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Libraries are important to me so I really hope @librarians check out this toot, with links, on Libby selling our data and checking out alternatives like the Palace Project

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Hey, kids in Donnelly, Idaho, do you like the Summer Reading Program?

Well, fuck you, the library is adults only now thanks to book banners and right wing legislators

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"Minnesota is poised to prohibit #bookbans in #schools and public #libraries... The law establishes... a 'Library Bill of Rights' and states that libraries cannot restrict access to material 'because of partisan or doctrinal disapproval.'"

(gift link)

#firstamendment #censorship #librarians

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Here a #Xmpp multilingual Chat Group for librarians.

Join it!

#libraries #librarians #librarianship

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One of this city's most haunting isn't even particular monumental: An unsuspicious window in the middle of ’s Bebelplatz (former ) - bookshelves in the ground.

Empty bookshelves.

Commemorating the which took place right here , May 10th in 1933.

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@jens2go I always have to think about this when I read how in US , are banned. are the ugly begin ... Your thread is very important to show the history behind .

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ICYMI, MIT HASTS ABD Alex Reiss Sorokin presented an excellent CBI Tomash Fellow Lecture, "From Search to Research Technologies 1964-1994," on April 30th. The video of the talk now is available.


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Required reading for historians, archivists, and librarians in and of Canada on the cuts suffered by Library and Archives Canada over the past 15-20 years. @histodons

Danielle Robichaud, "Contextualizing a Scandal: A Brief History of Library and Archives Canada"

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Fight for your libraries. Don’t let them take away your library by defunding it out of providing vital services. Don’t let them shackle the library with rules meant to prevent the right people from getting the right book to change their life. Don’t let them close the doors, because you know they will never open again. Fight for the freedom to read and explore new ideas. Fight against censorship and denying people the materials their souls need. If a library closes, it will never open again. You couldn’t create libraries today. You want to loan out books? And people will just willingly give them back? Are you mad? Naïve, perhaps? Once a library closes its doors, it’s over. The book banners have won. Do not let them win. Fight for libraries. Fight for library workers. Fight for patrons. Fight for free people reading freely.

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Proposed bill in Alabama to allow the arrest of librarians.

No one is perfect—not even librarians. But professional are terrific. They're dedicated public servants, and they know how to library better than politicians do.

Let's trust librarians.

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Hello, fellow and , specialists! Are you going to

It's our first time there and we'd love connect.
Would you like to exchange best practices, tips, and/or knowledge over coffee? We are interested in strategies for libraries and everything -related. Let us know if you want to meet up!

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A lot of the super exciting wins/campaigns in recent years seem to be concentrated in the Midwest - Newberry Library, Minnesota Historical Society, U. Michigan. If anyone knows of any other examples from the southern United States, I would be IMMENSELY grateful!

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A bill in Louisiana, HB 777, would make it a crime for librarians to use public funds to join the American Librarian Association or attend an ALA conference, punishable with prison time and hard labor for up to two years.

#libraries #education #books #librarians #theocracy

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Librarians in several states can now be jailed for years for making “pornography” available. Let’s be clear about intent here - it is to limit descriptions of the lives of LGBTQ people, where possible down to the level that we even exist.

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6 Badass Librarians Who Changed History
They will not be shushed.
by April White April 5, 2024

"Librarians have never been a quiet bunch: Information, after all, is power. To mark National Library Week—typically celebrated the second full week of April—Atlas Obscura, fittingly, went into the archives to find our favorite stories of librarians who have fostered cultural movements, protected national secrets, and fought criminals..."

Nonilex, to incarcerated avatar

threaten w/ —as work to them

…The bill in CT, pending before an cmte, is 1 of a raft of measures advancing nationwide that seek to do things like prohibit or forbid the of school & public librarians…. Legislators in 22 mostly blue states have proposed 57 such bills so far this year, & 2 have become ….

Nonilex, avatar

But the -friendly measures are being outpaced by bills in mostly that aim to restrict which can offer & w/ or thousands in for handing out “obscene” or “harmful” titles. At least 27 states are considering 100 such bills this year, 3 of which have become …. That adds to nearly a dozen similar measures enacted over the last 3 yrs across 10 states.

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Once upon a time, if you wanted to know something, you couldn't use Google & Co.
You had to move your whole body to one of the centers that offered the adequate technology: in form of objects called books, searchable by a catalog of written cards or even with the help of peoples' brains.

These people were called , the centers were called . Their datas were not forbidden or censored, and worked even without electricity.

appassionato, to books avatar

The Secret Lives of Booksellers and Librarians by James Patterson

This celebration of the world of books is filled with true stories from the booksellers and librarians—the superheroes of reading—as told to James Patterson.


mguhlin, to random avatar

Crazy Louisiana HB 777 : Criminalizing and the :

bloodravenlib, to tech avatar

>Too big to care by @pluralistic

On the of Google, but not much many of us can do. For one, I can't just write a check to something like Kagi for my search needs (and I highly doubt my library would pony up for it either). Will just have to keep looking for options, but it gets harder. And not only does the company not care, very often my brethren don't care either.

awhitis, to random avatar

This is beyond stupid. Conservative Republicans are trying everything in their power to fuck up the United States.

"HB 777 was introduced March 25 by Representative Kellee Dickerson, who helped fund the Louisiana Freedom Caucus. The bill would criminalize library workers and libraries for joining the American Library Association."

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My favorite day of the year - we trick the students by replacing the new books with these steamy romance novels about librarians.

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