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My broken and tired old lady brain has finally, mostly, gotten the hang of basic hiragana (pls don't ask me about how the katakana is going lol).

So now ofc the lessons in Genki have added kanji and my brain is struggling hard.

Hiragana at least is phonetic, sound it out... say the word. Kanji is a whoooole other thing and from what I understand it's just straight memorizing. Something I have never been good at.

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Thank goodness at least that they use furigana (where they put the hiragana above the kanji) in the lessons atm. But that's probably going away at some point I'd guess.

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B. Items marked with O are what you wanted when you were a child, and items marked with ✗are what you did not want. Make sentences using ほしい。


  1. O・テレビーゲーム

  2. ✗・指輪

  3. ✗・腕時計

  4. O・玩具

  5. ✗・花

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I. 日本がほしいです。

A. Items marked with O are what you want, and items marked with X are what you do not want. Make sentences using ほしい。

[O] 本・本がほしいです。
[X] マフラー・マフラーがほしくないです。

  1. [o] お金・お金がほしいです。
  2. [x] セーター・セーターはほしくないです。
  3. [x] パソコン・パソコンはほしくないです。
  4. [o] バイク・バイクがほしいです。
  5. [x] ぬいぐるみ・ぬいぐるみはほしくないです。
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13.VII.B #genki2textbook #japanese #learnjapanese #japanesepractice

B. Talk about part-time jobs

  1. アルバイトをしたことがありますか。


  1. いつしましたか。


  1. どんなアルバイトでしたか。


  1. 一週間に何日働きましたか。


  1. 一週間にいくらもらいましたか。


  1. どんなアルバイトがしてみたいですか。どうしてですか。


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I. Make sentences using the cues.

  1. 食堂があります。


  1. 私は先生に借りました。


  1. 父は私にくれました。


  1. 友達は住んでいます。


  1. 最近で来ました。


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15.3.II #genki2wb #learnjapanese #japanese #japanesepractice

  1. 来週、大きい台風が着ます。何しておきますか。


  1. 来週、試験があります。何をしておきますか。


  1. 今度の休みに富士山に登ります。何をしておかなければいけませんか。


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I. Read the first half of the sentences carefully. Then choose from the list what you will do in preparation and complete the sentences, using 〜ておきます。

  1. あの店ではカード(Credit card)が使えないので、____


  1. 来週、北海道を旅行するので、


  1. 電車で東京に行くので、


  1. 今度の週末、友達とカラオケに行くので、


  1. 週末デートをするので、


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13.VII.A #genki2textbook #japanese #learnjapanese

VII. まとめの練習

A. Answer the following questions

  1. 子供の時に何ができましたか。何ができませんでしたか。


  1. 百円で何が買えますか。


  1. どこに行ってみたいですか。どうしてですか。


  1. 子供の時、何がしてみたかったですか。


  1. 今、何がしてみたいですか。


  1. 一日に何時間ぐらい勉強しますか。


  1. 一週間に何回レストランに行きますか。


  1. 一か月にいくらぐらい使いますか。


Japanese Comprehensible Input YouTube channels

Hello friends. While reading and writing are great ways to study Japanese, listening comprehension and speaking are also important aspects to consider as well. As such, this post will serve to provide a list of YouTube channels for the purpose of comprehensible input. I will update this post periodically over time....

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最近の課がちょっと難しいとまだ思うので、今日はげんきの教科書を復習するつもりです。別にcomprehensible inputも勉強するつもりです。だから今日はげんきのワークブックを勉強しないかもしれません。多分皆さんも勉強したくて、下に日本語comprehensible inputのリンクがあります。さて、お当該頑張りましょうね。

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To see related language-learning content, consider checking out @Japanese. While @Japanese will include language-learning content, it will also include content beyond simply learning Japanese itself. This may prove useful for finding resources and content for written and spoken immersion. @Japanese may also be updated to include content related to more general Japanese-language content as well.

Regarding the section found here in @LearnJapanese, you may use this space to complete Japanese language-learning exercises, ask questions, provide answers, or find others that are inexperienced and experienced alike. However, please note that users from Mastodon will only have their posts federated to @LearnJapanese if or is the first tag embedded in your post. The way /kbin currently works is that by using as the first tag in your post, your post will be sent to @Japanese instead.

This section may also be useful for posts that you may feel don't necessitate its own thread. In that sense, this area can act as a "daily discussion hub" akin to the megaposts found on Reddit. That being said, though this is a space for questions and whatever else--you're still permitted and encouraged to post questions among other things as threads too. We look forward to seeing beginners and veterans alike engaging in discussion with one another. お当該頑張りましょう!

Attached below is a link to a list of recommended resources.

Please feel free to add a reply if you have a suggestion, or have critique regarding any resources I have provided. If one is providing critique, please also include an alternative. I am not perfect, but I am open to suggestions. By teaching me, you help future users that stop by to read our conversations. Thanks, and best wishes on your Japanese-language learning journey.

To those genuinely interested in moderating

@Ernest has pushed an update which allows users to request ownership/moderation of abandoned magazines. Ghost/abandoned magazines were fairly prevalent after the initial wave of hype due to users either squatting magazine names or becoming inactive for other reasons. Now is your chance to get involved, if you were waiting to do...

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I think it's great that you're interested in this! It may be scary, but it can also be pretty exciting. I would say to start small. There might be a lot of things to consider: establishing rules, the overall vibe of the , your audience, the type of content you want to see, etc. Pick on one, focus on that for a day or so. If you plan on making new magazine, you'll be free to take your time with this. Growing niche magazines tends to be on the slow side. IMO, that's better for those who are new to this, so they can have time to acclimate to the tools and considerations you'll be presented with. It may also allow you to really reflect on the direction you'd like to take your magazine.

As tend to start slow, people will be hesitant to post content. Unfortunately, when content is rare, people are less inclined to post. This is a problem that reinforces itself, as others are unlikely to post when there is no content. You'll probably need to be "the first on the dance floor", so to speak, if your goal is to grow your magazine. This will likely test your patience, as you will probably be one of, if not the only active posters in your magazine. Picking a magazine name that might see usage in the and might prove useful for content via the section. However, if you wish to pick a more unique name, more power to you. Something to consider, is that you may wish to create a sibling magazine that can accept a tag that would federate posts with regularity.

For example, I run @learnjapanese. However, most people will be unlikely to write on Mastodon. However, I also run @japanese, which federates the tag from Mastodon instances. You can add additional tags in the magazine settings menu, which allows the federation of posts that contain other hashtags. I've pinned a microblog in both magazines' sections to point to each other to increase and awareness of related resources. Speaking of discoverability, Ernest recently implemented a feature to /kbin that further increases discoverability and accessibility. Posting the same link/image to related magazines will allow users to see other magazines this content is posted to. This appears in the comments section of the thread, directly below the content of the post itself. Ideally, this would generate additional traffic and increase visibility for the smaller, but related magazines. This has been an extremely welcome addition, as someone who is moderating smaller magazines and trying to bring awareness without spamming advertisements.

If you have any further questions, please let me know. I have also subscribed to your magazine. Good luck. :)

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Describe the following pictures using ~そう


  1. ケーキ・sweet
  2. カレー・spicy
  3. 服・old
  4. strict
  5. 時計・new
  6. ヤクザ・scary
  7. 男の人・lonely
  8. 女の人・glad
  9. おじいさん・energetic
  10. おばあさん・mean
  11. 女の人・kind
  12. 弁護士・smart
  13. 学生・sleepy
  14. セーター・warm
  15. 子供・sad
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