guidance for ourselves?

We’ve been reflecting lately on how often we find ourselves saying, “This is a moment in history like never before.”

It is unnerving to be navigating such uncharted territory. And we often find ourselves wishing we had someone to show us the way. A thoughtful guide to help us find clarity and our own voice in the middle of so much noise.

And how do we guide people in colleges or public high schools? How can we guide them well when we’re not experiencing what they are; we’re not there with them on the ground? What is our role? How are we supposed to show up?

RSVP: https://www.svivah.org/gatherings/hertorah-shavuot2024

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https://www.instagram.com/p/C7wm1uzOhyb/?igsh=MXc5eGp4ZDQ4azh0eQ== 🎯 Frustrated with language apps? You're not alone.

I've spoken with hundreds of learners over the past few years, and over 80% start learning Hebrew with Duolingo. Every single person reports that despite months of effort, they are unable to form even a basic Hebrew sentence! Sound familiar?

I understand the appeal—Duolingo is accessible, budget-friendly, and feels like a game. But let's talk about the real cost when you expect these apps to teach you Hebrew: You're investing your most precious resources! Your time, motivation, and hope in a learning tool that - in all my discussions -

Not one student has said, “Thanks to Duolingo, I'm now speaking Hebrew”, or “I understand Hebrew because of Duolingo”. Not a single person, and I've talked to so many...

🌟 Ready to speak and understand Hebrew? Comment “SPEAK” and start this journey that will transform your Hebrew forever.

#language #hebrew #aliyah #israel #jewish

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"Seventy of these acrylic #paintings are the subject of a new exhibition titled “(post) #JEWISH#Shtetl Opatów Through the Eyes of Mayer Kirshenblatt” at Warsaw’s POLIN #Museum of the #History of #Polish #Jews.

Kirshenblatt painted from memory: the synagogue, men washing in the mikvah ritual bathhouse, the cemetery, townspeople, school scenes including a pupil being flogged by a teacher, an illicit cigarette factory, the illegal slaughter of a cow, bagel sellers, a water-carrier, circus performers.

There were no forbidden subjects. One painting depicts a visibly pregnant bride at her wedding, and another features the town’s two prostitutes, Jaźdka and Świderka."


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"A prominent #rabbi from #Brussels who once criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for calling on #European #Jews to move to #Israel now asks the #Jewish state to prepare for a wave of immigrants from the continent due to #antisemitism.

“My message to the #Israeli prime minister today is not as sure as it used to be,” says Menachem Margolin, head of the European Jewish Association lobby group in Brussels, at a conference in #Amsterdam on combating antisemitism.

“Today I say to Israel: We are not there yet, but be ready, get your government agencies ready,” Margolin says."


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Jewish Women breaking the glass ceiling!

Claudia Sheinbaum elected president of Mexico, breaking barriers as woman and Jew, By Philissa Cramer June 3, 2024

"Claudia Sheinbaum swept to victory in Mexico’s presidential election Sunday, giving the country of more than 120 million a woman leader and a Jewish leader for the first time.

Sheinbaum’s election makes Mexico by far the biggest country to have a Jewish head of state. Only Israel (9.5 million) and Ukraine (38 million) currently have Jewish leaders..."


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How dare these ignorant sympathizers try to attach their intellectually and morally bankrupt movement to . You can't scream vicious, slurs in the faces of innocent students and teachers one day, and then throw your arms around the LGBTQ community in solidarity the next. Don't get it twisted. You don't represent anyone but yourselves.


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